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Chapter 9

I smiled awkwardly, addingZion at the end.

I showed him a smile when I looked at Lexions face, being disappointed by his name not being called.

He smiled so brightly just because he was happy hearing it.

It was a smile that made even other people call it worthwhile.

Whats the great thing about calling his name like that, that he cant hide his joy

It was such a strange feeling.

Lexion then said kindly.

“Ask me anything.”

“How did you find me in that pile of bodies”

“I could see you in just a single glance.”

I was so dazed by his obvious answer.

When I touched my neck and cleared my throat, I then said.

“Then how did you know my name…”

Ive wanted to ask him that even before.

I never told him my name, but Lexion already knew it.

That has always been my question, but I cannot ask.

Maybe it was scary, actually.

Lexion stared at me still and answered strangely.

“I saw your ID in your belongings.”

“But Im sure that even when I fell…”

Ive lost my tongue.

Its because I doubted myself whether I had heard my name at that time.

Maybe it was an auditory hallucination when Im in the middle of losing my consciousness.

As he said, my belongings that he had found later surely contained my ID card.

So it wouldnt be a lie when he said that he knew my name when he saw me.

“Its nothing.”

I couldnt pry anymore and reversed my words.

I didnt want to question him when he was smiling pleasantly.

I just wanted to see his smile a little more.

I wanted to enjoy this time, this happiness as long as possible.

“I was worried a lot when you fell down.”

Lexion gently caressed my cheeks.

Before I knew it, I was all over his face.

As his smile disappeared, the bright surroundings quickly felt dark.

I stared at the corners of his mouth in regret, and he whispered silently.

“Im sorry I didnt get you sooner.”

“… Why”

He closed his mouth when I asked him a question.

He looked worried about something.

His smile rekindled when he was about to answer my question.

I couldnt stand it in the end, and voiced out my curiosity.

“Its our first time seeing each other… and why do you say youre sorry that you couldnt get me sooner”

One by one, he clasped his lips due to my continuous questions.

Lexion moved, touching the area around his mouth with his hands.

I couldnt figure out what he was thinking, so I just looked at him.

After a while, he answered me in a low-key manner as if he were serious.

“B-because I fell in love with you at first sight.”


I was so surprised by Lexions sudden confession and asked him again.

I am not fully aware of what Im hearing right now.

I cant believe he fell in love with me at first sight.

I was just confused because it wouldnt happen in the first place.

Lexion showed signs of embarrassment due to my reaction.

He touched the back of his head awkwardly and clamped his lips.

He seemed to be rather impulsive and embarrassed.

For a moment I thought I was confessing to him.

I never imagined that he would say that he fell in love with me at first sight.

It wasnt him who fell in love at first sight in the book, it was me.

Then, I unconsciously took a step back from him.

He held onto me out of reflex.

I was so surprised when he caught me, so I immediately took my hands off him.

His cautious attitude shook my eyes vigorously.

There was an awkward silence afterwards.

I wanted to say something, but he wouldnt stop talking.

My eyes went to his face that was particularly reddish.

His ears had a clear reddish glow that is much like an illusion.

‘Maybe hes shy.

I took another step back without realizing it.

When he stepped forwards twice, a shadow settled on my face.

Lexion spoke to me in a hurry when I stepped back.

“Dont run away.

I didnt actually think of that as an answer.”

“Im just saying thats how I feel, Titi.”

My face hardened in an instant with the phraseTiti when I heard it from his mouth.

The excitement subsided – the aura in this very space is questionable.

I asked in a trembling voice.

“Have I ever given you my nickname”

In response, Lexion stared at me.

His long eyelashes trembled.

It kept making my mind go wild.

‘Why does he keep looking at me like that

All his actions again caught me off guard and shook me.

My hearts beating fast even after his confession, even when he didnt want to answer me.

My mouth wanted to shout.

I felt the same way right now.

I clenched my lips, afraid that I could no longer hold my heart and pour all of my words from my mouth.

Still, his reason is barely holding on to his senses, but other than that, there is no further progress.

Is this a dream

Him liking me is so unlikely.

From the moment I entered this novel in the first place, I didnt have any speck of hope that Lexion would fall in love with me.

The people in this novel dont have free will.

