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Chapter 3

“This is really goodbye.”

At that moment, blue light shined around Lexion and I.

Then, my view went dark.

Lexion was screaming something at me when I fell, but I couldnt hear anything.

After a while, my hand fell to the floor losing all the strength I had.

[Mission completed.

Please go to the Reward section.]

I heard a cheerful alarm sound in the book.

Im sure Ive been waiting for this reward, Ive been aiming for this…… but somehow I didnt feel happy.

Finally, rather than the joy of going back to the original world, I felt sad that I could never see Lexion again.

‘Its okay.

This will pass, too.

I comforted myself and entrusted myself to the power of the book.

And I closed my eyes comfortably.

I felt strange that my body was floating.

It was a strange feeling, but it wasnt too bad.

And so I went back to my original world.

No, thats what I thought.


Beep beep beep-

[Theres a problem with the ending.

You are returning to the beginning.]

The book in front of the confused Tiarozety continued to voice out the warnings.

The black atmosphere gradually dimmed and turned into white.

After a while, the alarm went off and the guide said.

[……The setting has changed…There is no main character in this story.

Reset is required.]

Chapter 2.

Im back to the beginning.

When I opened my eyes, it was all dark.

I was in a state where I am lying on my stomach, weighed down by something above and below my body.

I was struggling under strong pressure, it was hard to breathe for me.


Then, I felt nauseous due to the space that was vibrating around me.

I was distracted by the terrible smell Ive never smelled before.

I remember going to the compensation page, but I couldnt think of anything after that.

I thought I had heard a strange warning, but I didnt know what it said when I fainted in the middle.

I twisted my body in the dark.

Then, a thick liquid began to drip over my head.

A liquid fell on the back of my head and slowly flowed down to my forehead.

a liquid that is too sticky to be called water

At that moment, the fishy scent stimulated my nose.

It was blood.

I twisted my body even more instinctively because I thought I had to get out of here.

A bloody scent, something must have gone wrong.

But my efforts were in vain.

The only thing I could move freely was my head.

The moment I pulled my arms out of an object that barely pressed me, made me whimper in pain.

I heard the sound of the door opening.

I raised my head reflexively when I heard a sound.

After a while, light poured into my view and the door made a squeaking noise.

I frowned at the sight of the sunlight that had suddenly brightened up this place.

As I got used to the light, I looked at someone.

Draped black hair

Dark eyes that are like an endless abyss, like a mire.

Those eyes were looking at me exactly.

I froze as soon as I saw him.

‘Why are you-

I was so surprised that I barely opened my lips, but my voice didnt come out, so I just coughed.

Its Lexion.

Lexion is in front of me.

I was fascinated by his sudden appearance.

It was nice to meet him, whom I thought I would never see again, but I didnt know what situation I was in right now.

In silence, Lexion couldnt take his eyes off me.

I was also still while my eyes were fixated on him.

“….I found you.”

At that time, Lexion mumbled and smiled brightly.

I couldnt hear exactly what he said because I was deaf.

However, I could clearly see his expression.

Isnt that the look of someone who found an oasis in the desert

His eyes were filled with joy.

At that time, the man who came in with Lexion belatedly found me and shouted.

“We found a survivor!”

When he yelled, my eyes naturally turned to the man next to Lexion.

He looked as familiar as Lexion.

Gregory Arden Wexler.

He is Lexions close friend, and one of the heroines two brothers.

The knights who heard Gregorys command ran in unison.

When they entered where I was, they covered their noses and screamed.


Some pecked at the wall.

Gregory once again yelled at the hesitating knights.

“Dont just stand there.

Do something!”

The knights tried to get me out, by Gregorys command.

I managed to get out of the unknown pile with their help.

It wasnt long before I looked back to see what was weighing on me.

But it would have been better not to look.

I couldnt control the disgust that came up like a lump in my stomach.


It was a pile of dead bodies.

All of the stuff that weighed on me and the fluffy stuff that is on my belly were dead bodies.

When I felt nauseated, Lexion approached me and patted me on the back.

The scent plays a strong role, but he didnt even frown.

The bodies were all silver and inside a small space.

The silver hair attached on the bodies sparkled in the sunlight through the door.

