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Chapter 11


I asked back in a stunned voice due to his declaration.

Without questioning further, though, Lexion said apologetically.

“Im sorry I couldnt pick you up in person.

I had work to do.”


“Shall we go”

He caught me in a silly manner.

But we didnt step forward.

I didnt know if my feet would give out and fall to the floor like a mangled stone.

Lexion looked at me out of oblivion.

I grabbed his hand and asked.

“Why do you want to partner with me”

He smiled forlornly and answered my question.

After a while, he replied calmly.

“Because I want to do it with you.”

Though he still gave an incomprehensible answer.

In his previous life, he was the partner of Princess Seirin in accordance with the Emperors order.

So this time, he should have been ordered by the Emperor once again.

But he became the partner of an unnamed woman and turned down the princess just because he wanted to

It shouldnt have happened.

“Is it okay to proceed as it is”

Though Im feeling pleased, I also feel anxious about this situation.

Lexion is destined to be attracted after reuniting with Seirin, who grew up here.

This is the most important scene of the novel, and as it is, I am not in the position to be placed here.

My voice naturally trembled.

“Rather than me, it should be Sei-…….”


I tried to say the Female Leads name without realizing it, but Lexion stopped me from continuing.

I looked up at him, amazed by his firm voice, and he had a cold expression on his face.

His dark eyes looked darker than ever.

His black eyes that are not capable of telling what I was thinking, looked down at me.

The emotion I felt in his eyes is rather strange.

He had a wounded look in his eyes.

Why on earth would he have that kind of expression……

“Im going with you, TiTi.”

Lexion declared to me, who is still confused, as if he was really pushing for it.

As if he doesnt intend to go back.

He is very adamant.


“Then Ill be happy.”


I couldnt say anything to his response.

He lightly kissed my hand that he was holding, as if he was expressing his intention of courtship.

Nevertheless, I am so dazed, as if I had been hit on the head with a hammer, rather than feeling ecstatic about this situation.

“You have to be happy.”

That was what I told him before I died.

Is it a coincidence

Or does he really know something

I wanted to ask, but I felt too afraid.

‘If I asked and he said no, Id be the only one wholl look weird.

In the end, I could not stop his grip once again.

Following him, I stared at his back with bewitched eyes.

I wanted him to be happy more than anyone else.

As much as the original Tiarozety, I feel likewise.

‘Then Ill be happy.

How can I refuse this position when he said so.

If he is happy even if he got a penalty for this, I thought I could live with it.

‘First of all, I need to find a book…….

A world where everything is a mess.

Nothing was going right, so I kept feeling scared.

Nevertheless, it is the result of my shallow hope that I could not resist this touch of his once again.

Around that time, Gregory had an interesting glow as he watched the two people drift away.

He was sure they knew each other, but the two kept pretending.

Gregory shook his head while crossing his thoughts between the two.

It had nothing to do with him just as he thought.

He spoke to himself with these kinds of thoughts.

“I guess I have to go and get my partner, too.”

* * *

Inside the banquet hall, an untimely battle ensued over the identity of Duke Lexion Sparrow and his partner.

“Ive never seen her before.

Who could it be”

“Well, I dont know who it is, but they look pretty close.”

“Are they lovers”

“Thats ridiculous! He hasnt had a scandal in a while, has he”

“I think shes a distant relative, did you see her black hair”

“Well I hope so.”


Dressed up, the young ladies whispered, speculating who the dukes partner was.

All grieving over who she was, but implicitly, they wished she really was a relative of the Duke.

It is all the more so because they secretly conspired for Duke Sparrow.

Lexion Sparrow has rarely stopped by the capital.

Mostly because he stayed in his estate, Baello, in the north.

Lexion, who finally attended the capitals banquet after a long time, had a very different atmosphere.

Perhaps that was why his figure had captured the eyes of the aristocrats.

His brown hair is not swept up as usual, but his hair was neatly parted.

In addition, unlike his favorite black suit, his current outfit is light gray.

Perhaps it was tailored along with the sky blue dress worn by his partner.

As if to match, the two appeared together, making the young ones look more jealous.

“Oh, my God, he looks great in bright clothes.”

“Doesnt his mood change when he has his hair swept like that”

“No matter what he wears, he does look great.”

