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“Hohohoho, this is all thanks to the ‘training’ in Hell.

Those damn ‘little angels’, and their detestable rotten music.

Just wait for this king to paint your world in blood and make you tremble… ”

After a long period of training, Frieza’s body was flashing with a dazzling dark golden luster.

He clenched his fist, and with just a casual wave of his hand, the space seemed to shake violently.

Narrowing his eyes in intoxication, he had a feeling as if the whole world was in his grasp.

If Xiaya was here, he would have immediately recognized that Frieza’s current form is Golden Form, and compared to Golden Frieza in the movie, Frieza’s mastery of his body at the moment was much more skillful and his strength was much more formidable.

Crack, crack!

The golden luster gradually molted, and Frieza returned to his original white Final Form.

“Now it’s time to look for those Saiyans to take revenge.

Hmm, according to Sorbet’s information, Saiyan’s lair seems to be on a planet called Planet Hongshan in the East Area.

It’s a bit far from here.”

“Forget it, I’ll let them live for a few more days.

As an appetizer before I get my revenge, I will go to Earth to kill that traitor Vegeta.”

Thinking this, Frieza turned into a bolt of lightning and rushed into space from the dark planet and arrived at Sorbet’s fleet that had been waiting there.

Then, he fired an energy beam towards the dark planet, and the planet that had existed for countless years soon turned into a ball of fire and disappeared into space.

“Go, let’s go to Earth now.” Frieza sat down on the leader’s seat and issued the order.

Seeing the enormous planet disappear just like that, Sorbet shuddered and did not dare to go against Frieza’s wishes, standing at attention: “Yes, King Frieza.

We will immediately depart for Earth, it will take around eight days for the spaceship to arrive.”

“Eight days is a bit long, go at full speed.”

Frieza narrowed his eyes, his purple lips slightly curled up.

He was itching to go on a killing spree.

“Yes, the spaceship will move at full speed.” His whole body was shivering and cold sweat dripped down.

Sorbet didn’t dare to go against Frieza’s order and hurriedly responded loudly.

He was slightly regretting resurrecting this demon Frieza.

On the other side of the starry sky, the spaceship of the female scientist Android 21 was still near the Super Dragon Ball.

Because she was very interested in the super crystal ball in front of her, she does not plan to leave for the time being.

In the cabin, Zangya was hugging the Crystal Dragon Ball, feeling bored.

She yawned as she watched 21 researching enthusiastically.

“21, what’s so good about these glass balls”

“You don’t understand.

Their material is something that has never before appeared in the universe.

If I guessed correctly, they should be similar to ‘World Cores’ I obtained before.

I used those World Cores to manufacture Androids with infinite energy

Aren’t you interested in such power at all”

The female scientist Android 21 was wearing black-rimmed glasses as her beautiful eyes sparkled with a thirst for knowledge.

Zangya glanced at her, mouth twitching and ignored her.

21 would fall into this state every time she sees something interesting.

While giggling, 21 took the crystal dragon ball from Zangya’s hand, weighed it in her hand and sent it to an autonomous robot, which sent it to the side of the Super d

Dragon Ball.

“These two things look exactly the same.

Maybe they will react to each other.”


On the other side, after more than half a year of searching, Champa and Vados had travelled all over the starry sky of Universe 7.

There were three huge super crystal balls placed in the space controlled by Vados’ power.

As long as the last one is found, Champa will have gathered all the super dragon balls.

“Vados, there is still one last wishing bead, hurry up and find it.” Champa took out a bottle of milk-like drink and gulped it down while giving an order to Vados.

Vados’ beautiful face glanced at Champa, her soft and pleasant voice was like the sound of nature, “Champa-sama, this is not Universe 6.

I can’t use my angel powers too much, or it will be discovered by Beerus-sama.”

“I don’t care, you must hurry up.”

Champa shook his head, being difficult.

Seeing that all the wishing beads were about to be gathered, Champa was slowly losing his patience.

Now even if Beerus found him, he doesn’t care, “Anyway, there is only the last one.

There is nothing Beerus can do even if he finds out.

If the worst comes to worst, we will just rob it.”

“Champa-sama, you are provoking a conflict between the two universes, which is not allowed.”

“I don’t care about all that.”

Right now, he just wants to get the last super dragon ball.

Vados sighed and continued on the journey through the starry sky with Champa.

She wouldn’t care if there were conflicts between other universes, but Universe 6 and Universe 7 are symmetrical universes and should help each other, but rather than helping his brother, Champa only causes conflicts.

It’s clear that Universe 6 and Universe 7 are not ranked high in Multiverse, but they have internal friction, isn’t it just causing other universes to laugh at them


Planet Hongshan.

Xiaya has been meditating in the void for a while.

On this day, a strange palpitation suddenly flashed in his heart.

Xiaya opened his eyes and looked around in confusion.

When training just now, he felt that something related to him was going through some pull.

His thoughts turbulent, Xiaya slowly immersed into the depths of his soul and a thought transmitted out as if piercing through the ripples of the universe.

With the strengthening of space-time ability, Xiaya faintly saw something that caused his heart to palpitate.

It was the huge super crystal ball, and next to its enormous body was a small bead which was like dust.

Understanding flashed through Xiaya’s heart.

So, it’s because the crystal dragon ball came into contact with the super dragon ball, that it caused his, the maker’s heart to be affected.

“It’s really strange, the universe is so big, but the crystal dragon ball was still able to come in contact with the super dragon ball.”

To say if the two are related, Xiaya’s dragon ball creation ability was originally given by the super dragon ball.

Although it was strengthened by Dragon God Zalama later, in essence, part of the powers of the crystal dragon balls comes from the super dragon ball.

Speaking of super dragon ball, Xiaya recalled something.

Calculating the time, it should be almost time for Champa to arrive in Universe 7.

I wonder if the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7 would happen in this world.

After all, Golden Frieza’s matter hadn’t happened.

Xiaya feels that the story line may have slowly already deviated because of the butterfly effect.

After waking up this time, Xiaya didn’t plan to train anymore.

He returned to Planet Hongshan and looked for Xiling, Myers, 18, and his children.

Xiaya reckoned whether he should go to Earth to take a look.


Earth, as time slowly passed.

Seven days later.

Frieza’s spaceship was gradually approaching the solar system.

In half a day, they would reach Earth.

On the screen, a beautiful blue planet could be seen, like a graceful girl, showing boundless elegance.

“Ho ho, is that beautiful aqua-blue planet Earth” Frieza looked at the screen while sitting comfortably in the main seat.

He was holding a glass of red wine in his hand as he gracefully took a sip.

“Yes, Frieza-sama, this is our destination.” The short Sorbet was respectfully facing Frieza.

“Umm.” Nodding lightly, Frieza stood up and walked towards the porthole, the white tail behind him dragging on the ground and a cruel smile formed on his face.

“Vegeta, and Saiyans who are living on Earth.

Your death is imminent.”


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