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Chapter 30

We were about to arrive at the Sparrow Castle.

I belatedly noticed that Lexion’s steps were a little strange.

“Zion, are you hurt”

“Ah… I must have landed wrong earlier.

It’s nothing.”

Lexion smiled softly and walked straight.

He seemed

concerned that I might use my power again.

What about it It only made me more and more worried.


“Are you here I was worried.”

As I was about to speak, Theo met me and Lexion.

I swallowed my words and said to Theo.

“We’re back.”

“I’m glad you came safely, Miss Tiarozetti.”

He seemed to have heard the news about the dragon that had appeared on the streets.

He looked relieved that we had arrived safely.

Lexion followed me to my room and asked cautiously.

“Titi, did you have that power from the beginning”

His voice was a little dry.

He seemed tired from the confrontation with the evil dragon.

I stared blankly at him.

There was only one person in this world who knew of the existence of this secret.

A power that had never been revealed was activated as a buff for the main character.

But now Gregory and Lexion knew about it.

I trust them, so I didn’t need to hide it, but that didn’t mean I could tell him all the facts.

I said, omitting the content related to the book.

“It is a secret passed down among the Isol kind.

It’s a power that takes away the life force of the opponent.”

“It takes away the opponent’s vitality…”

Lexion muttered with deepened eyes and I nodded lightly.

“I don’t usually use it.

I was in a bit of a hurry that’s why I used it today.”

“I didn’t know Isol had such power.”

“Because there are not many Isols that actually use this.

It was so urgent that I used it without even knowing it.”

“It would be better to hide that power.

If the Imperial Family finds out about it, they might really do something.”

“I think the same.”

The healing power was unusual, but it was a power that could be replaced with magic.

However, the power to take away life was a different story.

If the Imperial Family found out about this, it would have been obvious that they would try to have me at all costs.

“Do not worry.

I’ll be careful.”


Lexion looked at me with a faint smile.

When I looked at him, he patted his lips and hesitated.

There seemed to be something else to say.

I asked, tilting my head.

“Do you have more to say”


He let out a low sigh.

After a while, he spoke in a small voice.

“The fireworks… In the end, we didn’t see it.”


Then I remembered that the reason we went out was to see the fireworks.

‘Since the evil dragon has appeared, they probably won’t be doing fireworks.’

The night market had become a mess, there was no way to proceed with the fireworks display.

So even if we go back, we won’t be able to see it.

I answered with a bright face.

“It’s okay, we’ll see it next time.”

“I’m just sorry.”

He muttered, biting his lower lip.

Somehow, he seemed even more sad with my answer.

‘You look very sad…’

I glanced at his expression and rolled my eyes.

Lexion avoided my gaze as if he was embarrassed to speak frankly.

It was so cute that it made me laugh without realizing it.

In the end, I couldn’t hold back my laughter, so I laughed and said “I’m sorry.”

At this, Lexion asked with a slightly grumpy face.

“Why are you laughing”

“It just… it’s cute.”

“Who, me”

Lexion pointed at himself with his surprised eyes.

Seriously, it might have been a bit rude to say that someone so big was cute.

More than cute, Lexion belongs to the cool side.

However, regardless of all that, anyone would feel that it was cute seeing him pouting because he couldn’t see the fireworks display in such a large size.

I said with a bashful smile.

“Then, do you think I said the door behind me is cute”

He coughed as I knocked on the door.

He was visibly flustered.

He mumbled low trying to recover his composure.

“It’s too much of a joke.”

“It’s not a joke.”

I enjoyed facing him like this and having a small scuffle.

I kept him safe.

He was worth the penalties.

I felt that alone was a great prize.


I stubbornly repeated and laughed bashfully.

Lexion smiled as if he was shy.

It was a bit dull for a conversation between those who had their lives on the edge a while ago, but it didn’t matter.

As if nothing like that had ever happened, Lexion and I smiled and looked at each other and smiled in silence.


* * *


Lexion’s face, returning to the bedroom, was cold as if he had never smiled.

He pulled out a book from under the bed.

Similar warnings abounded in a book whose cover had faded to white.

Lexion stared at the book indifferently.

[Penalty is given for deviating from the route.]

[Excessive penalties lead to irreversible consequences.

Caution is required.]

The book was full of warnings about penalties.

Then, the guide said to Lexion.

―Traveler, how can I help you

A shady and murky voice.

Unlike other guides, it was an unpleasant voice that seemed to scratch his ears.

Lexion commanded with a dry tone.

