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Tidwell was skilled at controlling his facial expression, but Ravia could read his mind sometimes.

For example, when a chilling lust flashed in his pale blue eyes, giving an impression that froze the blood of those who faced him.

An unintended threat.

Ravia could see how her own frame was reflected in his eyes.

The first thing she learned before stepping into high society:

Let your reflection shine in their eyes.

It was quite different from straightening your spine or keeping your chin slightly down to fix your posture.

Duke Leontine was a man who knew that eloquence and prestige alone weren’t enough to dominate high society.

So as soon as the etiquette teacher found a flaw in Ravia’s impeccable manner, he invited a new teacher.

She was a great actress who dominated the empire ten years ago, Odette.

Having retired due to pneumonia and spending her time leisurely, she was given the honor to teach the children of high-ranking aristocrats.

And so she met a very arrogant, blunt, and callous girl.

The girl who only received warmth from her old butler and material support from the servants.

So by the time she turned seventeen, all she learned was the knowledge from books and the mannerisms of an aristocrat.

A doll-like girl with no sociability.

Odette thought of her first meeting with Ravia and said.

–It was a very interesting challenge for me, Ravia.

Light flashed in her evergreen eyes as she said that, and she thought to herself.

It must be fun to liven up a girl who is as hard as rock, who drives everyone away and is only looking up to her father.

–Do you know that there’s a lot of important things in the world besides being recognized by your father

Odette was someone who never lost hope no matter how dreadful reality was.

Perhaps because she had an everlasting beauty which made people believe she was in her twenties despite being in her forties.

She liked the saying that a person can live without bread, but cannot live without a dream.

And she was the one who encouraged Ravia’s desire in life.

So the first thing Odette did was to make Ravia embrace her ambition.

Of course, the way she did it was quite unique.

–You have to be ambitious, Ravia.

–But I think my position right now is already high enough, ma’am.

–That’s the problem, Ravia.

People think that ambition is all about sitting in a high position.

But it is important for us to see the core.

–The core


Why do you think ambitious people dream of sitting in a high position

–So that they can become a great person

–That’s right.

If we reverse those words, it goes like this.

The ambitious believe they are great people

–They value themselves highly.

Like a jewel.

And you don’t want to drop your jewel in the mud, right So you will put it on a higher place, in a prettier and more luxurious display case, so that it’ll shine even more.

Odette knew very well how to teach her prideful pupil.

Pride was no different than getting trapped inside a fence.

Therefore, having a strong pride was tantamount to how much one valued themself.

If there was self-love, then it was simple.

Because the seed of ambition was already established.

–Ravia, wouldn’t it be a waste if the things you worked so hard to build didn’t see the light of day Don’t you want to show who you are

–Can I….Can I do that

–Of course!

From the conversation that day, Ravia began to change.

Because Ravia was originally a brilliant student, she absorbed Odette’s teachings very well.

She taught Ravia about every character she played, how to discern people’s mind through their actions, and how to use that information for her own benefit.

People’s eyes are simpler than you think.

Simply drawing a mole on your face could greatly change other’s impression of you, or adjusting the angle of your wrist as you tuck your hair behind your ears can entice your opponent.

The winter that Odette died of pneumonia, Ravia was already becoming the pinnacle of society by the age of twenty.

Elegant, captivating and overwhelming Little Duke of Leontine.

Odette left a letter to her masterpiece before she died.

Most of it was about how much she loved and cared for Ravia.

However, one section contained advice about her student’s weaknesses that she couldn’t fix.

[Ravia, don’t listen to the whisper of loneliness.

People can be lonely even in a crowd.

Don’t take your loneliness too seriously.

If you don’t pay attention, you won’t fall for it.

Otherwise, you will never be truly happy.

Remember, no one is alone in this world, but most people know how to deal with their loneliness.

Some people can ignore it, or some people can endure the pain it causes.

Loneliness for you is like a mountain that you need to climb over, right But loneliness is like a wave, Ravia.

You can never get over it.

You may be able to swim with the current to stay afloat, but you can never overcome the waves.

So don’t think about your loneliness too much.]

When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you.

The letter ended with a familiar proverb.

Ravia read it over and over again.

From the time she couldn’t even read the letter because she cried so hard, until she didn’t cry when reading the letter anymore.

But no matter how much she read, she couldn’t quite fathom the meaning.

What do you mean by not taking loneliness too seriously Isn’t loneliness something that you need to overcome Isn’t that the way to deal with it

Ravia often thought about Odette’s letter afterward, but she still couldn’t understand the meaning.

In the first place, Odette tended to talk a lot about unrealistic ideas, so Ravia thought it was just her teacher’s eccentricity that she couldn’t understand.

But the moment she saw Tidwell’s eyes clearly filled with strong desire for her…

When the fact that someone wanted her so strongly numbed her reason…..

Only then could Ravia understand her teacher’s letter.

Loneliness is a wave.

It wasn’t a stagnant crisis like a mountain, it was something that will pass one day.

Getting carried away by the fact that one person wanted her so badly was not a big deal at all.

Ravia could see how she appeared in his eyes.

Her noble face, which didn’t look as hungry as he was, and even the gaps between her eyelashes.

When her eyes blinked.

Even how she looked when she struggled to breathe and the cheek that could be easily covered with his hand….

They returned to the mansion and immediately headed to Ravia’s room.

No need to ask where to go.

Because Tidwell was the only one walking while holding Ravia in his arms.

It was funny how he held her so tightly and walked in a great hurry as if she was some kind of quicksand, ready to crumble at any minute,

It was funny how he avoided her gaze the entire way home.

Ravia knew very well that he was trying very hard to hold back from something.

So after holding his patience for a long time, he finally put Ravia in her bed.

Then just like earlier, Tidwell swallowed Ravia’s lips.

When he kissed Ravia, he always acted as if he ran out of reason and patience.

Ravia’s chest heaved up and down.

He held her close until she gasped for air like a fish out of water.

Devouring her lips again and again, until the lips that were as sensitive as a mimosa in the night, got wet with saliva.

When her hand, which was a little smaller than Tidwell’s, trembled due to the rising heat, he grabbed and pressed it with his own as if it were natural.

But no one knew it was the moan of a man who had been suffering from thirst for sexual pleasure.

The obscenity on the bed getting more and more blatant, eyes intersecting in the air, and the distance that had been widened for a while narrowed again.

As he closed that gap, his hand released hers to trail down to the tender skin on her wrist.


This time, less sad than before.

More sad than before.

He called her again.


She, Ravia.

Every sound from the bed seemed proof of how much he wanted her.


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