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Arnold did not immediately understand Lexion's remarks and asked back.


Subsequently, other elders began to panic.


"An evil dragon"


"No way!"


"What do you mean by evil dragon's thoughts"


Everyone seemed surprised.


Their intense reaction was also related to the recent attack on the capital.


The capital, which was thought to be unreachable, has been breached by the evil dragon.


It has been hundreds of years since the empire and the evil dragon confronted each other.


Still, the dragon did not die and was threatening the empire little by little.


It was pretty good at tug-of-war.

He felt it.


The last attack shocked the entire empire.


"As expected, was there a reason why you suddenly left for the capital"


Arnold groaned and went through his thoughts.


If the evil dragon's thoughts spread throughout, Bael was also not safe.


‘I guess that's why you recently purchased a lot of purification stones.’

He wondered why they were collecting so many purification stones.


He seemed to have expected everything from the time he headed to the capital.


Arnold opened his mouth, wondering how the Duke found out the information.


"Did you buy all the purification stones in the Empire recently…”



It was to prepare for the explosion of the evil dragon."


"As expected, I see.”


“Soon, the price of purification stones will rise exponentially.

There will be a series of damage from areas where sufficient purification stones are not available."


Lexion's expression of the serious opinion was very calm.


According to him, the entire empire will soon be confused by looting and terrorism.


"You even considered that"


Arnold admired.


It was because he felt that the Duke was more determined and prepared than he thought.


In fact, Arnold was furious to hear that the Duke returned to the North as if he were being kicked out even though he blocked the attack of the dragon from the capital through the returning knights.


It was ridiculous to kick out the person who made such a contribution.


As a result, I was puzzled that the Duke obeyed despite being treated unreasonably, but when I heard this story, it was interpreted differently.


The duke's choice was outstanding.


If he had left the capital a little later, he might have been stranded there.


Several places have already been closed on the way to the north, so maybe the imperial family already regret sending the duke away.


Arnold proudly looked at the Duke and responded to his words.


“Certainly, if you look at the current trend, it is similar to when the evil dragon ran rampant 100 years ago.

Perhaps the Empire will wage another great war.”



It will be worse than that.

So we need to put as much focus on defending the North as possible."




The elders looked triumphant at his words.


Then Arnold opened his mouth.


“If there is a request for support from the Imperial family, what will you do”


It was startling to be in a good mood, but it was a necessary question.


However, there was nothing he could do about it, so he coughed in vain.


The Imperial family only visited the Sparrow family when necessary.


And when there was danger, Lexion Sparrow would always volunteer before the imperial court even asked for it.


Even if he had been so loyal, he had no reason to refuse if the Imperial family requested it.


Arnold's concerns were washed away by the duke's reply.


“We should prevent the request from coming in in the first place.”


“That is…”


“Cut off all communication channels and means of communication currently connected to the imperial family, and strengthen the defense of the northern area in case of an attack by the evil dragon.”


“I will take orders, sir.”


"Even if the imperial family regrets this later, don't worry, I'll take responsibility and calm it down, Arnold."


Lexion answered Arnold's next question by hitting the player ahead of time.


“Thank you for responding to my advice, sir.”


Arnold responded vigorously with a slightly moved expression on his face.


Somehow, as if going back to when he was young, he was full of spirit.


A state of being able to do anything.


This was something that he has been dreaming of for a long time, so he was even more excited.


He thought it was something he would never see in his generation.


Arnold couldn't hide his excitement and raised the corners of his lips.


Then an elder spoke cautiously, supported by a friendly atmosphere.


"Your Excellency, did you bring the woman who stays in the castle on purpose because she's Esol"”


The elders focused on the word Esol.


In fact, it was the part he was the most curious about lately.


The duke, who did not budge even after many young girls sent flirtations, brought a woman from the capital.


Moreover, reports indicated that the duke loved the woman very much.


Arnold frowned at the elder's presumptuous remarks.


When he brought the Esol, rumors circulated.


It was because of that woman that the Duke suddenly went down to the capital.


Arnold thought the rumors were just stories made up by people who liked to talk


Even with the duke's remarks today, he judged that going to the capital was intentional.


Esol was a great help to the power.


The power boasting strong resilience will shine in the battle against the evil dragon.


He guessed that bringing her up to the point of confrontation with the imperial family was not a trivial thing like a romantic feeling.


‘It must have been because she was Esol.’


Arnold scolded the elder in a harsh voice.


“What have you heard so far It's a state of emergency comparable to a great war.

Could it be that His Excellency fell in love with her and brought her”


It was then.




Arnold gulped as he looked at the duke.


It was because his face had become very cold.


‘It seems that the Duke was also offended by the rumor.’


Arnold grew stronger and blamed the elder thinking that the duke was on his side.


"The duke brought her because he had an idea.

In other words, where would our noble Excellency look at a minority who is treated worse than ordinary people Too many jokes...”


"Arnold, you're just too stupid."




Arnold looked at Lexion in surprise.


His face looked more bitter than before.


‘Why are you more angry’


Arnold rolled his eyes in wonder, and Lexion spoke.


“I do not choose my companion by judging the title.”




“It is regrettable that a person who intends to establish an independent state has the discriminatory perception of the empire as it is.”


“…Ah, wait.”


Arnold stuttered in embarrassment at Lexion's cold words.


“Also, Tiarozety is a very precious person to me, so I hope you don’t say anything reckless.”


Lexion frowned.


He seemed to no longer want to quarrel on this topic.


Arnold opened his mouth as he didn't quite understand what was going on.


After a while, he mustered up some courage and spoke.


“Sir Now that statement is a bit misleading.

At first glance, it may be misunderstood that the woman is your lover...”


"To be precise, she's probably closer than that."




No, what is this


Arnold gasped in shock over and over again.


Then, Lexion delivered the final blow.


“It means I am courting her, Arnold.”




Arnold took a deep breath in surprise.


The polite attitude that was still there was gone.


So were the others.


The elders were astonished and began to talk busily.


“Oh, he’s courting.”


“Then he meant that he fell in love first To that Esol”


“Are the rumors true”


It was hard to believe for everyone.


The duke had hinted that he had no interest in women.


So, it was surprising that he was interested in a woman, and she was part of the ethnic minority., Esol.


It would be surprising to even ask other noble girls in the capital about this.


He was a man called the first bridegroom of the empire.


Of course, he received much more than he proposed.


But such a person is having a hard time with a Esol, who was not even a citizen of the Empire.


It was impossible.


Amidst the confusion of the crowd, Lexion declared as if to solidify.


“Why are you so surprised IYou'd be even more surprised if I told you that I've already had done it once."


"Oh my…!”


“Our Duke is different!”


The elders spit out exclamations.


It was a more intense reaction than when the duke thought of independence.


On the other hand, Lexion had a refreshing face as if he had talked about something he had been holding onto for a long time.


An elder asked seriously.


“Wait a minute, sir.

So are you saying that all the rumors are true”


“What rumors are you talking about”


“That, that…”


The elder was unable to speak and hesitated.


Then someone got the courage.


"That is… Rumor has it that the reason the Duke suddenly went down to the capital was because of the Esol.”




Lexion let out a soft exclamation.


The elder continued.


“The room she is staying in was remodeled as if it was being prepared, and some of the servants were talking…”


When the elder saw Arnold's dreadful face, he could not hold back his words and bit his mouth like a clam.


There was tension in the room.


After a while, Lexion suddenly opened his eyes wide, and he smiled low.




Fortunately, there were no signs of discomfort.


The important thing was that the duke did not deny it.


At that, the elders held their breath.


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