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It was a strange feeling.


Every time thoughts were absorbed, I frowned.


Eventually, it began to float in the body as if it had originally belonged to me.


The process of accepting malice into my body and purifying it was more painful than I thought.


It was a different kind of creepy feeling than when it was used directly on the evil dragon.




As I groaned because I couldn't stand it, Lexion grabbed my wrist and pulled me back.


I struggled and persevered and moved on.


I thought I should do a little more.


“Titi, stop it!”


"A little bit more…”


Aiden, who returned just in time, entered the hall with the knights.


He hurriedly threw the bag in his hand at Lexion.


After Lexion snatched the bag, he dragged me back again and begged.


“Stop it, Titi.

Please, please.”




I reluctantly fell backwards into Lexion's arms.


It was because Aiden had brought the purification stones, so I didn't have to do it any more.


‘I feel like insects are crawling all over my body.’


My stomach turned.


Lexion brought the purification stone to John as it was.




John's screams seemed to fade away, and he passed out.


Lexion asked, touching my cheek.


“Titi, are you okay”


"Yes… I'm fine…”


I barely caught my breath and responded, Lexion held me in a flash.




“It’s okay.

Your face has turned white.”


Lexion responded with a hard face and tried to take me somewhere.


He instructed the knights.


“Aiden will do the rest.

Chris, prepare to leave right now.”




Aiden and Chris answered loudly.


Before long, the side that was handling the situation and the side preparing to leave were divided and started to move in unison.


Lexion squeezed between them and headed somewhere.


Lexion returned to the dormitory and sat me on the bed.


I wondered if the book would follow me obsessively, but whether the purification was successful or not, it stopped being activated and disappeared back to its original place.


The disappearance of the book meant the event was over.


The inside of the dormitory was filled with silence.


Then, a doctor came.


“I’ll take a look.”


The doctor tapped my pulse.


I was still a little nauseous, but the pain had subsided.


After a while.


“There is nothing wrong.

On the contrary, she is better than before, and it seems that she is feeling better, but I don't know why.

It's my first time seeing something like this...”


"Is it..."


Lexion, who had only hardened at that moment, muttered with a relieved face.


He looked very worried because his face was pale.


The doctor glanced at his hand and said.


“It would be better to treat the wound on that hand.

I’m afraid it will get worse.”


“That’s right.

The Duke's wounds seem more severe than mine."


Lexion reluctantly held out his hand to be treated.


A piece of glass stuck in his hand was removed, disinfected, and bandaged.


Fortunately, the wound was not as deep.


When the doctor returned, Lexion knelt quietly near my lap.


His expression was very dark.


His eyes looked like they had intense emotions, as if something was terribly unbearable.


He muttered as if sighing.


“What should I do with you”


“Thank you for believing in me, Zion.

Thanks to you, I was able to clean up that mess.”


"I don't know what to do when you're reckless, Titi."


“Are you worried even if the doctor said nothing was wrong”




I think I'm going crazy because I'm worried about you."


Lexion put my hand to his face and let out a painful breath.


I flinched as his skin touched my hand and tried to take my hand away.


But he grabbed my hand even tighter.


Then I mumbled in a small voice.


“…I'm not as weak as you think."


I can't be weak, because Lexion discovered me before.


Although I was born weak, I was not as sickly as I was in my previous life.


At my words, Lexion stared at me quietly.


Our eyes met, but it felt like I was being eaten.


I lost my gaze to him and couldn't look elsewhere.


The more the silence continued, the more shy I became.


After a while, he quietly stepped back and said:


“Rest for now.

I'll come to wake you up as soon as you're ready."


There seemed to be many hidden words in it.


Like a person who can't reveal all of his inner feelings.


Lexion laid me down, pulled the blanket up to my neck, and turned around.


I stared blankly at him as he walked away and closed my eyes.


I strangely fell asleep.


* * *


I had a dream.


It was inside a damp and dark cave.


In the pitch-black darkness where nothing could be seen, only golden eyes flashed.


I could tell what it was just by looking at the silhouette.


It was a dragon.


My body stiffened from the pressure, but without any fear, I approached the evil dragon and laid my hand on it.


Is it because it's a dream


The evil dragon only stared at me and didn't intend to harm me.


Only the growling of breathing echoed through the cave.


