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Theo rubbed his chin in thought.

I guessed the conversation between Theo and Lark.

‘Lexion must have been looking for Alois.’

Well, if you have Alois when you go to the Hawk Mountains, it’ll be a great help to your power.

‘But why did she suddenly disappear It’s not like Lavita’s ruined yet…’

After that, Theo and Lark exchanged a few more words, and John and Lark left to work.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long, Miss Tiarozety.

Let’s go.”

Theo patted the back of his head and apologized repeatedly.

It was because I had been standing there longer than he thought.

“No, thanks to you, it was nice talking to John after a long time.”

“You are kind.”

Theo smiled faintly and led me to the barracks.

After entering the barracks and unpacking, I felt a little sleepy.

‘Is it because I used Asta…’

“Do you want to rest”

Daisy asked when she noticed that I was sleepy.

I nodded quietly and lay down on the bed.

‘It feels like I’m a hibernating bear…’

As I was thinking about it, I fell asleep.

It was still possible because there was still time for Lexion to come after patrolling.


[Lexion’s POV]

After patrolling, Lexion went to the barracks when he heard the news that Tiarozety had arrived.

They said they would come early, but they seemed to have already arrived.

When I entered the barracks, Daisy greeted first.

“Duke, are you here”

“What about Titi”

“Ah, she’s sleeping soundly.

Should I wake her up”


It’s okay, so go out.”


Daisy nodded and left the barracks.

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Lexion dragged a chair to the bedside where Tiarozety was lying and sat down carefully.

Her long white hair glistened with a subtle light.

He stared at her silently and was lost in deep thought.

Anxiety was overshadowed by a happy heart.

“I just wanted to be with you… …but where did it go wrong.”

His mellow voice harmonized with the subdued atmosphere and spread heavily.

I just didn’t want you to go, but I just wanted to live the life I wanted for myself.

The past life, which seemed to be controlled at every moment, was terrible.

It’s only now that I feel like I’m alive.

Lexion’s stomach continued to boil at the reality that was in front of him.

As he quietly soothed his boiling anger, a black haze hovered around Tiarosety.


Lexion was surprised by the phenomenon in front of him and called Tiarozety softly.

The malice surrounding her did not spread and disappeared repeatedly.

It was a slightly different reaction from those who were tainted with the evil dragon’s thoughts.

Lexion shook Tiarozety in anxiety to wake her up.

“Titi, get up.”


Tiarozety only uttered a shallow moan and did not open her eyes.

As Lexion shook her even harder, she slowly opened her eyes.


[Tiarozety’s POV]

While I was sleeping, I had a dream of the evil dragon.

The sound of the evil dragon flapping its wings was deafening.

No matter how much I looked back in the direction of the sound, the evil dragon was nowhere to be seen.

‘Where are you’

Right at that moment.

― Keeek!


I was startled to see the cry of the evil dragon coming out of my mouth.

‘I guess I’m the evil dragon this time.’

Among the dreams I remember, I remember staring blankly at each other, and it felt strange.

I still couldn’t figure out why I was crying so much.

I couldn’t forget the warm golden eyes of that time.

It was a strange feeling that the evil dragon seemed to comfort me.

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The ‘I’, who became the evil dragon in my dream, was heading somewhere.

Gradually, I saw a familiar young man and trembled.

‘Are you going to Bael’

In my previous dreams, I had always been reunited with the evil dragon in an unknown cave.

But this time, it was not in a cave, but in the vicinity of Bael.

‘Did the evil dragon change its habitat around Bael’

I was a little nervous when my thoughts reached there.

The evil dragon disappeared after reclaiming the Imperial City.

When I even thought that the evil dragon might have followed me to Bael, my hair became cold.

I tried to turn around and go to the other side of Bael, but I couldn’t resist the will of the evil dragon in my dream.

Disappointed, I changed my mind.

‘No, rather, it’s better like this.

If we find out where the evil dragon is hiding and make a surprise attack…’

It was then.

“Titi, get up.”

The dream was shattered by someone’s urgent voice.

It made me want to wake up.


Although I let out a shallow moan, I could not easily erase the lingering effects of my dream.

I kept falling asleep, but someone shook me harder to wake me up.

Eventually, I slowly opened my eyes as I completely escaped sleep.

