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The 1st and 2nd armies were already on standby outside.

Chris found us and came up to report to us.

“I’ve heard the whole story from Aiden.

It’s because of Uji mushrooms.”

Chris’ gaze stayed briefly on me.

Seeing that he was okay with me accompanying them, I felt like he had heard about my power from Aiden.

Lexion nodded lightly and said.

“Hegel Brandt is said to have eaten Uji mushrooms.

The situation in Brandt Castle is probably worse than the villa.” 

“Aiden went to the villa.

I’m sure Prince Gregory heard the broadcast.”


If we have Gregory and Aiden, we don’t have to worry.”

Lexion responded briefly and hurriedly extended his hand to me.



I realized what he meant and immediately grabbed his hand and he put me on the horse.

Then he got on behind me.

Lexion said to the Knights while holding the reins.

“Bring Hegel to me as soon as you find him.

Don’t kill him.”

“Yes, sir!”

The knights received orders at once and began to move.

The sound of horseshoes resounded in my ears.


Meanwhile, Seirin was having a leisurely tea time with Emilia.

It was because Emelia had come to say goodbye as she was due to return to the capital tomorrow.

“I wish you could stay a little longer.”

“I’d love to, but my brother Kronos asked me to come back.”

Seirin kept a soft smile while hiding the fact that the emperor was injured.

This was because the safety of the emperor soon determined the fate of the empire.

There was no need to undermine the authority of the imperial family by creating a sense of anxiety.

‘There is no need to inform the situation of the capital when Lexion abandoned it.’

With that in mind, Seirin elegantly picked up the teacup.

Seirin had already harbored a grudge against the North.

She heard the news that Tiarozety had woken up immediately, but she didn’t call her separately like before. 

It was because she thought she would feel defeated looking at her face.

‘When I return to the capital, I won’t let it go.’

The love she had for Lexion turned into hatred in an instant.

He rejected her, who had no doubt that he would fight for the welfare of the empire in the future as a king’s son-in-law.

The rejection itself made her furious, and the cause being an Esol who was of the minority race.

Seirin was very upset and angry at that point.

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Then Emilia said.

“But it’s a shame.

Hegel is better now, and it’s easier to go out.” 

“It really was true that your brother’s condition has improved.”


Now he can get up and take a light walk.”

Emilia replied with a light smile.

Seirin suddenly felt that her face had become much darker than before.

Did she get tired of taking care of her younger brother

There were several small marks on her face.

However, she didn’t mention it because she knew the other person would be offended if she pointed it out.

“I’m glad to hear that.

I was thinking of sending an imperial doctor who came with me to Bael.”

“Eyyy how can I use the doctor assigned to you for personal use Thank you for your heart alone.”

Emelia replied, scratching her arm.

It was an unusual, uncultured gesture.

It was the moment when Seirin frowned at this.

Emilia’s eyes shone sharply.

At first glance, there was a black speck, but Seirin did not notice.

After a while, Emilia groaned a little.

“Seirin, tell me the truth.

You going to the capital, you’re running, right”

“What does it mean”

Seirin frowned at her inconsiderate question.

‘Did it go into her ears that I was rejected’

Her face was burning with embarrassment, but Emelia said.

“I heard about it.

You’ve been rejected twice by the Duke of Sparrow for a partner.”

“Who said that”

Seirin asked sharply in embarrassment.

Few people knew about it.

When she wondered if the maid whom she brought was making fun of her, she suddenly thought of Tiarozety.

The same fox-like girl pretended to be innocent and twisted Lexion.

‘She might have heard from Lexion.’

When her thoughts reached that point, Seirin questioned her in a rather exasperated tone.

“Did Miss Tiarozety say that”

“Is it important who told me The issue is that you lost to such a woman who cannot even fit on the axis of commoners.”

TL/N: This took me pretty long to dissect but I’m guessing that what she means is that Tiarozety doesn’t even classify as a commoner, she is considered “beneath” them as she is of a minority race.

“Emelia, those remarks are starting to offend me a bit.”

“Ah, sorry.

I must have seemed too immersed to you.”

Emilia smiled softly, covering her mouth with a fan.

Seirin narrowed her eyes and looked at her.

‘You looked pretty close to Tiarozety before… why did you change your attitude all of a sudden’

The reason for the change is unknown, but her negative assessment of Tiarozety itself was not bad. 

