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The building shook loudly as if it were an earthquake, and rustled and dust flowed down from the ceiling.


Blurry smoke wandered in the mansion due to falling dust. 


The chandelier on the ceiling was also shaken dangerously as if it would fall, and fear was reflected in everyone’s eyes. 


“W, what was that sound just now”


Everyone was surprised by the sudden roar.


If it’s loud, it’s loud, if it’s quiet, it’s quiet in the Marquis.

Unless they have to remind themself of Richard, whom everyone turns away from.


The sudden explosion in such a place caused everyone anxiety.


Everyone was trying to find the cause of the sound, but again, a loud sound of ‘Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!’ shook the entire mansion. 




Then Emily grabbed me by the wrist in a hurry.


“Let’s go out.”




“I don’t feel good right now.

Let’s go out of the mansion for a second.”


It was a time when everyone was confused because they didn’t know what was going on in the mansion yet.


Only Emily made a quick decision with calm eyes. 


She pulled me out of the mansion without giving me time to answer and I followed her.


I heard something bursting in the mansion, but what could it be


“Rosie, stay here.”


Emily took me to a remote place away from the mansion. 




It’s a maze garden, isn’t it


I knew it because it came out in the original.

Argen’s favorite place.


A wall made of evergreen trees taller than my height was angled in a labyrinth. 


I heard that the structure inside is so difficult that people other than Argen can get lost for a few days. 


“Wait here, Rosie.”




“I’m going to check the situation for a moment.”


Emily’s expression doesn’t look good, so I follows her words, but I don’t know why it’s such a mess. 


Is that something serious


I also had no awareness of the situation like the servants in the mansion. 


“But Emily, why do you dare to look into the dangerous situation” 


“Because I’m strong.”




I immediately accepted Emily’s words.


“I’ll be waiting, Emily, hurry up and go.” 


“Rosie is waiting for me”


Emily, who blushed with joy, took a kitchen knife out of her sleeve and left here.


—It was an behavior that didn’t match the shy expression.


Looking at that, I thought quietly.


—I’ll have to ask her why she carries something like that around someday.




“Explosion in the underground—!”


“Look over there! It’s the monster!”


“The monster made it up!”


It would have been nice to have tried to run away on a dark night, but Richard didn’t have much time. 


As time passed after meeting Rosie, the pain of burning his body grew, so he had to hurry up and proceed with the work.


He came out of the stinky basement.


“Monster—! That monster came out!”


“Ugh! Who will tell the Marquis this fact—!”


“Run away!”




The rumors that Argen made were effective in this way. 


Because of rumors that he was a monster for no reason, the servants fled in confusion to avoid him. 


Now, there was no one to disturb him.


So he has to hurry and find the maid.


How surprised she will be to find out that he has come out.


The appearance of her surprised look encouraged his excitement.


Strangely, just looking at the maid, a sadistic tendencies that I didn’t even know existed would pop out.


This is troublesome. 


He was smiling at the thought.


Richard didn’t delay time and hurried to find Rosie.


He doesn’t have much time—.


Richard felt impatient, then. 


There was a faint scent of Rosie.


But the scent faded away again.


Richard felt bad for the fact that he couldn’t smell the sweet scent any more.


Rosie is near here.


He smiled satisfactorily at the truth. 




Unaware of the seriousness of the situation, I was sitting leaning under a tree.


Looking at the bright roses at the entrance of the maze garden, I fell into thought alone.


Argen loved another thing besides being beautiful, which was ‘difficult’.


Is that what attracts his attention


So he seemed to be interested in Richard, who was not tamed at all.


I got up from my seat and wandered around the maze garden without anything to do.


When will Emily come—




At the moment when I thought leisurely, a terrible scream rang around me.


My relaxed expression also hardened.


What is it What’s going on—


I hid myself behind the tree and looked at the situation.


There was no option in my actions to save the screaming person.

I thought of something right away. 


As I watched the situation like that, unfortunately, I couldn’t see the situation properly because it was covered with abundant branches of trees lined up in a row. 


As expected, it’s better to just stand far away. 


I tried to turn away, saying that it would be better not to do anything reckless any more.

If only I hadn’t heard a familiar voice right away. 


“I have a question.”


—Voice that is soft and sweet as a melody flows.


It was Richard.


At that moment, my face turned pale. 


Why is there someone who shouldn’t be here—


Don’t tell me the sound a while ago—.


When the circumstances of the incident were estimated to some extent, even if it fell from the cliff, one heart sank down there.



Richard escaped.


I was so startled that I was about to scream, so I hurriedly covered my mouth. 


If he found out that I was in the direction Richard had escaped, it would have been a huge spark. 


There are two ways here.


One, catch Richard and hand him over to Argen.


If you want to die, it’s a way to encourage you to try.


Two, run away as if I weren’t here.


The second was the best way.


I slowly raised my feet so that I didn’t make a sound to be noticed by Richard. 


“By any chance, have you seen the maid with pink hair”


“H, hiic! P, please spare me! Please—!”


“That’s not the answer I want.”


“H, hiic!”


…Is there another pink hair in this mansion


Richard is looking for me.


My fingertips went cold at that fact.

I clenched my fists to capture the trembling fingertips.


Why is he looking for me


It can’t be—.


Is he trying to kill me He’s going to get revenge before he leaves here



What did I answer Richard’s words then



—I think I got rid of it so coldly.


Was I being too sharp


Isn’t this something that can be said normally I hope so. 


“The opportunity doesn’t come twice.

If you don’t answer me, then—”


“I think I saw her heading to the stable—!”


What do you mean saw 


She must have said something in fear that Richard would kill her. 


She thought she would live because of that.


Richard will now head to the stable, so if I hide here quietly as I am now—.


“Are you sure you saw her in the stable”


“Y, yes—! I, I’m sure—!”


“It’s a lie.”


“H, hiic—! U, uhh—!”


—Is she dead 


I could see a collapsed body through the branches.

Seeing that there is no blood, I think she just fainted.


It was a relief.


‘By the way, how did he know that was a lie’


I was looking over there with anxiety, but fortunately, Richard turned in the opposite direction.


This is the gap!


I have to escape the maze garden in a hurry.


Richard told me that there was a certain ‘scent’ from me. 


It seems that he has not yet been able to smell my scent because it’s far away, but if the distance is narrowed even a little, he may be aware of my existence. 


So I’m trying to be careful not to be caught by Richard—.


But at that moment.




I stepped on a branch that I didn’t even know was underneath.


I stared blankly at the broken branch stepped on my feet.




Why am I suddenly trying to laugh—


An uneasy feeling swept through the spine.


“Who is it”




“It would be better to come out quietly.”


If you don’t want to be caught by me and suffer harsh conditions.


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