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“Did you go out on a date”




"That's right."


Before I could explain it, Lexion briefly admitted it.


Embarrassed by this, I immediately shut my mouth like a clam.


Emelia widened her eyes, probably surprised that Lexion had answered.


Then she grinned and said,


"I see.

I unintentionally interfered.”


“Ah it’s okay!”


When I quickly denied it, Emelia laughed out loud.


“You are a shy person.”


“That’s her charm.”


“Oh, Duke…”


I called him in surprise, but Emelia said.


“Oh my, the Duke says such things.”


She seemed as surprised as I was.


Lexion shrugged his shoulders and spoke.


“Titi is not used to tea parties, so I want you to take good care of her.”



She is the future Duchess, and I will stop anyone who treats her badly.”




The future Duchess


My eyes widened at Emelia's reckless remarks.


What really surprised me was that she looked carefree.


Moments later, Emelia laughed bashfully, wrinkled her nose, and whispered to me.


“Please tell me how you feel about kicking the Duke later.

That’s what I’m most curious about.”




“Then I’ll go back to work.

See you soon.”


Emelia greeted us cheerfully and took the girl away.


I was mesmerized by the words she left behind.


‘How did you know’


Only Lexion and I knew about it.


“Let’s go, Titi.”


“Zion, what did she mean by Duchess”




Lexion blushed and put a smile on his lips.


I hesitated and spoke.


“…I have no intention of becoming a Duchess.”


So don't expect it.


Lexion smiled bitterly at my cautious words.


His face looked wounded at a glance.


‘I am only hurting you in this life.’


As I was feeling lonely thinking about that, Lexion said.



I know."


"But why…”


“By the way, Titi, I have no intention of marrying anyone other than you.”




“It means that the place is only open to you.”


Lexion was so neat and held out his hand.


It meant to escort me.


I stared intently at his hand.


I thought it wasn't my place, so I decided not to be greedy.


However, when Lexion was like this, my determination was shaken.


I suddenly felt the urge to hug him and bit my lower lip.


“I am satisfied with the way I am now.

You don’t have to give up a lot because of me.”


Don't be greedy and just be content with it.


“Are you giving up”


Lexion asked as if he did not understand.


I opened my mouth without looking at him.


It was a story that seemed impossible to tell by looking at his face.


“I heard that the elders recommended Princess Seirin to be the Duchess.”


“What do you mean”


“It will be of greater help to the Sparrow family in the future for Princess Seirin to become the Duchess than me.”


I poured out my words like a rapid-fire gun, fearing what he might say.


Then he asked in a confused voice.


“Wait, Titi.

The elders recommend Princess Seirin as the Duchess Who the hell said that”


"Huh They didn’t"


I asked in amazement.


It was clear that Vector had heard from Theo.


They were getting ready to discuss the Duchess matter in the Council with elders.


‘It was like that in my previous life, so of course I thought it would be the same…'


Somehow, I felt like I was fluttering, so I tried to feel embarrassed.


After a while, Lexion ruffled his hair and explained it.


“I don’t know where, from whom, or what you’ve heard, but there was no agenda for that.”




“Even if there were, I would have refused.

I'm not a fool to spend the rest of my life with a girl I don't even care about."


Lexion gently grabbed my hand with those words.


And he took a step closer and declared.


"I’m not a fool to miss the woman I like."


With his back to the sun, he was as reliable as the shade of a solid tree.


He looked down at me and smiled as if he was embarrassed.


It felt like my heart would stop.


As if time had stopped, I couldn't move.


To me, Lexion hit my heart once more.


“So whenever you’re ready, come to me, Titi.”




“Because I am ready.”


Lexion took a step back.


I followed silently with my head lowered.


And I thought.


I can't believe I was going to not like him at all.


* * *


When I arrived at the castle, I encountered an unexpected person.


‘I'm meeting both the father and the daughter today.’


I immediately recognized him as Arnold Brandt, but I pretended not to know.


Arnold approached Lexion and talked to him.


"It just so happens that we run into each other.

I was just going to go because you were away."


"What's going on”


"I got a call from Sir Aiden."




I heard the name Aiden.


Arnold glanced at me and seemed to be wondering if he could say it here.


Accordingly, Lexion affirmed.


"You can just say it."


When Lexion's permission was granted, he reported.


"Sir Aiden is scheduled to depart tomorrow after completing the cleanup of the Hakun area as of today."


"It took longer than I thought.”



It must have been slow to purify because it was on the edge."


"Who's injured"


"No one.”


The two had a simple conversation.


In the meantime, I showed signs of joy.


‘That's a relief.

I was worried because it was too late.’


I breathed out relief after hearing that there were no injuries and Aiden was safe.


It was good news while I was worried that something had happened.


As I waited quietly by my side, suddenly Arnold stared at me and opened his mouth.


"This person..."


"Oh, I'm Tiarozety Esol."


Having missed the timing to say hello and just stood still, I introduced myself in a flash.


Then he smiled and asked for a handshake.


"As expected of Tiarozety.

It's a great pleasure to meet you.

I’m Arnold Brandt.

I look forward to your kind cooperation."


"Please take good care of me too.

Marquis Brandt."


Arnold looked at me quickly while shaking hands.


It was somehow awkward, but I didn't show it.


"I'll do my best to make room for Tiarozety."




Why are we talking about making room all of a sudden


"Arnold, get going.”


Somehow, Lexion flatly told Arnold, who was full of energy.


"Yes, I'll be on my way now.

Tiarozety, have a peaceful night."


"You too, Marquis.”


Arnold smiled happily and bowed deeply and left.


* * *


Soon after, Emelia's tea party day came.


When I got dressed up on time, a carriage was waiting.


"Get in."


The servant of Brandt Castle recommended getting in.


Not long after I got in the carriage, I arrived at Brandt Castle, and Emelia welcomed me.


"Welcome, Tiarozety."


"Thank you for inviting me, Miss Brandt."


When I raised the hem of the dress and prepared courtesy, she drew my hand.


"Everyone is waiting."


The place she took me to was an open garden.


While the woman gathered in twos and threes and chatted, Emelia drew their attention.


"Everyone, say hello.

This is Tiarozety Esol."


"Oh, hello.”


When I greeted them awkwardly, they smiled.


"Welcome, Miss Tiarozety."


"We were waiting for you."


"This way."


They were the characters I saw in my previous life.


They were not very important characters, so there was nothing to encounter except on a special day.


The woman who introduced me as Sophie Acel talked to me.


"Your silver hair is really beautiful in person.

Can I touch it”


"Oh, yes."


"Wow… I envy you, Miss Tiarozety."


Sophie smiled.


By the time I was overwhelmed by excessive hospitality and interest, there was a sudden disturbance.


The maid approached Emelia and said,


"Lady, the young master...”


"Excuse me for a moment."


Emelia left her seat contemplating the words young master.


‘Did Emelia have a younger sibling’


While I was thinking, Sophie muttered.


"Oh, my.

He must be hysterical again."


"He can't help but be sensitive.”


"I know.

Brandt's suffering is so much because he suddenly got sick.

I thought he was weak since he was young…”


"To be honest, I feel bad for Miss Emelia.

She came back here from the capital because of her brother."



Don’t mention that."



It's because I'm so upset watching it."


They gathered one by one and whispered about Emelia and her younger brother.


I realized while still listening to their conversation.



I remember.’


To be exact, she had a younger brother in her previous life.


But he died shortly after I came to Bael.


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