“Tell me about Isol.”

―Let’s move on to the settings book.

The page flipped and the guide pointed out the information about Isol.

For some reason, even the area that had previously been restricted was open.

Lexion’s expression subtly changed when he saw the hidden power of Isol appear in the setting book.

He raised one eyebrow and asked.

“I have told you to tell me right away if the contents changed.”

―Unsynchronized information is slow to update.

“Isn’t it enough if I touch Titi’s book”

―That’s right.

As I said before, synchronization requires book-to-book contact.

Otherwise, synchronization is possible based on the traveler’s memory.

“You mean that in the end, you need to connect with the book to find out about her reward conditions.”

―Yes, that’s right.

Currently, Tiarozetti Isol is on the second trip of her life.

Her ending condition will change depending on her new setting.

“What a useless book.”

As Lexion mumbled low, the guide said mechanically.

―The remarks you just made are remarks that may offend others.

Lexion only burst into laughter at the guide’s plea.

He remembered finding her book.

Obviously, he had her book, but at some point, a new book approached her.

This world seemed to be thinking of sending her back.

‘I won’t ever let her go.’

Lexion’s eyes were intensely cold.

As he looked at her behavior, she didn’t seem to think that he had returned with her yet.

After all, his existence itself was an error, so it would have been difficult for the guide to understand the information.

At first, he also wondered if Tiarozetti was the woman he knew.

Because she kept acting like someone he was seeing for the first time.

But when he found the book, he was convinced.

That he had been following her properly.

Her having a book meant that she was a traveler like him.

“Can I sync the guide without her knowing”

―That’s right.

However, the guide will not answer unless the traveler asks.

“Then I’ll have to secretly sync.”

Lexion’s eyes turned cold.

His dark pupils sank deeply in the darkness.

After a while, he quietly closed the book.


* * *


The news that there was a survivor of the Isol massacre spread in the capital like gunfire.

It was because people who witnessed the attack of the evil dragon excitedly talked about it.

The Isol’s blue eyes may be faked, but the shiny silver hair couldn’t be imitated even with dye.

Fortunately, no one noticed that I used my secret skill because Lexion helped me afterward.

It would have been even more chaotic if it was known.

Looking back, if it wasn’t for Lexion, it would have been a big problem.

‘Still, I’m glad that my rumors have faded a bit because of the evil dragon’s attack’

The people of the Empire were shocked that the capital’s shield had been smashed by the evil dragon.

It was a natural reaction because the capital’s shield, which everyone thought was impregnable, was destroyed.

Now that I have confirmed that the capital wasn’t safe, I couldn’t help but be anxious.

I saw a book that made a significant contribution to uncovering my identity.

The book was a detailed record of the events of the day but it arbitrarily fitted parts distorted in the preview.

I looked at the contents of the book, which was written in clear print.

The writing and packaging of the book turned my actions into feelings for Gregory.

‘It’s ridiculous…’

I did it for Lexion, not Gregory.

“‘Tiarozetti risked everything and used her secret ability to save Gregory”

I laughed as I read a passage from the novel.

I didn’t hide my uncomfortable feelings and deliberately exaggerated the end of my words.

The guide responded without notice.

―It’s really cool.

You are the main character whose body moves out before even recognizing your feelings of love.

It wasn’t pleasant to see the guide praising the book with the sensibility of a fangirl every time.

I don’t know who kept messing with me trying to make me turn to Gregory.

I asked, feeling the heart in my words.

“Isn’t the distortion too much this time”

I tried to discourage the guide, but it didn’t seem to be bothered by my words.

The guide made excuses as if it was obvious.

―Original novels only show the parts they want to show.

It is a kind of ‘beauty of omission’.

“What omission It’s almost an adaptation!”

―Anyway, as long as it’s fun.

A book must be interesting to sell well.


When I spat at its words, the guide remained silent.

It was a very familiar attitude.

‘If you are at a disadvantage, you exercise your right to remain silent, huh’

I’ve already defined it as a swindler, so he seems to have given up on responding.

The content of the novel was very different from reality.

The motive of my actions and even my inner thoughts were all manipulated.

It didn’t seem to matter what the actual person in the story was thinking.

I was a little troubled by that.

‘Is there any possibility that the content of the novel I read before was also distorted’

In the past, I thought that the text in the book was unconditionally true.

The book didn’t portray what I thought since I was a supporting character, so I never paid attention and I couldn’t notice the gap.

But now I was the protagonist.

As my actions and feelings were described differently, doubts filled my mind.


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