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Chapter 4

Lexion stared at me quietly due to my question.

At first glance, his eyes seemed to shake lightly.

He muttered a little when he made an unknown expression.

“Sorry Im late.”

Why is he suddenly apologizing to me

I didnt ask him because I wanted to hear an apology.

Esols tragedy is not his fault.

It was supposed to happen.

I shook my head quietly and dropped my eyes.

If he came back to the beginning of the novel, he wouldnt remember me.

Somehow I felt sad at the thought that he didnt know me.


Then, someone approached and talked to Lexion.

Naturally, his gaze turned towards that person.

It was a happy face.

The butler, Theo.

He was dead by the time he reached the end.

I missed him, but I didnt expect to see him again.

Theo said.

“I heard there was only one survivor.”


Lexion replied bitterly.

After a while, Theo moved his eyes to me while I was trembling.

I still shake because of how I saw so many dead bodies.

Theo looked at me with a sad look.

“It was probably a big blow on her from the attack.”

“……I suppose so.”

Lexion gently stroked my hair while saying that.

Does he know that his touch makes me feel reassured

Theo stared at Lexions behavior with a surprised look.

I was also embarrassed and hid for a while, but somehow I was saddened by his touch and dug into his arms.

Theo asked.

“Shall we move to an empty barrack”

“Theres no need for that.

Im going to my barracks.”


Theo asked back in astonishment.

I understood his reaction, even if it was just a faint sound.

However, Lexion only stared coldly at him without even thinking about answering.

“Yes, sir.”

Theo flinched at his coldness and left.

My head was spinning at the development that changed from the original.

Originally, Tiarozety, who managed to escape from the evil dragons eyes, had to be buried in a pile of dead bodies for three days – fearing that the evil dragon would return.

She is later discovered by a merchant and was used in different jobs.

She was betrayed and used by people, and eventually sold as a slave.

Norat died of a miserable life before I had met Lexion in the marketplace.

But why is he here

Why the hell

I looked at Lexion with a face that I couldnt understand.

The area where the disaster occurred was in the Southern part of the Northern part of Lexions territory.

Unlike the cold Northern part of the country, it is famous for its scorching heat.

Even less than a day after being exterminated by the evil dragon, it is so hot that the rotten scent from the dead bodies smell fishy and sticky.

It made no sense that he could have come less than a day after the disaster occurred in such a place.

It was impossible if he didnt know it beforehand.

Lexion, who came into the barracks, carefully put me on the bed.

Then he went in front of me and sat on one knee.

I could see myself in his dark eyes.

I am just unfamiliar with the way he looked up at me.

His hand paused as he tried to touch my face for a moment.

His face suddenly scrunched as he looked at her in wonder.

He opened his mouth and uttered.

“…… are you hurt”

Lexions voice sounded somewhat desperate.

His dry and cool voice made my heart ache for no reason.

I sat absent-mindedly without understanding what he said.

His eyes were on my forehead.

He put his hand on my forehead.

“Youre bleeding.”

Only then did I realize why he was surprised and taken aback.

Then, he put my forehead on his sleeve.

The sleeves turned red with blood.

However, there was no pain even when he was rubbing my forehead.

It wasnt my blood.

This was due to me tossing and turning.

It was someone elses blood that fell on the back of my head.

“Its not my blood…”

“Thats good then.”

His voice was weak.

It was a tone that seemed to relieve the tension after the incident.

Youre not feeling well, are you

He is unfamiliar to me, but he responds sensitively to my small wounds.

His restless appearance is also unfamiliar.

Is he supposed to be this emotional

Then, Lexion got up from his seat and brought a wet towel.

I naturally dissuaded my hand from putting it to my forehead.

“Its okay, Ill do it.”

Lexion flatly refused and wiped the blood on my forehead with a careful touch.

Is there a scar that he didnt know I was comforted during the search too.

It is because he still seemed to care for me as much as he did before, even if he couldnt remember me.

He rinsed the towel in the water.

