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I was sick and tired of acting like Tiarozetti.

A character that can only endure even while facing such an unfair thing.

I bit my lower lip, recalling the face of the maid who guided me to Kronos.

Among the kind servants, she was rather careless.

She may have been plotting something next to me, but since I only focused on Lexion, I let it slide.

‘I’m not going to leave you alone if I go back.

I can’t stand the unfairness anymore.’

I went through a lot while thinking I would be able to return to my original world.

After all, I had hope that I could go back.

But now I wasn’t sure.

I didn’t know if it was right to go home, or even if I wanted to go back.

‘If the book doesn’t show up, wouldn’t it be fine to do whatever I want’

I was planning to get revenge properly when I returned.

Suddenly, a sound was heard.

My body trembled, wondering if it was someone who came to torture me again.

All my thoughts would be in vain if I couldn’t get out of this place.

If dying like this was my role in this life, then I’ll be going back for sure.

After a bit of time, light poured down with a strange sound, like scraping of an old iron door.

I scrunched my face instinctively.

I felt blinded by the sudden light I saw.

My eyes were too much used to the darkness.

“Ha, that damn bastard.”

Someone looked at me and cursed.

I guess I was so messed up that seeing me right now was kinda sad.

Somehow, it hurt so badly.

As I got used to the light, blonde hair stood out at a glance.

In fact, from the moment I heard that voice, I knew it was Gregory.

“Pri— Prince Gre— Gregory…”

He frowned, even more, when he heard my cracked voice.

He beckoned to the knights behind me, and the knights loosened the shackles from my feet.

My ankles tingled with a sense of freedom.

I wanted to get up, but I couldn’t.

I frowned.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t stand up.”

Eventually, I was carried on a stretcher.

I worked my eyes and looked around.

Unfortunately, Lexion wasn’t around.

As if it was written on my face, Gregory came up to me and said,

“He’s not in the capital right now.

It’s been a week since he disappeared to find your whereabouts.”

“What do you…”

“Why is that useless…!”

Gregory tried to shout with an angry face but caught his breath.

He seemed to think that it wasn’t me he should be mad at.

I stared blankly at him and muttered in a low voice.

“…I’m sorry.”


Why would you apologize It’s that blue worm’s fault.”

Gregory shook his head low and ruffled his hair.

The blue worm he was talking about was probably Kronos- because he has blue hair.

Of course, the Emperor also had blue hair, so that statement was a little dangerous.

But without hesitation, Gregory was cursing the Imperial Family itself.

Still, I was a little grateful for him for getting angry on my behalf.


Calling him a blue worm wasn’t enough.

That’s an insult to blue.

Yeah, saying it’s a molded color would be better…’

The relief of being rescued made me think of something silly.

I closed my eyes, thinking I could rest comfortably now.

* * *

When I arrived safely at the mansion, a Duke’s vassal rushed to see me.

I was taken to my room and received treatment while Gregory went elsewhere.

I leaned against the head of the bed with a cast on my broken arm.

My ankles were hurting with shackle marks.

It was sure to become a bruise soon.

My condition was not that bad compared to the pain I felt.

I had scratches and muscle aches everywhere, but it wasn’t enough to lie down yet.

‘This is all they beat you… Tiarozetti isn’t as weak as I thought.’

While she was having such sad thoughts, Daisy shed tears like someone was cutting onions.

“How could you go out alone without a word… If you are feeling bored then you should tell me.”

Next to Daisy, a maid was looking at me with an anxious face.

She was pretending to be okay, but she must have been nervous.

She was the maid who handed me the fake letter.

I thought she would have run away right away, but seeing that she didn’t do it, it seems like she may have thought that I wouldn’t come back alive.

That was even more frustrating.

“I’ll— I’ll bring you water right away!”

The maid frantically tried to get out of the room.

It was obvious that she was trying to run away.


The maid flinched at my call.

If it was the original Tiarozetti, I wouldn’t have been able to say a word because I would have been scared, even if it was an unfair situation.

It was because she was such a silly and kind woman that she thought there must be a reason why someone acted that way and tried to be considerate of others.

So, staying still here might be the direction the original plot wanted.

‘But do I really have to stay still’

This was a scene Tiarozetti shouldn’t have been in originally.

Should I have to act like a coward even in a situation like this

The book broke its promise and didn’t send me back, but it was too harsh to impose obligations on me alone.

I asked, staring at the maid coolly.

“You have nothing to say to me”

“Wha— What are you…!”

The maid screamed in surprise.

It was a voice that was close to crying.

From the look in her eyes, it was obvious that she wanted to pretend not to know.

