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As Daisy slipped back, Lexion squatted down next to me and asked.


“Titi, did you sleep well”


“Yes, what about Zion”




With those words, he smiled softly.


It looked so naive that I avoided his gaze.


I was a little concerned about how close we were.


“Isn’t it cold”


"It's okay.

I have been used to the cold for a long time.”


“That, though…”


"If you're really worried...”


Lexion smiled innocently as he leaned close to me with those words.




“Then I’ll just have to stick with Titi.”




My mouth was dry as I kept laughing all morning.


I was already conscious of it, but it would be difficult if he kept doing this.


While I was mesmerized by Lexion's sudden action, Max rolled over the snow and started digging the ground.


Thanks to that, Lexion and I were baptized in the snow.


“Oh, now it’s cold!”




Daisy stopped Max in surprise.




I looked at Max blankly and burst out laughing.


It was snowing out of nowhere in the morning.


Such an experience would be difficult to obtain without Bael.


I enjoyed all of this even though it was absurd.


While I smiled, Lexion removed the snow from my head.


I also wiped the snow off his head and shoulders.


It felt like I was going back in time because I had dealt with Max's mistakes like this before.


‘Oh, it’s cold!’


'Hah… I'm sorry about this.'


I remembered the man of the past, who gave a fresh apology with a slightly bewildered tone and wiped my eyes.


Lexion said while holding my cheek with his hand.


“Your face is cold.

You better go in.”


“Yes, miss.

You’re going to catch a cold."


Both sides expressed concern.


They’re so overprotective, I don't know where to put myself.


He got up and held out his hand.


I grabbed his hand and raised myself up.


“Zion, I’m going for a walk with Max later, would you like to go with me”


His mouth widened at my question.


He seemed a little surprised.


I didn't even know what kind of courage came out all of a sudden.


It was just something I suggested because he seemed to want to do something with me before.


A proposal that a timid Tiarozety would never have made.


After a while, he smiled brightly.




* * *


As I gradually got used to life in the castle, things that were different from before caught my eye.


The biggest change among them was that the treatment of the servants had changed significantly.


For example,


“Miss Tiarozety, you are so beautiful today!”


It started with praises from out of nowhere-


“Do not drink cold tea."


But it's tea time-


“Is the seat cold Shall I bring you more blankets”


I was already covered with thick blankets.


No matter where I went, there were no servants who didn't care about me.


I was completely blown away.


‘Why is everyone doing this They weren't interested in me in the first place.'


Of course, in the early days of the past, I was treated fairly well, but not as extreme as this.


Here, Tiarozety was a symbol of purity, negligence, timidity, and loneliness.


If I were to pick out the things that Lexion suffered because of me, it was not enough to count my fingers and toes.


So naturally, the hatred of the servants was my share.


I was the only flaw of the perfect duke.


The honor of their owner was the pride of the servants, so they hated me.


‘I was upset by their indifference before…'


When I was treated unduly, I felt like I was put on a cushion of thorns because I was not used to it.


In any case, I was afraid that they would all suddenly turn against me.


However, when their attitude did not change over time, I felt a little relieved.


‘It’s better than being hated though.’


It was around the time when I was walking alone on the promenade with that thought.


"Well, I'm sure.”


"Hmm, is that so"


At the same time, maids with laundry were walking by, chatting.


Without realizing it, I hid behind the bushes.


“I think it’s because you said that…”


The maid murmured as she hung clothes on the clothesline.


I thought blankly.


‘Why did I hide I could have just passed by...'


It wasn't easy to change the habit to hide so instinctively.


It would seem strange to come and go now.


Reluctantly, I decided to wait for the maids to leave, and lowered my head.


Then I saw one of the maids and stiffened a little.


It was a very familiar face.


“Actually, I have been feeling a little weird since that day.”



You saw the duke's face that day too.

I've never seen a face so white in my life."


“Did something happen”


I held my breath for nothing when I heard the word ‘duke’.