And I saw the guy with black hair.


“Titi, are you okay”

Lexion looked at me with a worried face.

I shook my head, puzzled by his reaction.

“What do you mean okay”

“Malice was about to swirl around you just now.”


Malice must be trying to devour me while I’m having nightmares.

I was a little hesitant because I had never told him about my dreams. 

Seeing my hesitation, Lexion asked with deepened eyes.

“Something… I have a hunch.”

“Actually, I’ve been dreaming of the evil dragon since I used Asta.”

“Evil dragon’s dream”

Lexion’s expression became somewhat heavy.

I was sorry that I was hiding it from him, so I lowered my eyes and answered.

“I don’t know why, but the evil dragon comes out in my dreams.

Even if I don’t remember sometimes, I still feel like it was a dream of an evil dragon.”

“It’s been a long time since you used Asta.”


“Why didn’t you tell me all this time”

“I’m afraid you’ll be worried…”

I couldn’t make eye contact and just mumbled a little.

Then Lexion quietly wrapped my cheeks and made eye contact.

He asked, looking at me softly.

“Was it just a dream Do you feel anything suspicious”

“Actually, my dream was a little different earlier.”

“How was it”

“It seemed like the evil dragon was heading for Bael.”


“I was going to try and find out more because I think it’ll be hiding around here, but I woke up…”

I paused in the middle of my speech.

It was because Lexion’s expression became somewhat dark.

Perhaps filled with tension, a little strength seemed to enter his hands.

Embarrassed, I laid my hands on his hands and asked.

“Lexion What’s wrong”


He came to his senses belatedly and shook his head.

“I was wondering if I should go on the expedition to the Hawk Mountains sooner.”


Well, if it was near Bael, the Hawk Mountains were included.

‘Maybe the evil dragon tried to make the Hawk Mountains a settlement.’

The Hawk Mountains are the terrain that crosses Bael and the neighboring estates.

It is so vast that it is large enough to be connected to all the northern provinces.

If the evil dragon was going to attack the north, it would first occupy the Hawk Mountains.

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“Then isn’t it dangerous to go to the Hawk Mountains now And if the evil dragon appears… “

“Don’t worry about that.”


I was puzzled by his confident attitude.

However, the next statement dispelled my doubts.

“I sent a spy in advance, but there was a report that there was no trace of the evil dragon.”

“I see.”

“Actually, I was going to take Alois Beth with me…”

I added when Lexion mentioned Alois.

“Ahh, that’s why Theo asked about her.”

“Did Theo talk about that”

“Ah, I met John earlier and met another employee, and he happened to be a Lavitan.

It just so happened that we talked about Alois.”

“I see.

I was a little embarrassed about it.

As Titi knows, it was a long time before Alois Beth left Lavita.”

At Lexion’s words, I nodded lightly.

“Maybe everything has gotten faster as the story has changed.

It’s definitely different from before just looking at the Imperial Castle was overthrown and then restored.”

“If I had known this would have happened, I would have found her earlier…”

Lexion’s face looked rather gaunt.

He seemed impatient when things went wrong.

I gently stroked the hand that was still holding my cheek.

Naturally, our eyes met.

His black eyes were looking at me warmly.

I opened my mouth because I was so happy to see him after a long time and liked it.

“Did you know that it’s been so hard to see your face”


“If you’re sorry, come see me often.

I’m always waiting.”

As I snorted a little, he grinned.

“Are you laughing  When I heard from Gregory that you were leaving the expedition, I was really sad.”

As I pouted my lips, Lexion let out a low-pitched laugh and kissed me.


Were you very disappointed”

“Plus, he asked me if I fought with Zion, and  I was so worried… It’s just that I think Zion is avoiding me these days, so I’m more…”

“It’s not like that.”

Lexion lightly touched my forehead to soothe him.

Then he folded his lips carefully.

Soft lips opened, and something soft and warm moved.

Every time I touched it, it was so sweet that it tickled my whole body.

It felt comfortable and cozy as if my frozen body was melting.

Naturally, the original purpose was forgotten and I focused only on Lexion.

I was definitely going to get angry, but I didn’t get angry when I saw his face.

In addition, my anger subsided even more after doing such a cute thing.


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