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“The Isol kind is not part of the Imperial nation.”

“But they’re part of the Imperial people.

Do you not know how serious the sin of deceiving the Emperor is”

When Kronos sarcastically questioned him, Lexion calmly responded.

“The Empire has laws protecting tribes.

According to Article 20, it is not illegal to hide your identity out of the protection of any kind in case of an emergency.”

“You sound as if the Imperial Family threatened her, Sir Lexion.”

“Your Highness knows better.

You already have a record.”

At Lexion’s cool words, Kronos responded with a smirk.

“That was when I didn’t know who that woman was.”

“Even if that were the case, it is true that His Highness has already threatened an Isol.”

“What do you mean by that”

Seirin, who was listening quietly, asked with a surprised face.

Kronos responded with a look of embarrassment.

He was particularly weak to his younger sister, Seirin.

“You have nothing to worry about.

It was just a simple accident.”

‘A simple accident…’ I clenched my lips at Kronos’ words.

To think it was just an accident put me in a dark prison and tortured me constantly.

The pain was still so vivid that I couldn’t believe his words.

It was a statement that clearly showed how Kronos treated me as less than a human being.

I couldn’t stand it and opened my mouth.

Even though I knew I couldn’t do it, I resisted the feeling of shuddering.

“Does the Empire imprison and torture people by accident”


Seirin stared at me with her mouth agape.

Her expression was strangely twisted.

As if she couldn’t believe it.

Of course, she wouldn’t want to think that the oh-so-noble Royal Family did such a shameful thing.

‘But it’s true.’

I deliberately lowered my eyes and trembled.

There was no reason to say more.

When Seirin’s expression turned pale, Kronos tried to make up some excuses as if being falsely accused.

“It was because she was rude–”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

Seirin turned her back on Kronos.

Then she held my hand and apologized.

Suddenly, her face brightened again.

“I’m sorry that you were hurt.”

“I apologize, I can’t say it’s okay.”

At my reply, Seirin had a blank face.

“Why are you apologizing It was Kronos who did something wrong.”

Gregory glanced at Kronos being rebuked by Seirin.

Even at a glance, she scolds Kronos.

When Kronos was cornered, he pointed at me with an overbearing attitude.

“Let’s clarify this is a different issue.

According to Article 17, it is written that the protection of a kind in danger of extinction is the highest priority of the Imperial Family.

So her well-being is the priority of the Imperial Family.”

He kept treating me like an object.

I protested with an absurd face.

“Why do you think my protection belongs to the Imperial Family”

Regardless of his intention, the provisions that proceeded against my will felt like an evil law.

I didn’t know what the hell of authority they were trying to suppress me with.

“I never want to go to the imperial family.”

As he trembled in disgust, Lexion lightly stroked my shoulder.

However, Kronos was not a person with whom we could talk.

He tried to grab my arm roughly with a face that said it wasn’t even worth refusing.

Gregory and Lexion stopped him at the same time and I looked at them with amazement.

‘It’s like they’re both trying to protect me.’

Was it because Gregory became the male lead I felt a little embarrassed.

At that moment, Gregory said with a relaxed smile.

“I’m sorry, His Highness, I have already transferred that.”


Kronos shouted fiercely.


Seirin was also startled by Gregory’s remark.

To this, Gregory added an explanation with a pleasant expression.

“As a member of the royal family, I have already entrusted her protection to Duke Lexion Sparrow.

Isn’t that right, Duke Sparrow”

“That’s right.

I have already signed and stamped the documents.”

Lexion answered with a calm face.

I didn’t know if the documents were really prepared in advance or if it was just an excuse, but it sure seemed to work for Kronos.

His face was flush with rage.

“Who told you…!”

The moment Kronos opened his mouth as if he wouldn’t let things go, Seirin intervened.

“Stop it, Crown Prince.”

Kronos flinched at her stiff tone.

She continued, roughly realizing the situation.

“If that’s the case, then of course Duke Sparrow should protect her.”

“Seirin! She is the only Isol! We can just get rid of that document!”

“That’s too low of a thing for the Imperial Family, older brother.”

Seirin replied with a stern attitude.

However, Kronos still had a determined expression despite Seirin’s intervention.

Perhaps it was because I was the only Isol remaining, he seemed ready to bite and drool.

After all, the benefits of owning me were huge.

‘Besides, he probably doesn’t want to hand over the only Isol alive to the Sparrow household.

The prestige of the Sparrow Duchy, which is already soaring high in the sky, will be greater than it already is.’

I stared with cold eyes at Kronos’ obvious tricks.

