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Part Five – Evil Dragon’s Attack


The 12th day of the seventh month, year 408.

The Korte Kingdom delegation arrived at the capital of the Aden Empire.

It was three days later when Lexion came into contact with them.

In the meantime, my body improved a lot and I was even able to do simple exercises.

‘After all, a lot of money is poured into this treatment, it’ll make the recovery quicker.’

I did my best to recover.

I was afraid that Lexion wouldn’t allow me to follow him if my physical condition was bad.

I stretched out and pondered about the current situation.

Every year around this time, the Korte Kingdom comes with a large delegation to pay tribute to the Empire.

It was an annual event where not only the Royal Family, but also merchants, moved in large numbers, so the inside of the capital was fairly busy.

Merchants in the capital were already bent on preoccupying business with them.

This was because they brought high-quality silk, spices, and perfumes.

Of course, that wasn’t all.

As much as they sold things in the Empire, they also bought goods from it.

Most of them were magic tools, since living in the Empire could save taxes.

The magic tools imported from the Korte Kingdom had to be sold because of the double taxation, so there was no profit left.

On the other hand, it was advantageous to live directly in the Empire.

So, there was a competition between merchants to join the delegation.

They mainly bought practical items such as bags with lightning magic and mana beads that move magic tools.

Lexion received a call from Gregory and left the castle to meet the delegation.

I accompanied him, clinging onto him.

I didn’t forget to carefully look around us.

‘You never know when or where an evil dragon will appear and harm Lexion.

So we have no choice but to keep an eye on it.’

I was already filled with a sense of duty to protect him.

The preview didn’t explain how he was going to die, so I couldn’t relax at all.

I remembered my conversation with the guide the previous night.

“What if I die”

―If the main character dies, isn’t that the ending Do you want to die, traveler

“Is that how it sounds”

―You don’t want to die.

Even thinking about the remarks the guide told me last night, I was shocked.

―Do not worry.

Your safety is guaranteed until you reach the designated ending.

“It’s a conscientious system.

I thought it was a pure scam.”

―I’m not a scammer.

Your words are too much.

Since I was confirmed by the guide that I would not die directly, I thought I would act a little more boldly.

‘I feel like I am receiving an invincible buff.

I don’t want to be hurt anyway, so I want to be careful, but it’s reassuring.’

Lexion’s sleeves were wrinkled by me clinging onto him.

Lexion said softly, perhaps because he misunderstood that I was scared.

“Is it because there are a lot of people”


“If it’s hard, I’ll take you back.”

His voice was mixed with anxiety.

We were already halfway, but I couldn’t believe he was thinking of turning back.

I looked around.

The voices of people bargaining for sure made the surroundings noisy.

It was hustling and bustling.

The original Tiarozetti wouldn’t like that.

I shook my head and smiled brightly.

“No, it’s the first time I’ve seen the Korte delegation, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Is that so”

Lexion looked at me kindly and grabbed my hand that was holding his sleeve.

He said as I looked up at the sudden touch.

“Wouldn’t it be a little less scary like this”


“If not…”

When he tried to let go of my hand with a sullen face, I said, holding on to it.

“Th- that’s right! This way is more comfortable.”


Lexion smiled softly and grabbed my hand.

The hand I held was very warm and soft.

How much did we walk I thought we were about halfway through, but I couldn’t see where the delegation was staying.

‘I think they said it was close to the Imperial Palace, but how does it seem like we’re going in circles’

Knowing roughly the geography, I immediately noticed that he took a shortcut and went far away.

I asked, tilting my head.

“Isn’t this a shortcut to the Imperial Palace”

“I just want us to be alone a little longer.”

It was hard to hear Lexion’s words because of the crowd.

“What I didn’t hear well.

Say it again…”

“There, girl! Let’s taste some of this!”

Just as I was about to ask him to speak again, a merchant grabbed me.

Then, without a second thought, he held the chicken skewers in my hand.

“Eat it! It’ll probably be really good.”

I unknowingly bit the chicken skewer at the merchant’s hands.

As the merchant said, the chicken was well seasoned and tasted good.

“It’s delicious.”

“I made it with our house special sauce, so it has no choice but to taste good.

Now, no more, just give me five rings.”

At my favorable reviews, the merchant demanded a flat price.

I blinked, thinking it was just a tasting sample.

At this, Lexion was about to pay but I asked in an absurd tone.

