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‘Is the rumor not a lie’


Arnold thought, forgetting to even breathe.


Looking at Lexion slightly, his expression was quite serious.


'His Excellency is really serious.’


Come to think of it, he often heard that the duke had become strange these past few days.


It was because the behavior, clothes, and hairstyle changed not only before, but also the atmosphere changed at a glance.


He just thought there was a big change in his mind, but he couldn’t believe it was because of a woman.


At this time, an elder refuted.


"Your Excellency, this is ridiculous.

It's your authority to choose a companion, but you should at least proceed with a wedding with a woman in a family that is appropriate for the class."


"That's right.

If you like her so much, why don't you bring her in as a mistress"




Several elders began to persuade to break the will of the Duke.


Arnold examined Lexion's complexion.


His expression was getting very rough with the words "appropriate for the class" and “mistress”.


‘I can't believe I haven't looked at you for all those years.’


Arnold clicked his tongue inside.


The duke seemed to be sincere.


And he has no intention of bending his will if he goes head-on like this.


'I think I should meet her in person.’


Arnold opened his mouth, keeping in mind that he would meet Tiarozety Esol.


"Stop it."


“Chairman Brandt”


The elders looked faint when Arnold took the side of the Duke.


Arnold said in response.


"His Excellency is right.

If he decided to become independent, what does the title from the Empire matter anymore"




“It’s Esol.

They say they were not recognized by the Empire, but their abilities...”




"There needs to be a new ideology to open a new era."


Arnold silently bowed to the Duke with the words.


"I respect the will of the duke."



Thank you."


Only then did Lexion relax his stiff face.


Other elders could no longer refute it and were just staring.


After a while, Lexion said.


"This is good for you.

I want you to help me."


"Say anything."


Arnold smiled and waited for the order, and the Duke opened his mouth.


"Take care of Titi so that she can adapt well here.

So that she can regard this place as her home, not anywhere else.”


‘So that she doesn’t even dream of going back.’


Lexion finished his speech hiding his thoughts.


It wasn't long before Arnold replied.


"Of course, I will sincerely accomplish that, sir."


Subsequently, the elders were told that they would do the same.


They seemed to have belatedly noticed that the duke was unusual.


And as if that was not an empty word, numerous gifts arrived in front of Tiarozety the next day.


They were all sent by the elders to look good to her.


* * *


(1st person pov)


"What is this..."


I was mesmerized by the gift procession that continued from the morning and muttered.


I just finished eating, but there was already a pile of gifts.


Servants brought fabric, shoes, accessories, and other things one after another.


At that time, Olivia, the maid, stood in front of the gifts and recited the source.


"This is the fabric sent by Count Katrina.

The color comes out very well, so it'll be pretty if you match the dress."


At a glance, it was expensive fabric.


"This is a supplement specially sent by Marquis Michelangelo when he heard that you were sick often."


Looking at the label on the packaging, it was said that the medicinal effect was good, so you had to wait a year to receive it.


Since then, Olivia has recited a list of gifts.


In a little bit…


"This is what I've told you so far."


Olivia said, sticking out a list so far.


I looked at the lists once again.


All the nobles who stayed in the north sent gifts.


In addition, the names of the elder members of the Duke of Sparrow were seen.


‘What's wrong with everyone all of a sudden’


It was only a little after I came to Bael.


Until then, it was quiet, but I didn't understand them trying to connect with me suddenly.


"So, are all of these gifts for me"


"That's right."






Olivia blinked as if she had been asked an unexpected question.


"I don't understand."


As I muttered, Olivia replied with a warm smile.


"Because everyone is welcoming Tiarozety to Bael."





These are all welcome gifts.

It's a little late though.”


Olivia smiled and answered sincerely.


I turned to the gifts.


In my previous life, I was not welcomed by Bael.


It was even more so because I came here with a bad body.


I was swayed by evil merchants and was devastated to the point of being used, so I couldn't look good even if I wore fine clothes.