Apparently, the previous conversation was about Lexion.


It was natural for the story of their boss to come up as gossip while working.


'If I get caught hiding here for no reason, it’ll get weird.’


I leaned down even more.


The maids continued to chime.


“I don’t know, because he went straight to the capital with the knights.”


“I was surprised that he went in such a hurry and brought a woman with him.

Besides, it's Esol.

What the hell was he thinking”


“Daisy said that the Duke seems to have fallen in love with her.”


I took a breath in surprise at the sudden change of topic.


Then, the conversation between the maids was cut off.


“Did you just hear something”


“I think I heard it from over there…”


The maid murmured and came towards where I am.


I became impatient and immediately let out a cat cry.




“It seems like a wild cat.”


“I was surprised.”


The maids sighed and then exhaled, clearing their doubts.


Then one of the maids grumbled.


“Even though her face was smooth, she didn’t look that special.”


“It’s Esol.

She also survived alone.”


“Yeah, it’s a minority race.

It is clear that Daisy is spreading rumors that she likes the person she serves.”


"But, everyone listens to Daisy and tries to look good to the duke.”


“…Honestly, am I not better”


The other person burst into laughter when the maid asked the question as she suddenly took a confident pose.


“Puha! Have you still not given up on that dream Where would you like to see the Duke with a maid”


“I’m interested in women who are not even imperial citizens.” (translator note: she’s mocking the duke and Titi.)


“Lizzy, if you talk like that, you’re going to get into big trouble later.”


Since then, they have been talking about each other's looks.


I stared at the woman named Lizzie.


Lizzy was a child who didn't like me even in my previous life.


‘You secretly had a crush on Lexion.

That's why it was so extreme.’


I laughed at the fact that I found out late.


Then it was a little understandable why she reacted so sharply.


Of course, it doesn't mean that I will forgive her for bothering me, but I didn't hate that child because of her terrible set value.


I slowly escaped from the bushes only after the two of them hung out their laundry.


I thought, tapping my numb legs.


'Something must have really happened before coming to the South.’


I thought I was the only one who thought Lexion had become strange.


So, I thought that the setting value of Lexion in this episode was set separately.


But the maid also thought that Lexion had changed.


Concerns deepened over unexpected situations.


The book continued to argue that he was unlikely to return like me.


But the more I talked to him, the more I felt that he seemed to remember what I used to do.


'I need to check if it's true.’


There was no reason for the book to interfere with me until the next event appeared anyway.


In the meantime, I can find out about Lexion.


‘First of all, the maids said he had changed since 'That Day', so I should dig into that day.’


I rushed to Daisy.


* * *

"I don't know.

I don't….”


Daisy was reluctant and glossed it over.


She seemed embarrassed when I suddenly came and asked what happened before Lexion left for the capital.


I've been questioning again and again.


"Think about it.

Did you observe anything unusual The maids said, ‘something was off that day’.”


"Who's the maid"


Daisy opened her eyes wide and asked back.


I didn't answer with my mouth closed.


I was careful that I wouldn’t talk about Lizzy for no reason.


Fortunately, Daisy began to comment on the day.


"Maybe it's the day before he went down to the capital."




When I asked persistently, Daisy frowned and recalled her memory.


"It was a snowy day.

It was definitely fine until the morning, but after the Duke left for the mountain to check the security, it snowed all of a sudden."





So that day, the Duke couldn't come back to the castle and took a day off at the villa."


"I heard that the duke's expression was really bad when he came back to the castle that day…”


Daisy made a fuss as I rushed to ask about the villa.


"Oh, where did you hear it"


"I heard it by chance.

I'm not used to the faces of the maid yet, so I don't know who they are…”


I slipped away from the gaze.


Daisy sighed and nodded.


"That was right.

I've never seen the duke so impatient."


"The duke looked impatient”


I was even more embarrassed because Lexion rarely changed his expressions.


Daisy nodded and replied back.



He hurriedly gathered people, saying that he should go to the capital."

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