Daisy looked at me and the maid alternately with a startled face.

I gazed at her with more calm eyes than ever.

I, who always bowed my head timidly, was staring directly at her eyes, the maid flinched.

She wouldn’t know.

Now that there is no book, I can do whatever I want.

Even though I did what the book told me to do, I returned.

And now the book’s missing.

Even in this situation, I didn’t want to be treated unfairly.

I wanted to act of my own volition at least once.

At least for a moment, I can do that.

“Daisy ”

“Yes, Miss.”

“I didn’t go out alone.”

“Mi— Miss!! Wait a moment…!”

The maid’s pupils trembled at my words.

She begged with stunned eyes.

Daisy’s face stiffened at the suspicious situation.

“You didn’t go out alone Then with whom…”

Without hesitation, I pointed straight at the maid and told the truth.

I didn’t want to make a fuss, so my words were shortened.

“She took me to the Crown Prince.”

“Miss Tiarozetti! When did I ever!—”

The maid jumped up and protested as if it was a false accusation.

It seems that she decided to insist on her lie.

I purposely shed tears while avoiding the gaze of the maid with a nasty look on her face.

I didn’t forget to keep the tone of my voice a little more frightened than usual.

“You gave me a letter and asked me to go with you…”

Daisy’s expression sharpened at my solemn acting.

The maid turned deadly pale and waved her hand.

“No! Daisy, I really didn’t do that!”

“Woo! So you’re saying I lied”

As I cried and appealed, the maid’s face turned even paler.

So why are you reacting like that Let’s see what happens to you.

I lowered my head even more and wept bitterly.

Daisy came over to me, rubbed my shoulder, and asked softly.

“Miss Tiarozetti, are you sure”

“She’s not! Daisy!”

The maid kept shouting furiously, but I nodded quietly.

Looking at Daisy’s expression, it seemed like the winning spot had already leaned towards me.

I looked at her sadly once more.

The maid continued to insist on her innocence.

I lowered my gaze and gave a decisive blow.

“She brought me a letter from the Duke and we went out together… but then she left me alone.”

“I… That…!”

As I spoke, the maid shouted and stuttered without knowing what to say.

Daisy’s face was already cold.

In a moment, she rang the bell to let the other attendant come in.

As the attendant came in, Daisy ordered in a stern voice.

“Put her in the dungeon, find out what happened.”

At Daisy’s clear instructions, the servants grabbed the maid and dragged her away.

The maid glared at me, asking how I could do this, but I avoided her gaze.

If I were the original Tiarozetti, I would have felt sorry for the maid, but today, I didn’t want to do that.

It was just too much to be treated like that.

The injured area was still sore and hurting.

Daisy came closer again and asked.

“Just in case, do you have the letter”

“It was stolen…”

As I replied sullenly, Daisy clasped my unbroken hand.

“It’s alright, I trust Miss Tiarozetti.”

A side of my heart was warmed by the soothing words full of faithfulness.

‘Even in my previous life, only you were by my side.

That’s what I was really thankful for.’

Tears welled up in my eyes, and Daisy wiped the corners of my eyes, giving me a sad look.

Looking at Daisy blankly, I asked.

“By the way, the Duke…”

“Don’t worry.

He’ll be here soon.”

Daisy gave a friendly reply, pulling up the blanket.

Somehow, she seemed to be trying to turn the subject.

Then anxiety arose.

I wondered if something had happened to Lexion.

I muttered sullenly.

“Soon… what do you mean Where did he go”


Daisy’s lips twitched at my question.

It was obvious that she was wondering whether to say it or not.

I looked at her and made a sad face.

At this, Daisy came closer, looking around, and whispered.

“Actually… The Duke went out to find Miss Tiarozetti, and his whereabouts are unknown.”


I couldn’t control my facial expressions anymore.


* * *


Year 408 of Aden, 28th day of the 6th month.

Tiarozetti Sparrow is missing.

When Gregory heard the news, he was immediately concerned about the condition of his close friend.

It was because Lexion-who acted unusually at his work-came to mind.

When Tiarozetti-who should have been in the mansion, disappeared, Lexion began to search the capital like a madman.

He wandered around for three days, but Tiarozetti was nowhere to be seen.

Lexion was almost going insane.

It was an uncharacteristically emotional response.

Gregory didn’t understand such a friend.

He was always a rational and wise man.

He was also an honest subject who could resist the Imperial Family’s injustice with upright standards.

However, after Tiarozetti Isol appeared, he became a completely different person.

No, even before she appeared, this guy was suddenly doing things he had never done before.

So Gregory asked sharply, not understanding anything.

“Why the hell are you doing this Is she worth that much”


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