Her blue eyes that have not detected the situation were still clear.

The ringing in my head wouldnt stop.

“Its all right.”

Lexion took off his jacket and whispered to me.

My teeth trembled at the thought that I was in a pile of dead bodies.

It gave me goosebumps to remember that I worked hard to get my arms out of it.

It tickled as if I had poured bugs all over my body, and a nauseating feeling continued to rise.

Gregory, who was next to him, mumbled, covering his nose.

“As expected, the South is the South.

Seeing rotting bodies in less than a day.

Were too late.

Theres only one survivor.

The evil dragon is really evil.”


When everyone calmed down, Lexion jumped up without saying anything.

At the same time, my body popped up.


I looked at Lexion with a surprised face.

It was because he held me up without hesitation.

I wanted to talk to him, but his face was stiff.

His wrinkled forehead looked very angry, so I couldnt say anything and shut my mouth.

As soon as I got hugged by him, I saw my appearance.

I looked terrible.

I look really dirty because I was recovered from a pile of dead bodies, and my clothes were covered with blood.

In addition, after throwing up, my mouth tasted sour.

I naturally covered my mouth with my hands.

Even in this situation, it is ridiculous to care about how I looked in front of him.

Fortunately, he didnt seem to care about my appearance.

He doesnt even feel unpleasant, even though I smell like a grossthing to anyone.

Gregory looked at his leader with astonishment.

The same as the knights around him.

The reporters, surprised by Lexions unexpected behavior, said with a perplexed look.

“Your Excellency”

“Come on, please.

Ill take her.”


Ill take this woman.”

Lexion answered calmly, hugging me again, that is covered with dust and blood.

An untimely sweet scent came from the place where the unusual smell was spilling from.

It was a scent from him.

I could tell right away because I used my strength and hugged him whenever I fainted.

When I was hugged by him, I was afraid that I would be caught with my heart beating so loudly.

For a moment, I faced the reality.

The presence of Lexion meant that I couldnt return to my world.

I was curious about the situation where I couldnt go back even though I did what the book told me to do.

In addition, this scene is not included in what I have previously read in “The Opponent of Evil Dragon.”

The first time Lexion and Tiarozety met is not here, but at the slave market.

Unconsciously, my eyes looked around where I was.

As if they had gathered people and massacred them, the number of dead people were rising all over the place.

When I first came into the book, I was in a slave market.

Then this must be the past before the incident.

Suddenly I felt sad, and tears filled my eyes.

At that moment, a big hand covered my eyes.

“Dont look.”


My body trembled with his warm hands on my eyes.

Lexions voice was so calm that it felt stable.

He is still sweet, so I leaned my head against his chest without realizing it.

Warm tears flowed through his fingers.

The tears that filled my eyes earlier finally fell down.

My trembling eyelashes touched his hand and my tears repeatedly fell down.

Looking at the pile of dead bodies again, its clear.

This is the Esol disaster caused by the evil dragon.

The time when I was traumatized as Tiarozety.

This was the scene.

If youve listened to what Gregory said earlier, it must be less than a day after the disaster.

Somehow, I was back to the beginning.

Its a scene from the past that Ive never experienced before.

It was different from the original I knew.

Lexion and Tiarozety shouldnt have met here.

It was too early to meet.

Tiarozety, who had met Lexion for the first time in the novel, had to be a physically impoverished person who was being used by people.

I had to be taken away by Lexion who treats me warmly.

I did, but.

‘It doesnt make sense.

I pressed my hand as hard as I could while I was holding it.

I think Im back at the beginning of the novel.

Lexion didnt take away his hand until we arrived at the barracks.

He carefully walked, and as gentle as he could be.

He cherished me as if I was a precious treasure.

No, maybe I just felt that way for myself.

Because hes special to me.

Everything was confusing.

I had definitely finished my part by dying on behalf of Lexion, who was fatally wounded by the evil dragon.

But why

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Why did I come back

My expression brightened up again when his hand fell.

My eyes naturally turned to him.

I carefully grabbed Lexions collar and asked while I stuttered constantly.

“A-Ah, what h-happened to t-the e-evil d-dragon”


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