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Apparently, Richard heard the conversation the male servant had with me outside. 


Did I talk too loudly


I was distracted for a moment.

It felt like I got caught talking behind his back. 


But I didn’t swear at him like them!


Without expressing how flustered I was, I opened my mouth bluntly.


“You are biologically human.”




“If not, I’m sorry.”


He burst into laughter as if my answer was funny.


“That’s right.

I’m biologically human.”


“…Yes, so please eat now.”


Richard nodded his head as if he understood the call to shut up and eat. 


I took out the plate that I had washed in advance.


Like yesterday, I wrapped the plate in a towel and hid it.


The food on the dog’s bowl was put back on the clean plate and delivered to Richard.  


“Thank you, Maid.”


His blue eyes shone softly.

The jewel-like bright eyes were very pretty. 


I stared blankly into his eyes, and at that moment, Richard missed the plate I had given him.




The food spilled and the plate broke.


I stared at the floor feeling frustrated.


I definitely think I handed it over well, but something was wrong.

It was like Richard dropped it on purpose—


—It couldn’t be.

It must be a mistake. 


Did he miss it because I was staring at Richard like I was possessed 




“Ah, I’m sorry—”


“I’m fine.”


I apologized reflexively and leaned down to pick up a broken piece of plate.


“I’m disappointed, maid.”


When I heard the sarcastic voice above my head, I was surprised and raised my head. 


“…Don’t you usually say it’s okay”


Are you going to throw away that pretentious kindness now


Ah, enough.

It’s my fault that he missed the plate.


Why did I make such a mistake—


“I’ll bring it back.”




I hurried back to the kitchen, asked the chef for understanding, and brought the food back.


“But Maid, aren’t you unexpectedly insensitive”



“…Are you saying that because I dropped the plate now” 


I was trying to curse him for being petty inside, but Richard suddenly burst into laughter. 


What’s so funny


“I wasn’t going to tell you because I wanted to see the Maid in trouble, but I guess I can’t.”


What is he talking about


“Didn’t you feel anything weird on your way”


“I’m not sure Well, there was a weirdo.”


“It’s perfect for attracting attention.”


“…What are you talking about”


Unlike a while ago, when he was speaking softly, Richard kept his mouth shut. 


When I gave him a harsh look, he finally opened his mouth.


“What can Maid do for me if I let you know”


“I think I can do anything other than help you escape.”



That’s enough.”


“…What do you want from me”


“Don’t just play with the gatekeeper, but play with me too, Maid.”


When did I play with the gatekeeper—


Oh, no way, is he talking about living out there to keep an eye on the gatekeeper


Then it’s unfair.

It’s all because of someone—


“Oh, and I actually dropped the plate on purpose.”


“Wow, your personality—”


“If you listen to what I have to say, you will praise my personality for telling you this.”


I beckoned for him to continue so I could hear it.

With a small smile, he continued. 


“The servant who was bothering you today was to get your attention.”


“—What is he going to do with my attention”


“He’s trying to put something in my meal.”




“I don’t know if the gatekeeper is part of a group or was taken advantage of, but the gatekeeper put something strange on my food and was just trying to distract you.” 


I opened my mouth foolishly and he explained the conversation he heard last night.

I almost got stuck while trying to remove the death flag.


I touched my neck reflexively.

Fortunately, I’m safe.


It couldn’t be left alone like this.



I’m going to get revenge for you right now.” 


“I can’t believe Maid is going to get revenge for me”


“You were beaten by the gatekeeper.

With a whip.”


“I thought you didn’t know, but I’m surprised.”


He shrugged as if he wasn’t angry, and answered calmly.


“Aren’t you angry”


“I don’t think I’ll be too angry for being beaten on purpose.”


“…You got hit on purpose”


Was he the kind of person who felt pleasure through pain It couldn’t be—


Rather, he was more likely to feel pleasure when wielding violence.


Whether or not he knew my complicated mind, Richard answered.


“Maid, you said you were kind to patients.”


“—What about that”


“I thought you’d be kind to me because of that, too.”


That’s the reason Really


This crazy punk. 


I was at a loss for words.




Marie waited silently.


The fruit given to the gatekeeper was a large amount, so it would work immediately.


Marie was going to turn the situation around.

To the point that she would frame Rosie. 


However, no matter how long she waited, she didn’t hear any news.


‘Did he foolishly do nothing after bringing fruit’


She thought it was silly, but she didn’t know it was useless.


At that moment, when she was anxious, good news came to her.


“Marie! The monster collapsed!”


The maids, who had not spoken a word while she was accused of being the culprit, delivered the surprising news, trembling as if she thought Marie was found innocent.


Marie just smiled quietly.


As planned, the arrow in this incident would be returned to Rosie.


Now the culprit was Rosie, not her. 




Marie laughed.


Laugh, laugh, laugh.

Has she ever had this much fun before


The sense of recovering from a moment of crisis and putting the person who threatened her into the pit was truly enchanting.


Marie smiled and left the room with light steps.


It worked as usual.


“Did you hear the rumors The monster, he collapsed.”


“There was poison in the food, right”


The maids around her all talked about the monster.


It was very fun to hear the maids talking.

Above all, what boosted her mood the most was—


It was around dinner time.


Finally, what she had been waiting for happened.


She thought today was going to be a quiet day, but it was an incident that would turn the Marquis Estate upside down.


“Why is there poison in the food!”


While eating, the monster suddenly had a seizure.


He trembled in pain and fainted, so rumors spread in a short time that his current condition was critical.


Rosie, the one who brought the monster his meal, knelt in the center hole. 


Emily, a maid who was close to her, was restless with a tearful face.


Marie laughed at the sight of the two.


How dare you touch me You need to know your place.


Rosie’s situation was not very good.


Considering the Marquis’ personality, Rosie may immediately be imprisoned. 


“Rosie must have framed Marie!”


“You must be on the same team as the kitchen maid!”


The maid, who usually followed Marie, stood by her side.


“Right! I saw Rosie being mean to Marie!”


In fact, it was the opposite, but no one here cared about it.


“Rosie, explain it.”




The party involved in the incident was silent.


The butler’s forehead furrowed.

He then pointed to the gatekeeper standing nearby with his chin. 


“Tell the truth as you saw everything that happened.”


The gatekeeper looked at Rosie with shaky eyes and soon stuttered out his words.


“The maid brought the meal as usual.”


“Was there anything different than usual”


“…There’s nothing like that.”


After hearing most of the stories through the gatekeeper, the butler turned to Rosie, who had not said a word until the end.


Still, when Rosie didn’t say anything, Emily, who was next to her, begged her to say anything with an earnest face.


It was only then that Rosie opened her mouth as if her friend’s earnest request worked.


“It’s something I don’t know.”


“If you don’t know, who knows The kitchen is closely monitored to prevent anyone from entering under the orders of the Marquis, and the behavior of Marie you suspected yesterday was watched by all the maids today.”


“Is that so”


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