In addition, I ruined the fact that he barely maintained peace with the imperial family through his engagement with Seirin, which drew antipathy from many people from the first impression.


When I didn't say anything with a firm face, Olivia asked with a worried look.


"Don't you like it"


At her words, I was surprised and waved my hands.


"No way.

I like them all.

Thank you."


"That's a relief.

Oh, and these are invitations to Tiarozety for a tea party."


Olivia smiled brightly and held out an invitation basket.


In the meantime, she continued to explain.


"You don't have to go to all the invited tea parties.

If you want to rest, you can postpone it later."


"How can I refuse the invitation of the nobility"


It made no sense for a small minority to refuse the invitation of an imperial nobleman.


Then Olivia said at once.


"No, you can refuse.

Behind Tiarozety is the Duke of Lexion Sparrow."




"I thought it would be difficult to choose, so I put the invitations of important people separately."


“I don’t know how to look.”


First of all, there were a lot of lists, and it was unfamiliar because this was the first time.


Olivia hinted at this.


"Then can I recommend it for you"



I'd appreciate it if you did."


"I think it would be good to start with a tea party of Emelia Brandt, the daughter of Marquis Arnold Brandt, the chairman."


"Emelia Brandt”


I was surprised by the unexpected name and asked back.


Emelia Brandt was the only child of Arnold Brandt, who was also Seirin's academy colleague.


After studying in the capital city, she settled in the north to succeed her father, and was also a great person who took good care of Seirin, who came to Bael for the engagement.


'She hated me in my previous life.’


Young Lady of Brandt, who I remember, was a very difficult person.


She was close to Seirin when she was at the academy, and she liked Seirin very much when she came to Bael.


But suddenly I appeared and had a disagreement between Lexion and Seirin, so from the perspective of her friend Emelia, I would have been bothered.


Of course, I had no personal bad feelings because I knew that people here were moving according to the set value while living in this world.


Rather, she was the person who hated me but was the most indifferent to me.


So it was even more uncomfortable.



You'll see each other often in the future, so you'd better open up in advance."


At Olivia's words, I quietly thought things through.


Emelia now would not have had a grudge against me.


Unlike my previous life, Seirin hasn't come to the North now, and I haven't made much movement either.


She just heard the news that the Duke brought someone.


‘Then why did she suddenly invite me’


Others' gifts were excessive, but the fact that she invited me was a little strange.


"Olivia, what's the reason she invited me"


"She must be curious because an outsider is here.

Are you feeling pressured"


"A little bit."


Olivia encouraged me when I muttered sullenly.


"I've seen Emelia several times, but she's not someone who discriminates according to status.

I'm sure she'll get along well with Tiarozety."




"Yes, I guarantee it."


Olivia smiled and gave a definite answer.


‘Since Olivia said that, should we meet’


As long as I decided to be here anyway, it was inevitable to not encounter her.



I can’t avoid it anymore.’


How can I still act like a supporting role after becoming the main character


No wonder I laughed.


'Now may be the only time to meet Emelia.’


Thinking about this made me feel lighter.


After a while, I opened my mouth.


"Then let's attend Emelia Brandt's tea party.

Can I think about the rest more and decide”



Please let me know."


Olivia readily replied to me and stepped down.


Then Daisy, who was waiting, trembled and said,


“Miss, you need to get ready to go out first.”


Then, she sat me in front of the dressing table and started putting on makeup.


"Oh, it's already this time."


When I checked the clock, the time I was supposed to go out with Lexion was almost approaching.


In silence, Daisy was doing what she had to do, but she asked in a pleased voice.


"Have you been dating for a long time I'm jealous."


"Dating It's not like that."


"Oh, you can't move."


When I turned around and made excuses, Daisy turned my head back.


Then she spoke lightly.


“Anyway, Sir Aiden is being later than I thought.

It shouldn’t be a big deal.”


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