As Seirin’s expression softened, Emilia said.

“Are you really going to give up like this You’ve only been rejected twice.”

“…It can’t be helped.

I don’t care about Sir Lexion.”

Seirin replied, stroking her throbbing forehead.

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It was because her head keeps hurting since just now. 

It seemed like her mind was getting delayed and it was like a soft feeling was rising in her whole body, which felt drowsy.

‘Is it because I’m stressed out these days’

“Betty, can you get me some headache pills” 

“Yes, Princess.” 

A smile spread across Emilia’s lips as Betty, the maid who was beside her, quietly disappeared. 

She came closer to Seirin and gently grabbed her shoulder.

“Oh dear.

Seirin, you’ve had a hard time.” 

“It’s okay.

I just have a headache.”

“It’s all right, it’s all because of Tiarozety.



Seirin didn’t want to admit it, so she kept her mouth shut.

But she couldn’t help but respond to Emilia’s words that followed. 

“Why don’t you get rid of Tiarozety”


“I know Esol’s fatal weakness.  Tiarozety is probably like rat poison in this, right”

Emilia’s voice, as sticky as sweet honey, disturbed Seirin’s ears.

The moment Seirin looked at her in surprise, the black energy from Emelia permeated Seirin. 

It permeated so deeply and profoundly that even Seirin, the party involved, was unaware of it.

After a while, Seirin asked blankly.

“What’s that…”


Emilia laughed softly and whispered softly in Seirin’s ear.

And at the end of the story.


Out of nowhere, Gregory appeared and pulled Emilia from Seirin.

At the same time, Aiden bound Emilia with an aura and brought a purification stone.


Emelia struggled with a shrill scream.

As the murky energy was sucked into the purification stone, her whole body trembled as if she was starting a game.

The knight who followed Emelia, who was soon limp, carried her on a stretcher.

Seirin, who belatedly came to her senses, shouted.

“What, what is this! Why Emilia…!”

“She was tainted by evil dragon’s thoughts.

She was trying to hurt you.”

Gregory, who was by his side, stopped Seirin and explained the situation.

Seirin was startled by the mention of the evil dragon’s thoughts.

‘Then you were different because you were manipulated by the evil dragon’

A cold sweat broke out when she heard that she almost died.

Gregory asked Seirin, who had become parched.

“Is there anything wrong with your body Did Emelia say anything weird”

Seirin hesitated for a moment.

The conflict was due to the fact that she had to tell the story Emilia had told her a while ago.


‘You don’t have to say it.’

Seirin shook her head lightly.

“Yes, not at all.

My brother came before Emilia could do anything.”

“That’s a relief.”

Gregory was relieved and hugged Seirin tightly.

He was appalled to think that he might have almost lost his precious sister.

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Then Aiden organized the situation and came over and said,

“Your Highness, I will join the knights who have gone to Brandt Castle.”

“Yeah, I’ll just take Seirin back and follow you right away.”

“Yes, then.”

Aiden bowed briefly and quickly disappeared with the Knights.

Gregory said, supporting Seirin. 

“Can you walk” 

“Yes, thank you, brother.

You’re the first one to come to me.” 

Seirin smiled beautifully, holding his hand. 

“Of course, you’re my only sister.” 

Gregory grinned in return and led her into the bedroom.

Seirin clenched her skirt tightly.

The headache was already gone.


At a glance, Brandt Castle was full of gloomy and murky energy.

The floor was covered with black smoke.

Servants who could not endure the deep thoughts were scattered everywhere.

Chris looked over the fallen servants and reported.

“I think it’s already progressed quite a bit.

I think the Marquis of Brandt…”

“It is not too late to worry after checking it with our eyes.

We’re going to arrest the fallen people and install purification stones in the castle.”

“Yes, sir.”

After Chris received the order, he had the knights move people and began to install the purification stones.

As the purification stones tried to purify, Brandt Castle, which had been dark, gradually came to light.

Lexion, who was leading the way at the time, said.

“Titi, this way.”


I followed him to Hegel’s bedroom.

As the bedroom approaches.

The guide spoke as if it was correct that Hegel was the protagonist of this episode.

― The dying child is getting closer.

Watch out for the surrounding attacks.


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