The young ladies blushed, mesmerized by Lexions new look.

As a result, the attention was naturally drawn to the woman next to Lexion.

She hesitated as to whether her position was making her feel awkward.

When Lexion requested for a dance, she gently raised her hand and clumsily headed to the center of the hall.

The woman stepped on Lexions foot as if she had not danced a lot.

Nevertheless, his expression was so peaceful, he never had that expression before.

The young ladies looked at her with envious faces.

The woman is sweating and trying her best to keep up with the beat.

Lexion looked so lovingly at her.

“We may not know who she is, but they do look good with each other.”

“I know right.”


The young peoples exclamation continued because they do look great with each other.

* * *

My back stung from their focused gaze.

I fixed my eyes downward in caution, carefully not to step on Lexions foot.

However, because I fixed my eyes, my body didnt follow as expected.

‘I dont know how many times Ive been stepping on it.

I couldnt raise my head, you could say Im rather embarrassed.

Ive rarely danced in my previous life, so my steps are sloppy and terrible.

My role in the past is not part of the nobilitys glory in the first place.

An Esols child, who was part of the minority, is not the right person to be invited to this fancy banquet.

Though she was invited a couple of times thanks to her title as the only survivor, she repeatedly refused due to the setting of Tiarozety, who is afraid of people.


The wretched sound buried in the sound of music made me flinch.

Ive already stepped on the back of his foot many times.

Now it seemed to be off the charts.

I apologized in a creeping voice.

“Im sorry.


“You can step on it more.”

Lexion grinned and said softly.

His voice is as soothing as the lake.

Without a doubt, he changed his steps.


The distance we had was so far away, suddenly became closer.

It is because the beat of the song changed.

My steps are about to get tangled by the sudden pull, and he turned straight around and took the center.

Thanks to that, my dress fluttered.

It was like a stunt move.

“Be careful.”

He whispered, folding the corners of his eyes finely.

While I was mesmerized by his mellow eyes, the distance we had that became closer returned to our original state.

Dancing is such a heart-shaking act.

My heart pounded unruly and my face turned red.

If I knew this would happen, I wouldve and shouldve learned some dancing.

Then I would have been more honorable to be next to Lexion.

I am particularly bothered by the sweat that formed in my hands.

It is all more so because I am afraid Id get caught feeling nervous.

When the music was over, Lexion is drawn out of the center.

Looking back, Gregory is dancing with a blonde beauty.

Unlike us, Gregory and the womans dancing is very skillful.

No wonder I felt hurt deep in my pride a little.

If I had known in advance, I wouldnt have pushed ahead with this and acted poorly.

In fact, I didnt have the confidence to do well even if I practiced, but I felt like that.

I muttered with a slightly piteous face.

“Ill dance better next time.”

“Will you dance with me next time”


“I look forward to it then, TiTi.”

She couldnt shut up due to his sudden response, her lips were smiling like a fools.

I cant believe hes looking forward to it.

It sounded like he wanted to dance with me next time.

The counter-response, “Will you dance with me” I also felt like I wouldnt be able to dance without his permission.

I abruptly signed him up for my next dance.

I looked up blankly at Lexion, who took it for granted once again.

Lexion smiled beautifully when he made eye contact with me.

No wonder he looked happy.

But I was just nervous around him.

‘Why does he keep changing

It is hard to adapt to his changing appearance from the original plot.

It was then I saw a familiar face in the distance.

Naturally, my face froze and I came back to reality out of fantasy.

‘Of course, shes here.

I bit my lower lip due to her sudden appearance.

It is all because of her that I couldnt believe and felt uneasy while receiving Lexions attention.

Seirin Aden Werbel.

[T/N: It is pronounced as Sae//rin Ah-den Ver//bel]

Because shes the heroine of this novel.

She stood at the entrance of the banquet hall in an elegant manner, her hair was braided that resembled the blue sea, and was waiting for the introduction of the gate guard.

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She had a gorgeous appearance that youll notice right away.

In particular, her bright green eyes sparkled like emeralds.

Next to her stood Crown Prince Cronus.

In a short while, the gate guard shouted.

“The Crown Prince Cronos Adenberbel and Her Royal Highness Seirin Aden Werbel are entering!”


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