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Irene fully understood the saying that when a person was too angry, they sank coldly.

Charlotte must have been the cause of this commotion.

What is this… Why

‘…No matter how much she likes Rodion.’

How could she even think like that when she saw Rodion fall down like that In her cold head, words that did not go through reason jumped ahead.

“The maid who was hosting the two of you said that Young Master Rodion was in critical condition, so I came to see you.

What was the Young Lady doing”

Charlotte frowned at Irene’s attitude, which showed no politeness.

“What’s your attitude now You dare to question me”

“Of course, I’m asking what I need to ask.”

Nonetheless, Irene did not give up.

In fact, there was no reason why the employee of a position comparable to Irene had to bow down unconditionally to the guests, at least in this mansion.

“Isn’t it only natural that the Young Master was in critical condition, and the only one drinking tea with him was the Young Lady”

“Obviously, does Lavrenti treat guests like this I’m also surprised that Rodion collapsed, so I’m going to check his condition.”

“Looks like there’s a law these days that asks you to get close to his face to check his condition, right”

Irene cut her words coldly and strode towards Charlotte.

To be precise, towards Rodion.

Even so, with her expressionless, cold face and her well-groomed voice as sharp as a winter blade of wind, she even looked like she was emitting a blood-lust atmosphere.

So, without realizing it, Charlotte backed away.

‘What, what is this…’

Obviously, she was just approaching her.

Why did it feel more chilling than when she faced Veronica Charlotte stepped back with a frown and bit her lip.

‘I really want to ask as well.’

In the first place, she just secretly put the love potion from Edith into Rodion’s teacup, so why did it turn out like this…! Charlotte was confused and a little embarrassed.

‘…I have been waiting for this day for so long.’

Since she was handed the love potion from Edith, she had been waiting to get the orders to go to Lavrenti at any time.

She was nervous because she had to go before the expiration date.

Of course, Charlotte thought about the possibility that it was not the love potion that Edith had given her.


‘No matter how much I think about it, there is no reason for Madam Edith to do that.’


That was the conclusion that she came to.

Even though she does not even know to whom she might be giving this drug to, there seems to be no reason for Edith to give her this drug hastily.

Charlotte’s mind, which had been filled with doubts and confusion, gradually began to incline with her feelings for Rodion and the desperation that she could not miss this opportunity.

It does not matter who it would be, Rodion or Ahibalt, so let’s give a love potion and make them fall in love with her…

But, she never had a chance to go to Lavrenti, disregarding what she had decided.

Until last night as Henrietta called her…



゚・ : * ✧ * :・ ゚



“Hey, Charlotte.

Why don’t you come over here”

Henrietta, who laughed with a high nasal sound, called out to Charlotte in her soft, gentle voice.

There was a letter in her hand, which was probably the cause of the high-pitched laughter.

Could it have been that she was a letter from Lavrenti

‘…Do not tell me the maid told her about what happened then, did she’

Just in case, Charlotte quickly went to Henrietta’s side and sat down nicely.

“Yes, Madam Henrietta! What’s going on”

“An interesting letter came.”

Charlotte wanted to look into the letter, but Henrietta folded it down.

Then, she said something really unexpected.

“Charlotte, you’ll have to go to Lavrenti tomorrow.”


Last time, it was Veronica who told her to go.

Though this was the first time Henrietta spoke like this.

Besides, was it not her who did not like Charlotte going to Lavrenti Then, why did she suddenly ask this and change her mind…

However, her doubts were quickly resolved.

“It says in the letter.

My son has a lover.”

“…Lov, lover”

Unknowingly, Charlotte asked back about the unexpected person and the unexpected incident.

Nonetheless, Henrietta just laughed without negativity or affirmation.

A grin that seemed somewhat cryptic and dangerous, as if it were not a lie that she had spent her youth in the rumored Lavrenti.


It’s quite unexpected.

No, I noticed a hint, but I thought she’d accept my son…”

She mumbled like that, then suddenly, Henrietta’s eyes lit up strangely, and she put her hand on Charlotte’s shoulder.