It was an ignorant treatment treating me as a tool.

In the first place, I didn’t like the Imperial Family that claimed my ownership because it was an Empire.

Also, it was frustrating that I couldn’t get out of my situation without the help of others because I didn’t have any strengths.

‘Did you think I’ll be easily defeated’

I declared with a determined face.

“Your Highness, I need no protection.”

“An Isol will receive a lot of threats from others due to its unique healing power, aren’t you irrational”

At my words, Kronos snorted in reply.

But he didn’t know I made my statement on purpose.

‘I guess he hasn’t seen Asta before.

Thank God.’

I got the answer I was looking for and clenched my lips.

If the Imperial Family ever finds out about the ‘Isol’s secret weapon,’ they will be even more desperate to own me.

If that happens, Lexion will also be attacked by the Imperial Family.

The only people who saw me using Asta were Gregory and Lexion, who were nearby.

Fortunately, they were my friends, so I was relieved.

‘Well, Kronos in the building couldn’t have heard or seen anything.’

I wasn’t foolish enough to spit secrets out in moments of anger.

Few of the Isol kind knew about this secret.

The tribe chief, who kept the secret, had already died, so only three of us actually knew about it.

I kept my mouth shut and looked at Kronos.

He, who misunderstood this as me being speechless, scoffed again.

“Do you think your actions were brave That was reckless.”


“If you’re trying to show off by putting a dagger in the foot of the evil dragon by accident, then cut it off.

If it hadn’t been for Duke Sparrow’s help, you would have died.”

“…So, you came late.”

“…What did you say now”

Kronos frowned at my provocation.

I suddenly came to my senses and hid behind Lexion.

In this case, it was best to hide behind him.

Lexion wrapped his arm around me and answered instead.

“To say that an Isol is weak is just prejudice.

She is a woman strong enough to rush to the evil dragon for Prince Gregory, who helped her.”

“Even so, she would have been long gone if you hadn’t helped.”


The prince lived because she bought time.”

Lexion glanced at Gregory, who was being treated like a member of the Imperial parliament.

Surely he would have been killed if I hadn’t rushed in.

‘He’s not going to die because he’s the male lead, but he could have been hurt a lot.’

Gregory nodded his head in affirmation.

“If it wasn’t for the young lady, it would have been me who would’ve been long gone.”

He winked at me amidst the cold atmosphere.

It seemed like he was responding deliberately in a pleasant way.

Perhaps he was deliberately exaggerating in order to bother Kronos, who hated that naughty part of Gregory.

I slowly averted my gaze at his cheesy behavior.

Whatever the intention, it was burdensome.

Gregory giggled at my reaction and then began to scratch Kronos’ nerves.

“But where was His Highness that you just got here”

“Of course I was looking for Seirin!”

“Aaah, is that so”

“What’s with that sarcastic tone”

“My tone is always like this.”

“Stop it now.

Is this the time for that We need to rectify the situation immediately.”

Seirin rebuked her two older brothers.

Even to her, the situation now seemed very frustrating.

Kronos still seemed dissatisfied with the failure to make me belong to the Imperial Family.

He said, gazing at me again.

“We will formally discuss this matter later.”

In an unsuccessful threat, he waved his cloak with his hand.

That cloak portrayed his blackened heart.

‘That cloak, I will tear it apart someday.’

I glared fiercely at him and strengthened his will.

After Kronos left to settle the situation, Seirin bowed to Lexion.

“I am indebted to you, Sir Lexion.”

“It’s fine.”

Lexion bowed his head lightly, and Seirin followed Kronos.

The surroundings were a complete mess.

The wizards dispatched along with Kronos began to repair the collapsed and cracked building.

Meanwhile, Lexion apologized to Gregory for his actions earlier.

“I’m sorry.

I was a little enraged.”

“It’s done.

You must have been surprised too.

By the way, take good care of the Lady.

It seems that Kronos has no intention of giving up.”

“We will return to the North before anything happens”

“That would be better… It’s a shame.

It’s been a long time since we met, but we have to say goodbye again.”

Gregory grinned, showing his disappointment.

“I’ll see you again someday.”

Lexion replied and a smile appeared on his lips at the same time.

It was a somewhat bitter smile.

I quickly thanked Gregory.

“Thank you, Prince.”

“Me too.”

“We’ll be going now.”

“Yeah, goodbye.

Goodbye to you too, Miss.”

Gregory waved his hand at us.

With such a short greeting, Lexion and I moved away.

Eventually, the book stopped being activated and disappeared.


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