The clear water quickly turned red.

He repeatedly rinsed and wiped my forehead.

I glanced at him while he was doing that.

Then I thought of my situation and asked him carefully.

It was to figure out what was going on.

“Whats the date today”

“Aden, June 7, 408.

June 7 is the day of the Esol tragedy.

Lexion, Gregory, and Theo are also here, so its clear that theyre the antagonists of evil! My stomach rolled for some reason.

For some reason, it seems that I have returned to the novel.

In the past events of Tiarozety, which had not even appeared in previous novels, I met him a month earlier, unlike the original work I knew.

I belatedly checked that there was no book in my hand and asked Lexion.

“Did you happen to see the book where I was”


A book”

Lexion asked with low questioning.

I replied with a strong nod.

“Yes! Its the Holy Scripture of Judite! Its black.”

When the guide is inactive, it is a book that looks like a normal Bible.

The active book is not visible to the characters at all.

I explained the appearance of the book in detail, and he answered in a stiff tone.

“……I didnt see it.

Ill tell my men to look for it.”

Wringing the wet towel with his hands, he wiped my forehead again.

But my attention is concentrated on the book.

I cant believe I didnt have the book.

It cant be.

It was a book that followed me without fail after I transmigrated into this novel.

In his previous life, Tiarozety had possessed a book when she met Lexion, and she met the guide on that very day.

Since then, the book has never left my side.

The book had unfolded when there was a scene in the novel.

I once tried to throw away the book because it progressed the story, and felt horrible.

‘Cause I didnt want to play with the book anymore.

I didnt want to watch Lexion and Seirin date in front of my eyes.

To be honest, I wanted to take Lexion away from Seirin.

So I threw away the book.

But the book that I threw away came back to me without even realizing it.

No matter how many times I threw it away, burned it, and tore it up, the book reappeared in its normal form.

So, I found out.

I cant change the original with my own will.

The book tried to proceed with the next story steadily and forced me to play my role at the same time.

When I refuse to play the role, I am given a penalty to suppress me.

And after the first time I threw away the book, my penalty went in a different direction.

Every time I disobeyed the novel, a love scene had added to the novel.

And made me hide and watch the sweet scenes of Lexion and Seirin.

Its like an unspoken provocation that Im going to disorganize the world equilibrium.

The scene addition of the novel is made within the set value.

Watching the relationship between the two deepen my position is suitable, so there is no problem with the development.

In the end, I couldnt overcome the tyranny of the original.

And admitted.

I cant get out of the original, no matter what.

Because of that, I am very anxious about the current situation without the book.

“Please find it.

Its an important item.”

Holding his hand, I said again with strength.

He stared at me like that and answered with a deep sigh.

“Dont worry, Ill find it for you – and you can relax now.

Im going to protect you.”

“Thank you.”

“You must have been very surprised.

Take a nap and talk to me later…”

It was even before Lexion finished talking.

Suddenly, a sudden rise of blood surged inside me.

Red blood dripped through the gap in his hand that covered my mouth and soaked my clothes.

The scent of a fishy smell is sticky on my neck.

My head is spinning at the same time.

He was leaning gradually beyond my sight.

No, it was me who was leaning.


Lexion grabbed me in a hurry and shouted.

Beep –

I heard Lexions voice calling me in a loud voice.

However, his voice was buried because of the tinnitus, which was gradually growing.

I saw him with blurry eyes.

Perhaps my eyes were shaking without a stop.

I heard him call my name clearly.

I definitely dont remember telling him my name.

Why does he know my name

Why is he making that kind of face

Everything was confusing.

Is this also an illusion that I made when I was confused

Did I make delusions out of hearing what he didnt say, in the hope that he would worry about me

I managed to raise my hand and hold his shoulder.

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His shoulders trembled shallowly.

No, it was my hands that were shaking.

“What are you…”

My consciousness stopped as if the electricity was cut off.

I couldnt say anything at the back of my mouth properly and just lost my consciousness.


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