“Isn’t it free”

“Hey, lady.

If I give it away for free, how will I have money to eat”

The merchant was savvy.

I looked at Lexion thinking that he was deceiving us, and Lexion misunderstood my gaze.

“Give me another skewer.”


“Yeah, an excellent choice!”

Without hesitation, the merchant quickly received the money from Lexion and offered another chicken skewer.

“You won’t eat Lexion”

I gave up and asked, but Lexion shook his head.

“I’m full just looking at what you eat, Titi.”

“…Then I will eat it well.”

Embarrassed by his sudden remarks, I put a lot of chicken skewers in my mouth.


* * *


When we arrived at the detached palace where the delegation was staying, a familiar woman greeted us.

I stared blankly at Seirin, who was smiling brightly under the sunlight.

Seirin had her blue hair in a fine braid that rested on her shoulder.

The chiffon dress, which flowed with every step, suited her very well.

She recognized Lexion and approached her with a gentle step.


I was waiting for you, Sir Lexion.”

When she greeted her with a bright smile, Lexion remained silent.

I was polite, remembering that I had been scolded by Kronos previously.

“I see the glorious Aden of the Empire.

This is Tiarozetti Sparrow”

“We see again.”

It was only then that Seirin greeted me and smiled.

She was still a pretty woman.

Her white jade-like skin made her blue hair stand out even more.

I stood still, not knowing what to say to her.

Then Lexion asked her.

“What are you doing here”

“It’s something I’ve been in charge of before, so I’m here to help.

It’s a bit sad that Lord Lexion isn’t very welcoming.”

“I didn’t mean it that way.

I apologize if I offended you.”


I will forgive you.”

She looked at Lexion and smiled shyly.

‘It seems that Seirin is already interested in Lexion.’

Actually, Lexion was an old love interest for her since their friendship between Seirin and Lexion has been going on since childhood.

Even when they were young, they lived a life far from politics.

Kronos, Seirin, and Gregory, and Lexion.

The four of them often played together.

‘But the political arena is not a place where you can easily roll around.’

The relationship between the Imperial Family and the Sparrow family became more subtle over the years.

It was because the Emperor was too wary of Lexion.

So, it was only natural that the four of them grew apart.

‘Now that the debut has passed, does Lexion still sees Seirin as a little sister’

Since the fateful meeting in the debutant was canceled, Lexion’s expression on Seirin was businesslike.

On the other hand, Seirin was a little shy because she seemed to be already in love.

‘She’s such a lovely woman, maybe Lexion will like her soon.’

For some reason, I felt like I was an obstacle.

At that moment, I found that Seirin’s gaze turned toward me and Lexion’s hand.

‘Oh! I was holding his hand!’

I belatedly tried to get my hand out of his, but for some reason, Lexion wouldn’t let me go.

Rather, he even locked out fingers together.


I couldn’t even say anything to him, so I tapped his arm.

But he just looked at me and smiled.

Seirin said with a smile.

“You seem to be on good terms.

I heard you’re distant relatives.”

“That’s right.”

When Lexion readily agreed, Seirin shifted her gaze to me and asked.

“If you’re Sir Lexion’s beloved little sister, then I should be friendly with you too.

What was your name again”

“Ti- Tiarozetti Sparrow.”

After Seirin heard the answer, she grabbed my other hand and asked.

“Yes, Tiarozetti.

Do you have time right now”

“Pardon Now”

As I answered startled, Seirin said.

“It’s nothing… I just decided to have tea time with the Korte royals.

Brother Gregory is coming too.”


“Anyway, Lord Lexion will come, but it will be the same as being alone.

…How is it Would you like to go with me”

Seirin’s eyes lit up as she clasped my hands tightly.

It didn’t seem like she was doing it because she was wary of me, it just seemed to want to get to know me.

‘You mean Gregory is there too If Lexion goes, of course, I have to follow…’

I looked up at Lexion as if asking for permission.

It was a meeting with important people, so I needed his permission.

At my gaze, Lexion spoke softly.

“Titi, if you feel uncomfortable, you can say no.

I will go alone.

You can look around and have fun.”

It seemed as if he was not going to allow it.

I shook my head and replied in fear of being left behind.


I want to go with you.”

“It won’t be very fun.”


Perhaps it seemed as if we were flirting with each other, but Seirin interrupted our conversation.

“I’ll take care of her, Sir Lexion.”


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