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    Wei Lanxiang sat in the courtyard to breathe and did some needlework.

When she saw Ji Qiuyue coming out of the new room, she lowered her eyes and sewed her pockets, and asked, "How have you been seeing him in the past two days " 


    Ji Qiuyue sat down beside her.

Wei Lanxiang took out the half-finished shoe sole from the sewing basket beside her feet and put it away. 


    "Mother, at least be honest, he did whatever you let him do, didn't say anything, wrote everything on his face, his mind is much easier to guess than that Lu Wen."


    Ji Qiuyue's tone was brisk, because Lu Gu was still sleeping in the room, her voice was lower than usual , and she said, "He likes to be clean, and he washed his face and feet before going to bed.

I guess he is quite afraid of the second brother." 


    After hearing, Wei Lanxiang shook her head, she had to admit it now, and said, "It's good to be honest, as long as you do your duty.

He can live with your second brother.

Well, the courage still need to practice." 


    "That's right, mother, the second brother is less talkative, he looks like a first-class handsome man, and has a good temper.

After waiting for a long time, he will naturally know it." Ji Qiuyue smiled.

As she said this, one of her words was for her own family, and the other was that something Wei Lanxiang loved to listen. 


    Sure enough, Wei Lanxiang smiled, and her face was no longer sad.

She heard the hens clucking in the backyard and said, "It's laying eggs.

You look at them and pick the eggs, wait until tomorrow.

Count ten eggs and then take a piece of meat and go back to see your mother." 


    "I know, mother." Ji Qiuyue said as she got up and went to get the basket hanging under the kitchen eaves, smiling all over her face. 


    Her mother was ill a few days ago, but because she was busy with Shen Xuanqing's marriage, she only took a quick look. 


    Everyone liked to listen to good things, she picked up what her mother-in-law liked to hear and said a few words, her mother-in-law was happy and she was happy, and Shen Yaoqing was also happy to see her made her mother-in-law happy, wasn't this better than anything else 


    Now the weather was hot, the hens didn't lay eggs well, and the price had gone up.

Even in the past, it was not easy to eat.

You had to save and sold them.

These eggs could be regarded as precious things in the family.

You could only eat a lot of things like this when you got married, and they still needed to save the eggs two months in advance for the last banquet. 


    Ten eggs were a rarity anyway.

Pork was too oily to eat.

If you also brought these eggs, it would be enough to give to her mother to make up her body. 


    Although she was going back to her parents' house, Ji Qiuyue took these back to save her face, and let her picky little sister-in-law have nothing to say. 


    The others were busy with their own work, only Lu Gu slept all afternoon. 


    When he opened his eyes again, he was stunned for a while before he completely woke up.

He looked out of the courtyard from window and someone looked in.

When Ji Qiuyue saw him woke up, she smiled and said, "Wake up, let's have a good meal, I was thinking of calling you just now." 


    The unhappiness at the Lu family yesterday had passed, since Lu Gu was chosen as a fulang, it was better for the family to live in harmony. 


    After breakfast, he went to sleep, woke up and ate again.

No one beat or scolded him.

This was something that had never happened to Lu Gu, so he quickly went out to help, for fear of making mistake. 


    After thinking about it, Wei Lanxiang finally felt lighter.

She was sitting under the eaves and packing up the sewing basket.

When Lu Gu came out, he saw her, and his face showed some fear and confusion, and he stopped in place. 


    Ji Qiuyue saw that he was cramped, and remembered that no one had mentioned his affairs to Lu Gu, so she smiled and said, "Don't call mother yet, mother asked me to steam a bowl of egg custard for you, you can't let the kindness in vain.


    Lu Gu was timid, he was timid only when he was frightened, and usually he would wink, otherwise he would have been beaten and scolded by Du Hehua for excuses. 


    Hearing Ji Qiuyue said this, he opened his eyes slightly, as if he couldn't believe it, he hesitated and whispered, "Mother." 


    Wei Lanxiang was not someone who was acting like a mean mother-in-law, so she didn't deliberately make it difficult for Lu Gu.

Seeing that Lu Gu was obedient in everything, so she nodded. 


   The quacking sound of ducks came from the yard, Shen Yan carried a small basket, Shen Xuanqing followed behind her, and came back with two bales of grass on his back. 


    Many people didn't dare to go into the deep mountains, so they often catched hares and pheasants on the periphery.

It was because of this that the things on the outer mountains were rarer than before.


    Shen Yan threw the job of chasing the ducks to Shen Xuanqing, and brought the basket with fishes to Lu Gu.

She had mud on her sleeves and pant, but her eyes were bright.

She showed the fish in the basket to Lu Gu and said: "Brother Lu Gu, look, this is what Brother Erqing and I caught.

We will ate fish soup." 


    There were some loach and small fish with long fingers in the basket.

Although the appearance was not good, the fish soup was the best.

Delicious, especially loach, it could also nourish the body.


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