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    In the early morning, it was women and fulangs who swept the yard.

Not many men came out.

Although most of them were looking at Lu Gu, Shen Xuanqing noticed that someone was quietly looking at him. 

    He didn't like being stared at, so he looked straight at him and asked, "Uncle Lin will you go down to the ground early"

The man shyly scratching his head and laughed haha: "Yes, yes." 

    Although what Shen Xuanqing said was a common question, he knew that he was restrained as soon as he opened his eyes with a wink, and his eyes fell on Lu Gu a lot less. The two didn't stop, and went straight out of the village towards Anjia Village. 


In Langzhong's house, Wang Langzhong took off the blood-stained linen cloth on Lu Gu's head and put the herbal medicine on his forehead again.                                 

[郎中 láng zhōng: doctor (Chinese medicine)]

    He knew a little about the pulse, and gave Lu Gu a diagnosis, then shook his head and sighed: "The foundation is empty, it takes ten days for others, and it takes twenty days for you to recover from the injury, and you can't make it out for a while." 

    Wang Langzhong was getting old, and seeing Lu Gu was so thin, he couldn't help but ramble, but Grandma Wang gave him a wink to tell him not to talk, and he stopped his mouth in shock after realizing it, and looked up to see Shen Xuanqing, his expression remained the same, and he was relieved that he didn't think of abandoning Lu Gu.

    Most people married a fulang to live a good life.

It was not easy for peasants to marry a wife.

Few were willing to marry a sick seedling and went back to drag them.

Besides, Lu Gu was bought back by others.

How could he care whether he could support himself or not, it was good if he was not thrown out. 

    Once the medicine was finished, it was inconvenient to stay, and there were still various things to do when they went back.

Shen Xuanqing asked Wang Langzhong when Lu Gu needed to come to change the medicine next time. 

    It was said that the road for the enemy was narrow, and the path they took wouldn't pass in front of Lu's house, but who knew, they bumped into Du Hehua.

She dig wild vegetables in the field behind the village, which was usually Lu Gu's job. 

    In her eyes, how could she didn't complain if she did more work for nothing, and cursed a few words from time to time. 

    She was afraid of Shen Xuanqing.

Lu Daxiang was still lying in bed today, and no one would give her a head, so even if she resented Lu Gu, she was like the water mussels in the river, her mouth would be closed immediately, only after the two of them walked away, she turned back and spat on the ground. 

    It was the most incompetent to hit a woman, Du Hehua didn't even flirt today, and Shen Xuanqing didn't even bother to look at her. 

    As for Lu Gu, he hadn't been beaten in the Shen family for the past two days and even had enough to eat.

It was a surprise to see that Du Hehua actually didn't scold him.



After returning, only Wei Lanxiang was at home, Shen Yaoqing sent his wife back to her parents' house, and Shen Yan put the ducks in the pond behind the house. 

    Seeing that Wei Lanxiang was peeling the beans, Lu Gu hurriedly came over to help.

He squatted down in a hurry to work.

It was Shen Xuanqing who moved a small stool for him to sit down. 

    When he was at Lu's house, no one would get him a stool, and it made Lu Gu became more and more respectful towards Shen Xuanqing. 

    He understood that the Shen family treated him well today because they were good people, not as dark-hearted as Du Hehua.

The days of being beaten and scolded and didn't have enough to eat had passed. 

    Wei Lanxiang saw that his hands were quick and easy, and he didn't seem to be lazy or slippery at all, so she felt more at ease. 

    She saw that Lu Gu's face was much better today than yesterday, and when she saw Shen Xuanqing taking out the medicine bag from the kitchen, she said, "You go to the backyard first to collect the eggs, and come here to fry the medicine, and the rest you don't have to do it."

    Lu Gu quickly got up and went to under the eaves of the kitchen to get the bamboo basket, which he saw yesterday when Shen Yan used this to collect eggs. 

    To go to the backyard of the Shen family, you had to enter the road between the mud wall in the east, and it was about half zhang wide, enough for two people to run side by side. 

    Originally, you could go to the backyard by passing through the main room, but most of the houses built in recent years sealed the back of the main room with a mud wall, separating it from the backyard, and the same was true for the Shen family. 

    This was originally a layout only found in villages near Fenggu Town, and slowly spread to the surrounding area. 

    Farmers with a better life like to raise some livestock, and they could sell them to earn more money if they were reluctant to eat them.

However, raising livestock meant that there would be smell of feces, and in summer, flies would fly around it. 

    By separating the backyard where the animals were raised from the main room, there would naturally be fewer flies fly in, and the smell of the house would be better and cleaner. 

    The noble people in the town all paid attention to eat clean, and the dirty and dark insects in the food could easily cause people to get sick.

Those high-ranking officials had said that now was a peaceful and prosperous year, and these gradually spread, even the people in the village were all willing to be particular about about it, and it would be a good thing to talk with the people in the town. 

    Lu Gu smelled the smell of burning medicine, and he saw grass and ash scattered all over the narrow road on the ground, and some unburned hay stems.

He knew that this was used to smoke and the smell could drive away the flies and stop them from buzzing and annoying people here. 

    The three walls in the backyard were all mud walls, not fence walls.

It could be seen that the Shen family took great care when building the house. 

    Chickens and ducks were raised separately, and the Shen family's backyard was quite large.

The chicken pen was surrounded by a bamboo fence, and a dozen chickens were digging and pecking everywhere. 

    As soon as Lu Gu arrived in the backyard, he saw the three dogs on a leash, and Da Hui was alert for a moment, but after seeing him, it came back lay on it's stomach.

Only the two small dogs barked a few times.

Fortunately, the chicken pen was far away from the kennel, or he wouldn't dare to go in. 

    There were chicken coops with hay mats and bamboo chicken coops on both sides of the chicken pen, and Lu Gu looked around for eggs. 

    he didn't know how the hen lay eggs, but he tried to look for one under the chicken coop. 

    If you wanted to touch the eggs laid by others, of course, you had to take advantage when the hens not paying attention.

Lu Gu quickly picked the eggs up.

The hens flapping their wings but didn't peck at his hand, and walked away with a cluck. 

    Suddenly, Da Hui stood up, barked in the direction of Lugu. 

    At the same time, Lu Gu's back was cold, and when he turned his head, he saw that the thin black dog that was supposed to be on a leash had gotten off the rope.

The fangs were frightening


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