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Lexion put on his clothes, kissing Tiarozety’s cheek lightly while she was asleep.

Tiarozety must have been tired, so she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

He wanted to hold her and didn’t want to let her go the whole time if he could, but there was a meeting soon. 

Shortly after she became ill, problems began to arise with Bael.

There were a series of missing cases, and riots broke out around the market.

When a nearby sentry officer tried to subdue it, everyone said that their eyes rolled back and flashed.

As a result of checking, it was confirmed that they had been stained with thoughts.

There was no sign during patrolling, but it seemed that the party of people was the starting point.

Since the cause is still unknown, purification stones were installed around the market first.

All infected people were quarantined and treated.

When he arrived at the conference hall, all the elders were already seated.

The chairman, Arnold, lightly saluted.

“You’re here.”

“Let’s start.”

Several agendas came up when Lexion’s permission was granted.

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Count Katrina spoke.

“The starting point of the thoughts that arose in the market turned out to be the vegetable shop.”

“A vegetable shop”


Most of the people who were tainted with thoughts were those who stopped by the store or were close to them.” 

“Who owns the vegetable store”

“They were not tainted by thoughts.”

“That means there was a problem with one of the items sold at the store.”

Lexion muttered with a rather severe expression.

Among those quarantined, the first few that got infected had already lost their senses.

Everyone was distracted and couldn’t see what they had bought.

The key is to check through secondary and tertiary infections, but there were not many survivors and they were usually unconscious.

“What happened to the survivors who didn’t wake up then”

“They’re still unconscious.”

“It’s taking too long.”

“I’ll interrogate them as soon as they wake up.”

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When Arnold answered without delay, Lexion nodded.

Since the outbreak, the elders have not been able to go home and have been moving to assess and rectify the situation.

Lexion emphasized again.

“Check the list of items that the shop owner bought and sold, and confiscate the vegetable store’s items first.”


“What happened to the disappearance that happened in Carmel Forest”

When Lexion changed the subject, the Marquis of Michelangelo spoke.

“We’re sending a search party to check.

They’ll be back around this evening after completing their mission.”

“It is a thought so strong that people lose their minds in a short amount of time.

Did they bring enough purifying stones with them”

“Of course.

Fortunately, thanks to the purification stones you bought in advance, there is ample stock.

As expected, you’re great too, Your Excellency.”

The Marquis of Michelangelo spoke in spoke in a tone of admiration.

This was thanks to Lexion’s sweeping of the purification stones in advance.

It is said that they are currently experiencing difficulties in purchasing purification stones from various places.

On the other hand, there were plenty of purification stones in Bael.

It was truly inconceivable.

After that, the meeting proceeded steadily.

It was when the meeting was over and everyone was about to return to their respective positions.

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Lexion called Arnold Brandt.

“Arnold, I’ve heard you haven’t been able to go home since that day.”

“Oh, that’s all right.

Hegel has been feeling better recently, so I’m less burdened.”

“It’s okay to take care of your family more.”

At Lexion’s request, Arnold’s eyes widened. 

A moment later he replied with a light smile.

“Thank you for your consideration, Duke.

Then, I’ll go home today.”


Lexion left the room with a couple of pats on his shoulders.


As soon as I woke up, I headed straight to my room.

When I entered the room, Daisy was just changing her seat.

“Miss, good afternoon.”

As soon as she saw me, she smiled and welcomed me.

I rolled my eyes because I knew why she was smiling.

If you’re not surprised when the sick person suddenly disappears, it means you already know where they are. 

As soon as we sat down at the table, Daisy brought out tea.

She spoke softly.

“It is a good tea for relieving muscle pain.”


I shrank back after she poked me in my shoulders, and she continued.

TL/N: LMAO Daisy best gurl

“I brought an omelet and salad because I thought you’d be hungry.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Daisy stood by, hesitating.

I slowly started eating the omelet and salad. 

As she said, I was a little hungry, so it went down easily.

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As I was about to finish eating, Daisy asked gently. 

“Have you two made up”

“We didn’t fight…”


“Yeah, we made up.”

It was very hot too.

I chewed the leftover food in my mouth even more earnestly in the afterimage that came up again. 

After a while.

“How sick have I been” 

“It’s been more than ten days.”

“It’s been that long…”

I thought I would have been sick for three days at most, but I can’t believe it’s ten days.

As I blinked in surprise, Daisy sighed.

“Not long after you got sick, there was a big riot in the market.