“I didn’t know it was going to be like this until I brought you here, Charlotte.”

“Is something wrong”

“Well, if it’s going wrong, it’s going to be wrong.

If it’s going well, it’s going to be going well.

At least, one thing is certain…”


“It’s not long before my sons will become fools.”

Henrietta laughed at her inexplicably.

Smiling like that, she looked so delighted and alluring that Charlotte could not remember her age.

“If there’s one thing my sons have in common, it’s that they’re too smart.”

“Isn’t that a good thing”

“I like stupid people, so I thought I’d raise my son like that.”

…If only one intruder had not stepped in.

Henrietta, who muttered faintly as if to show her mood, smiled brightly again and stroked Charlotte’s hair.


Don’t worry too much.

Just do what you’re asked to do.

If you go to Lavrenti tomorrow, just observe one person.”

She only told Charlotte a simple description of that ‘one person,’ saying that she would go herself, but she could not do that yet.


“She has a hair color that is a little too dark to be called blonde.”

“In addition, purple eyes that sometimes illuminated a more purple color when exposed to light.”

“You will know it right away if you see her.

She is like a doll.

No matter what you do, she has a face that does not seem to be impressed by anything.”


Charlotte knew as soon as she heard Henrietta’s explanation.

She knew it was the maid she met when she first went to Lavrenti.


“Her name is Irene.

My son is the only one who calls her that.

The first son called her Irene, and the youngest called her Rea.”

[ T/N: So, in this case, Otis calls Irene — ’Irene-ah’ as 아 -a / 야 -ya is used only between close friends and people who are familiar with each other who’s younger or around your age.

Henrietta also calls her ‘Irene-ah’ as well.

While Ahibalt calls ‘Irene’ name normally without any honorific forms, making it more formal.

And lastly, Rodion just calls her ‘Rea’ which is just a nickname! ]


Even when she first heard the explanation, she felt something strange.

She could not believe that they called an employee’s name so intimately.

‘What kind of relationship is this…’

Could it be that the maid was the very person who was meeting with Henrietta’s son Even now, in front of Irene, Charlotte could not hide her doubts.

Besides, a little while ago, after the tea table fell and Rodion fell to the floor…




Rodion called her name before he apparently lost consciousness.


‘Obviously, Young Master Rodion saw me putting in the drug.’

Charlotte was terribly poor at playing the assassin role, so it was only natural for her to do so.

When she found out she was caught, all she thought was that it was all over.

However, Rodion drank her car without hesitation.


Could not understand him, she tried to put her ear close to Rodion’s lips, wondering if she could hear anything from him.

Nonetheless, after being misunderstood like that, the woman in front of her looked even more suspicious.

She really wanted to grab Irene by the collar and shake her to ask.

‘Because of me, Young Master Rodion… No, he drank it all, knowing it.


However, in the end, this happened because Rodion took the drug she brought himself.

Charlotte was daunted by what she had done.

It was because, from the time Rodion collapsed, there was no sign of a white-faced color returning.

‘I should not have believed it was a love potion…’

As Charlotte bit her lip and backed away, Irene, who was approaching her, spoke coldly, “If you’re just going to stand there and do nothing, get out of the way.

I’ll have to look at the Young Master.”

“There, there isn’t anything wrong with Rodion, right”

“Your question is conclusive.”

Asking that, it was as if Charlotte wanted to hear the answer yes.

“Even if there’s something wrong or not, the Young Lady won’t be able to avoid reprimands.”

Irene’s sullen eyes stared at Charlotte’s face as if piercing her.

“I know you yearn for this place, and you also like Young Master Rodion… However, keep in mind.

You’re standing in Lavrenti.

Don’t tell me you don’t know that”

Beautiful things usually have roses, so you should know how dangerous it could be if you were craving them.

If you did not know and carelessly coveted it, you are sure to get stabbed by the thorns.

So, perhaps, this was also Irene’s own experience.

…The experience of a person who had come to cherish beautiful people deeply without realizing how much they would undermine them.

“You’ll regret stepping into this mansion.”


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