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Moreover, as the head of the Xie family, how could Xie Jiuhan tolerate being cheated on when he found out that his wife was behaving improperly outside Therefore, no matter how she looked at it, Feng Qings final outcome was to get off the throne of the Xie familys first lady.

She had drugged Du Yus cigarette just now to assist in this matter.

The reason why she drugged it was completely because she was afraid that Du Yu would have evil intentions but not have the guts to do so.

After all, Feng Qings identity was there.

Du Yu had already smoked that cigarette.

In a while, the effects of the drug would rise.

He would start to rely on his instincts to do things.

When he faced Feng Qing again, he would completely transform into a beast.

Feng Qing had courted death by smoking that cigarette.

It was difficult to not succeed, so Xie Ruoyun had long been waiting to watch a good show.

She was even thinking about how Feng Qing would lose her rationality and take the initiative to seduce Du Yu in public.

Wasnt it too exciting to video that scene and send it to Ninth Master

A stimulating scene did appear, but the difference was too great from her fantasy.

Even the scene of Du Yu kneeling and kowtowing and being stepped on by Feng Qing had a destructive visual impact on her, making her feel like she was dreaming.

Feng Qing gave Xie Ruoyun a harmless smile and said, “Yo, Im sorry.

When I see Old Du, I cant help but order him to do things.

After all, hes just a useless errand boy under me.”

As soon as these words were out, everyone was shocked.

Only Du Yu, who was stepped on by Feng Qing, calmed down.

Feng Qings words were equivalent to admitting that she was Master Yin.

No wonder the way she stepped on him was exactly the same.

It turned out that she was really his boss!

Xie Ruoyun was stunned for a moment before she sneered.

“Young Madam, what are you talking about What useless subordinate Did you mistake him for someone else Hes Du Yu, the famous weapons development master in the entire Seven Stars Continent.

Be it in the Seven Stars Continent or the outside world, hes a hot figure.

How can he be your subordinate Its definitely impossible for him to be an errand boy!”

Feng Qing also smiled.

“Oh, why not”

Xie Ruoyun was so angry that she laughed.

She explained patiently, “Young Madam, you might not know, but over the years, many countries have invited Master Du.

They even want to poach him at all costs.

They had offered sky-high salaries, top-notch laboratories in the world.

Even the daughters of the presidents of the various countries fall in love with him at first sight and fight to the death to marry him.

And they only have one goal, and that is to let Mr.

Du leave with them to do research and development.

But you said that Master Du is just a useless errand boy.

Young Madam, dont you think youre too much to say this”

Du Yu shouted, “Madam Xie is right.

Im just a useless subordinate of hers.”

Boom! Xie Ruoyun felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

She was the closest to Du Yu, so she naturally heard it the clearest.

Du Yu actually really said that he was a useless errand boy under Feng Qing.

This sentence was like a huge palm that slapped her face fiercely, freezing her expression.

However, under her cold expression, her emotions were about to erupt like a volcano.

At this moment, in the entire study room, only Feng Qing was sitting on the chair with a natural expression.

After hearing Du Yu say this, she slowly retracted her leg and even looked at Du Yu in disdain.

“Old Du, quickly tell them.”

Du Yu stood up.

Just as he was about to stand up, Feng Qings sweet voice sounded again.

“Did I say you could stand up”

The next second, Du Yu knelt on the ground again.

After seeing that Du Yu was so obedient that he would kneel when Feng Qing asked him to, Xie Ruoyun and the rest were completely dumbfounded.

Xie Bas gaze kept moving back and forth between Feng Qing and Du Yu.

With his IQ, he couldnt understand this phenomenon at all.

Why did Du Yu kneel

Feng Qings expression was indifferent.

She picked up a piece of fruit candy on the table and placed it in her mouth.

“Ruoyun, you disappoint me very, very much!”

Feng Qings words were like a cold wind, making Xie Ruoyuns entire body tremble.

A bad feeling rose in her heart, but she still said indignantly, “Young Madam, what do you mean I dont think I did anything wrong, right”

Feng Qing snorted coldly and said, “Yesterday, you told me that theres a weapons expert from the Seven Stars Continent, and hes even a big shot from the Seven Stars Continents Research Institute.

I thought he was someone amazing.”


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