You’ll probably have to stay in the castle for a while.”

“A riot”

“Everyone seems to be keeping quiet, but I heard from Aiden that the evil dragon’s thoughts are all over the place, so it’s very dangerous outside.”


I just grabbed the hem of my clothes. 

It seemed like a nightmare from a previous life has been revived.

‘But the timing is so fast…’

Just as I was thinking about it, the book sounded a notification.

– Tiling! The preview has arrived.

“Daisy, you can leave now.”


If you want to take a walk, please don’t go out alone and pull the rope.”

“Yes, I will.”

As soon as Daisy said goodbye and left, I opened the book to watch the preview.

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The front of the book was full of notifications that I hadn’t checked. 

First, I checked the preview.

[ The capital was overthrown by the evil dragon.

The emperor is unconscious.

Afterwards, Kronos, who went on a search, returned, drove out the evil dragon, and temporarily assumed the throne on behalf of the emperor. 

It is presumed that the evil dragon has gone far away, but Kronus orders Seirin to return to the capital. 

After that, Gregory remains in Bael and asks Lexion for reinforcements.

Tiarozety tries to persuade Lexion with Gregory.

In the meantime, a big incident takes place in Bael…]

What do you mean the capital was overthrown

It was a completely different development from the time in my first life.

At that time, the capital was protected until the end. 

Fortunately, Kronos drove out the evil dragon, but the situation did not improve.

‘If the evil dragon left far away and a big incident broke out in Bael, does it mean that the evil dragon is coming this way’

Since the main characters, Gregory and I, are in Bael, there is a higher chance of it attacking here than in the capital. 

First of all, I thought I should discuss it with Lexion, so I was going to get up from my seat, but the guide said.

– Traveller, you can’t trust Lexion Sparrow.

“What are you talking about”

– His role has been decided.

He is no longer a supporting actor.


The guide stuttered, then dropped off.

Just like someone is stopping it from talking.


– …

“What’s wrong”

The guide did not answer my questions.

It was strange that it kept cutting off as if the battery had run out.

At that time, alarms that I had not read before caught my eye. 

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[The development changes depending on the Awakened.

Due to the different development, the episodes of Tiarozety and Gregory will be deleted at once.] 


Your opponent can spy on this story.

Special attention is required.] 

If it was an Awakened, it must be referring to Lexion. 

‘As expected, Lexion knew in advance and intervened in my events.’

I now understand the parts that were strange in the middle. 

He often appeared at the point where Gregory was supposed to connect.

Maybe it was Gregory, not Lexion, who had to save me from the first Esol disaster. 

I was the one who had to return to the original world after receiving a reward.

A situation where Lexion caught me and made me the main character. 

However, I was still under the influence of the book. 

So he will keep interrupting my ending. 

Because I don’t want to go back.

I took a moment to think and asked a question.

“What does it mean that his role has been decided”

– The Awakened is a character and can intervene in events.

He can change the events at will. 

As if the question was possible to answer, the reply came right away this time. 

I continued the question.

“What happens if things keep changing”

– The world collapses, and the traveler is trapped in the novel.

The guide replied grimly.

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I paused when I heard that I would be trapped in the novel.

“Do you mean I can’t get out of here forever”

– That’s right.

Regression also becomes impossible.

The end of this world becomes unpredictable too. 

“…What’s the impact of the book Are you going to disappear”

– No, Tiarozety Esol must kill the evil dragon.

Otherwise, a penalty is given, and the soul is destroyed with the collapse of the world. 

“What’s that…”

In the end, it meant that if I didn’t stop Lexion from ruining the development, I will not be able to return and be destroyed. 

My lower lip was bitten in an instant. 

I have to stop Lexion to live.

‘Titi, choose me.

It’s not this damn fate.’

‘Choose me, even if the path is rough.

Because I’m ready for anything.’

The words he said resounded in my head. 

He’ll never let me go.

Of course he won’t let me die. 

I asked with an anxious mind.

“Is Lexion all right No, he’s not affected by the book”

– That’s not true.

From the moment he chose to become a traveler, he has an ending, too.

The traveler must figure out what his ending is and stop him.

“That’s why you said we should sync before.”

– You must attempt to synchronize directly through contact to see the ending of Lexion Sparrow.

Come to think of it, he didn’t show me the book.

As soon as I realized this, the guide emphasized it once again.

– Now this book is under his influence.

You need to synchronize the book while Lexion Sparrow is off guard.

If you don’t hurry, you can’t turn it around.


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