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Chapter 7

When I tried to open the door of my inn and leave, Daisy followed me and asked.

“Where are you going”

“Im a little frustrated, so Im going to get some fresh air.”

“Lets go together.

You dont even know the way.”

“No, I want to be alone now.”

Daisy could no longer be bothered when I murmured lowly with a grim face.

She seemed to regard our race as being exterminated anddepressed.

“Dont be too late!”

Behind her, Daisy heard a voice asking.

I turned my head, and nodded silently toward her, and left the inn.

The inn is small because it is in the countryside, which accepts all the search parties.

Therefore, the Black Knights and the Imperial Knights are divided into different buildings.

I walked towards another inn not too far from mine.

By the time Gregory reached the inn where he was staying, I had just found him out.

I stopped walking and looked at him, he looked surprised when he saw me.

After a while, Gregory approached me, without avoiding me.

His hair is blond, resembling his late father.

Gregory is originally the illegitimate child of Alexei Aden Wexler, the Emperors brother.

He is belatedly recognized as a member of the royal family when he was about five or six years

old for his blond hair and unique emerald green eyes of the Eden family.

As a result, he hung out with Seirin and Crown Prince Cronos from an early age – and naturally

became close to Lexion.

The four were meant to have been together since they were young.

Now that he is an adult, he is a little estranged, but the Emperor belatedly admitted Gregory as his adopted son but gave him “Wexler,” Alexeis saint, who died of adversity, not of Verbel.

In short, it meant that the Emperor should not dream of using his late fathers surname.

Maybe thats why.

Gregory grew up to be like a black sheep.

Many young people enjoyed women, alcohol, and gambling without hesitation, but cried after because they were abandoned after falling in love with him.

Despite the rumors, the reason why women were constantly going for him was all thanks to that handsome appearance.

I greeted him silently as he approached me.

He spoke in a slightly pleasant tone.

“I was worried, but thats right.”

“Oh, hi.”

Gregory looked at me with a curious look when I said hello with a sloppy look.

Gregory murmured low as his persistent gaze became burdensome.

“Zions taste was also pretty specific.”


“Im sure shes pretty.”

Suddenly, I looked up at him discussing Lexions taste.

His blond hair slightly covered his eyebrows, but he looked even more dazzling up close.

Thinking back, I met Gregory a little earlier.

In my previous life, he is the only person I met, solely after I was declared a survivor of Isol.

“Oh, glory to the Arden Empire.

I am Esols little girl, Tiarozety Esol”.

Im looking forward to the fact that a royal family member and didnt express my intentions right away.

When he asked if I didnt know him, I bowed my head and apologized right away

Gregory snapped when I apologized right away.

“You dont have to apologize because I didnt ask you to know me in that sense.

Theres no one whod treat me like I am an illegitimate child anyway.”

“Then what do you mean…”

When I asked with my head slightly up, Gregory came close and asked with a grim smile.

“Are you married”

He stopped holding his tongue at unexpected questions, and a shallow groan.

Gregory replied in a mischievous tone as he looked troubled and his lips being covered by his hand.

“Oh, sorry.

It was so straightforward.

If youre married, I think you should stop him.

So, are you married”

Why do we keep checking on marriage

I shook my head silently due to the persistent question.

It is because my tongue is stinging and I couldnt keep my mouth open.

Then he belatedly noticed my condition and talked in a hurry.

“Oh, my God, you bit your tongue What kind of heart do you have to get surprised by this”

“Youre not going to tell Lexion what happened right now, you shouldnt tell him.

Dont do that.

If he knows that, hell feel hurt out of no reason, he might hit me too.”

“……whats wrong with the Duke”

After barely controlling the pain, I asked with a curious look.

No, more than that, I couldnt interpret the meaning of Gregorys words now.

What does getting hurt have to do with Lexion

When I looked at him with an innocent expression as if I didnt know anything, Gregory smiled in vain.

He repeatedly looked in the air and made a strange gesture with an absurd expression.

“What Miss, you dont know what this situation means”

“What is this situation like then”

I really didnt know the meaning of his question.

It is me who wanted to know the meaning of this situation more than anyone else.

It is very frustrating to see them just standing by my side without telling me anything.

He started laughing out loud at my counterclaim.

“Hahaha…! What the hell is wrong with Lexion if she doesnt even know”

Gregory shook his head and murmured as if he didnt know.

As much as I felt strange about Lexion, others seemed to think so.

A moment later, Gregory muttered in a voice that became quite serious as he waited silently for his words.

“This is a headache.

I definitely thought you knew each other from the very beginning.”

“No way.

This is the first time Ive seen him.”


Thats right.”

Gregory frowned as if he were facing a challenge.

He was tapping his finger to see, hesitant to say something or not and I touched it.

I felt like there is something I really dont know.

As he stared at me, he grinned and said.

“I think youre curious, so let me tell you a little bit.”

I nodded with my eyes wide open, and Gregory asked a question like a quiz.

“What if the Imperial court belatedly finds out that Duke Lexion Spero, dubbedThe Guardian of the North, was accompanied by knights to the South, that is at the end of the empire” **


Isnt he the captain”

I stared at him with a face asking what kind of bullcrap he was talking about.

Lexion could not have been accompanied by these knights to the south without royal permission.

It is because he had to pass the capital to get to the South.

“It is not like Lexion to give such a good excuse to the emperor for him to be wary of him.”

When I answered readily, Gregory responded.


Thats what everyone would think.

Except for Lexion himself.”


“So my friend did that crazy thing.”


I screamed loudly at Gregorys words, and Gregory added.

“To be exact, I was told to bring the Knights to visit me and get the approval of the royal family because the Isol people were going to be raided.”

“It is rather fortunate that I explained to the imperial family and set up a search party… … Whooo, I still feel dizzy thinking about the atmosphere of the capital that day.”

He spoke with an exaggerated tap of his chest.

I cant believe he brought the Knights without royal permission.

Gregorys words were shocking.

I shouted with an incredible face.

“No way! What on earth was he thinking of………….!”

“Thats what Im saying.

Do you know how embarrassed I was when he looks like hes acting crazy How can I stop him when he said he had to go right away”

“…… How did you know that Isols were going to be raided”

“I didnt know that.

He said he had no time, and he was distracted along the way and he dragged me.

Oh, right! He said he had someone to look for.”

……What does he mean by all this

I didnt understand what Gregory was saying.

It just felt like unknown thoughts were floating in the air.

With what he had said, it seems like Lexion knew about the Isol disaster in advance.

It is rather unfortunate that the Isol disaster had happened, but otherwise, it would have given the Imperial family a good excuse.

It is an act that could not be made without any certainty.

I tried to put my trembling hands at the back.

It lingered in my head that I said I had someone who found me.

As far as I know, there is no one he would know in the far south.

Who the hell did they come all the way here to find…

How did he know about the Isol incident

Does he know something

I couldnt say anything with my mouth open.

Gregory grumbled frustratingly at me like that.

“As soon as Lexion found you, he gave you a barracks and took care of you, so I thought you were the one he was looking for.”

“Come on, hold on.

What do you mean took care Wasnt Daisy taking care of me for three days”

I didnt listen to him while I was in a daze and asked right back rather abruptly.

I am sure that I was alone when I opened my eyes.

After that, Daisy came to see me.

Thats why I thought she put the towel on my forehead.

When I woke up, I was lonely because I was alone, and Lexion was not next to me.

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But he was actually with me before that

Does that make sense

My face was filled with confusement.

Gregory replied in shock the moment he looked at me.

“What are you talking about It was Lexion who took care of you back then.”


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