I remembered what the guide had said before.

Its the one who knows the world best, so it wouldnt lie.

The people in this book itself had no free will.

“I dont have a self decision, I just say what I have to say, and do according to the situation.”

Even I, a traveler, am placed where my behavior is restricted.

It was the original that kept me terribly tied up every time I tried to get out of the book.

But the characters act their own way

Perhaps even my role has already been set.

Rather, it is credible that there would have been a change in his setting as he regressed.

If he likes me because the meeting with me has been moved up a little, he will be reunited with Seirin and return to the original storyline.

So I shouldnt jump in an instant when he voices out his confessions.

Im sure Ill get hurt again.

The place hes going to go back to anyway is not me, but the heroines side.

He spoke in a quiet tone around the time he was buried in these thoughts.

“You didnt tell me.

I just wanted to call you that.”

Before I knew it, his red ears had regained their original color.

I guess the only thing that hasnt calmed down is my heart.

I looked up at Lexion and asked tenaciously.

“Why did you want to call me that”

“Its just… that the first and last vowel are the same.”

My eyes dilated when he answered me.

Its because Ive heard that line before.

The scene in the novel flashed through my mind as if his words had become a catalyst.

[Thats a unique name]

Lexion murmured Tiarozetys name and said so.

Tiarozety looked at his wits like that.

Just looking at him face-to-face is breathtaking, her heart seemed to have stopped.

Tiarozety plucked up her courage and said.

“Well, just feel free to call me Rosé.

Thats what everyone calls me.”

“I would more like to use Titi as your first and last vowel are the same.”

He suggested a different nickname in a friendly voice.

While kindly explaining why he chose Titi, he scratched the back of his head bashfully.

I then asked him again with a slightly sullen face.

“Isnt that a little like a pet name”

“Well, I thought it was a nickname that goes very well with your blue eyes.

If you dont mind, Id like to call you that.


[“Well, then Ill let you do it alone.

That nickname.”]


Suddenly, I was distracted by the sudden interruption.

As I looked up, Lexion looked down at me with a worried face.

Before I knew it, his hand was on my shoulder.

Half leaning on him, he seemed to be reeling for a while.

“Oh, Im sorry.

I felt dizzy for a second…”

“As expected, its hard to travel a long way…”

“Oh, no! You dont have to delay the schedule any longer because of me! We have to at least go to the last banquet…!”

He spoke reassuringly as he made an urgent excuse.

“Daisy told me that you wanted to go to the banquet.

Relax, were moving in preparation for everything.”

“Thank you.”

“So if youre not feeling well, dont hide it.”

“I will.”

Lexions kind words made me bow my head and reply.

Hes so calm that I cant even say he looked like he confessed to me earlier.

It would be selfish of me to be relieved and disappointed by it.

After a while, we took a step again.

His face was a little gloomy.

My heart ached when he said the same thing before my return.

Him saying the same line means he still doesnt have his own consciousness.

Perhaps there was a problem throughout the novel with my return.

So his confession… perhaps only a brief error.

Thinking so calmed down my excitement and disappointment.

“Were here.”

As we reached the front of the inn, Lexion murmured as if he was sorry.

“Thank you for taking me all the way here, Your Excellency, the Duke.”

Lexion smiled bitterly due to me voicing out his title.

But this time, he smiled and said goodbye without forcing me to speak his pet name.

“Yeah, get some rest, Titi.”

His drooping shoulders grew farther and farther.

I shouted unconsciously at his lackluster back.


He looked back at my sudden voice.

I shouted as hard as I could hear him.

“G-get home safe, Zion!”

He smiled brightly at my words when I shouted with my hands cupping my mouth.

In the meantime, my face turned red, as red as persimmon because he was out of tune.

After a while, he raised his arms up and shook them.

Then he tripped and stumbled, unable to look back, and immediately fixed his posture.

I laughed my head off due to his innocent expression.

He continued to look back and wave afterwards.

I couldnt leave my position and stared at his back, just in case I wanted to look back.

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He grew farther and farther away.

I kept standing and watched him walking away with my eyes.

“I feel like Im really Tiarozety.”

At that very moment, I felt rather melancholic.

Then, he disappeared completely.

I entered the lodge and vice versa.


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