The evil dragon looked very tired.


Was my power so lethal to the evil dragon


The figure of the evil dragon with no energy stood in my eyes.


Was it because it was the shabby side of the dragon, who always seemed cruel


But we are destined to kill each other.


As long as I'm the main character, if I don't kill the evil dragon, the evil dragon will kill me.


In order to survive, I had to kill him.


Nevertheless, in my dream, I hesitated in front of the evil dragon.


I don't know what made me hesitate.


I just vaguely thought that it couldn't be.


After a while, the evil dragon blinked as if it knew what I was going to do now.


He was staring at me like I was going to do it.




While hesitating, unable to put those words into my mouth—




My dream was shattered by the sound of someone calling me.


The evil dragon was speechless.


His staring eyes looked very lonely.


I woke up from the dream with feelings I couldn't describe.



Chapter 7: A place I miss, a place that has changed


“Lady, wake up.

Finally, I can see Bael.”


Daisy said excitedly.


I couldn't open my eyes from the aftermath of the dream, and my eyelashes trembled.


It has been several days since I left Hakun.


After that, I had dreams where the evil dragon constantly appeared.


A dream I always wake up from the same scene.


After feeling the evil dragon's feelings, I finally had the urge to kill him, and by the time I tried to kill him, the dream was over.


I didn't even exchange a word with the evil dragon in my dream.


Somehow, I seemed to naturally know how he felt.


As if I had become an evil dragon.




Feeling of betrayal.



Other than that, many emotions flowed into me, making me sad and painful.


It was a bizarre feeling, as if looking into the evil dragon's head, and as the dream continued, the distinction between whether I was the evil dragon or not became vague.


Maybe that's why, even in my dreams, I couldn't kill the evil dragon.


Then Daisy asked in surprise.


“Oh my, lady.

Why are you crying”


“Oh, I had a nightmare.”




Daisy approached worriedly and handed me a handkerchief.


I gently pressed the corners of my eyes with it.


The handkerchief got slightly wet.


It seemed that I suffered from the side effects in the process of purifying the malice.


'How can emotional synchronization with the evil dragon happen like this'


I got goosebumps because I thought I felt close to the evil dragon.


Since it was something I didn't expect, I couldn't speak to Lexion because I thought that if he found out, he would be even more worried than he is now.


So, I just mumbled, 'I had a nightmare'.


Still, seeing the length of my dreams getting shorter and shorter, I wanted my body to gradually regain stability.


Daisy then said,


“It must be because the bed is uncomfortable that you keep having nightmares.”




“Ah, Miss Tiarozety has always lived in the South, so it’s your first time in the North, isn’t it”


At Daisy's words, I stared out the window.


Bael was getting closer and closer.


It felt like my cozy home for a long time, so my heart warmed.



First time.”


Let's get used to lying-


“Then it might be a little cold for Tiarozety.

Be careful because you will catch a cold if you laugh at the northern wind.”


Daisy said playfully.


"I don't know how many times you've said that already, Daisy."


Daisy laughed along as I stifled a bashful laugh.


On that day, more than half of the people in Hakun were tainted with thoughts as the aftermath had gone to the brink of fixation.


Thanks to the lord, Lexion and I were able to go straight to the port and get on the ship.


Aiden and some of the knights decided to stay in Hakun and finish the cleanup work.


Actually, I wanted to finish it and leave together, but Lexion said it was not necessary while cutting me off and refused.


I got on the boat and poured out all my feelings of disappointment during the voyage that followed the vast sea.


I didn't even ask what happened to John.


John, who had fainted, looked like a candle in the wind.


The thought of killing John in the end, against the will of the book, kept me depressed the whole time.


Had I been more careful, I would have noticed that thoughts change hosts.


When I thought of this, I felt guilty, and I deliberately did not open the book.


It was because I didn't want to see the behind-the-scenes that was written there.


After all, when the time comes, it will appear again as it pleases, so it's like that.


The desire to live my life without going by a book also settled in my heart.


I continued to glance out the window as I was served by Daisy.


Northern Bael was closer than before.


A beautiful estate with the sea on one side.


Although it was far from the capital, it was a bustling area as much as the capital.


At that moment, the ship blew a whistle.


It was the sound of the arrival.


Daisy said in an excited tone.


“I think we have arrived.”


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