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Charlotte, who came to see Ahibalt on the surface, was not all disappointed when she heard that he was too busy to meet her.

‘Perhaps, she probably came to see Rodion.’

Her purpose was obvious.

Irene remembered Charlotte’s arrival a while ago.

It was not the first time she had an unscheduled visit, though she was not surprised.

‘In the beginning, Charlotte often pops up in the game at the command of Henrietta.’

She was surprised because it was so unexpected at first, although after Charlotte had appeared once, this was rather familiar now.


“Now, Madam Henrietta has guaranteed my identity, right I’d like to meet my fiancé this time.”


Saying so, Charlotte raised her nose.

However, Irene already had a ready answer.

It was the usual answer in the game.


“I’m sorry, but the First Master cannot not make time right now because you came without an appointment.”

“I expected that to happen.

Well, how long do I have to wait”

“His schedule is full all day today.

It seems a little difficult to meet you.”

“So, are you telling me to go back like this Let me talk to someone else.

Madam Henrietta told me if Young Master Ahibalt was busy, she told me to do that.”


Charlotte also gave her usual answer.

She asked if she could not speak Ahibalt, then could she talk to someone else.

Talking like a chicken instead of a pheasant*, just like she had done in every episode.

[ T/N: It’s an idiom which means, ‘An expression to describe a situation where something is replaced with something else similar when the exact same thing is not found.’ ]

So, like in ‘Love or Die,’ Irene was considerate to make sure that the connection between the heroine, Louise, and the villainess, Charlotte, and the male protagonist, Rodion, intertwined as much as possible in this episode.

Because that was the game’s storyline.


“The First Master seems to be busy with his work, so it’d be difficult to find the time.

If it’s okay with you, would you like to have a cup of tea with the Youngest Master while waiting”

“Young, Young Master Rodion…”


Since a guest has arrived, it’d be right to make time.

However, since you did not inform us in advance, the hospitality might be mediocre.”

“No, it’s okay! However long… I can wait as much as it’s needed!”


Charlotte, who waved her hands as she said so, looked really happy.

In the middle of that, I left Louise and Rodion with Charlotte and returned to look at the letter.

Otis was back.

Priorities quickly changed.

Rather than keeping an eye on Ethan, Irene chose to go around and tell the story of her spy before Otis left again.

‘Because the Second Young Master was in the greenhouse that night.’

She thought that maybe Otis might have seen the spy’s silhouette.

It would be much easier to find them if she knew if the silhouette was a male or female.

In addition, seldom having a chance to talk to Otis also contributed to the shift in priorities.

So, the result was like this.

‘Should I wait until he comes back in the evening…’

It would have been nice if she had asked in advance.

The irony was that there were not many opportunities to talk to Otis after the scandal broke out, as he had been busier with his trip to Lowens.

‘It could not be helped that this happened.’

First, she has to put the letter back and think about it.

Now that things were like this, the priority was to capture the scene where Ethan met the painter personally.

Thinking that, Irene hurriedly climbed the stairs to get to the room where her own bedroom was.

But, that moment—



A scream was heard from somewhere, along with the loud shattering of glass.

Even the other servants around all turned their heads towards the sound.

“Where is it coming from”

“That’s towards the tea room…”

“If it’s a tea room, aren’t the guest and the Youngest Master there”

“I know that Louise served the tea…”

Each of them added to their words.

However, no one was willing to rush forward.

Of course, this place was Knox.

It was a place where there were many cases where people died for nothing.

Irene understood that they could not move hastily in such a chaotic situation like this.

Nonetheless, it was different for her.

As soon as Irene heard a loud cracking sound from the tea room, she knew that something was going wrong.

The reason for that was simple.

‘There is no such content in the original episode…!’

This was unexpected.

She wanted to check what was going on right away, though she could not just run to the tea room with the letter in hand.

‘First, I have to return the letter.’

If this letter was omitted from the story, she does not know how things would turn out later.

The 〈 Letter to Lichpen 〉 episode was an opportunity for Lichpen, which was the villain in the future, to start acting in earnest in the future.

‘Even if it is an inevitable variable, I do not want to create such a variable with my own hands…’

She needs to put the letter back and go to the tea room.

Having made the decision, Irene bit her lip and hurried back to the stairs—

‘…No, I tried to rush.’

“Miss, Miss Irene…!”

—It would be like that had Louise, who ran out in tears, not grabbed her by the wrist.

“You just happen to be here.

I was in a hurry to find you!”

Now, she did not even have the courage to ask what was going on.

Thankfully, she did not need that courage in her work life.

It was because Louise was so kind, she told her what was going on before Irene even asked the question.

“While drinking tea, Young Master Rodion suddenly collapsed! The wind knocked the table over, and I…I came out to tell you first—!”


Louise must have been a little surprised, and even tears were brimming from her eyes… Why did those tears feel like proof that the situation was getting more twisted than Louise’s feelings

‘Did Rodion collapse…’

At other times, she would have been relieved, but now that there were so many variables, Irene could not relax.

“Miss Louise, go to the east side of the mansion and call the doctor.

And, Mr.

Jared, inform the First Master of the situation.”

“How, how about Miss Irene”


In her mind, Irene just wanted to go up the stairs, leave the letter, and pick up the resignation letter again.

She wanted to get out of this chaos, regardless of if it was a game or not.

‘But, if Rodion is really in a critical condition…’

Irene’s fists trembled thinly, with her bones bulging white.

A grip that could not be loosened from the moment she heard that Rodion had collapsed.

Life goes on the same every time, there are no different people.

Though why do they get so ripped off by their misfortune…

Lowering her eyelids involuntarily.

Beyond the closed eyelids, the still vivid memories of one day were replayed.

…A memory in which all senses except vision were vivid because the tears covered her eyes.

The memory of Rodion dying.


“Rea, I can’t put strength in my hands.

Can you help me up”


“If that’s too hard, just give me your hands…”


The trembling from that moment came back to Irene, suffocating her breath.

Squeezing the agitation that filled the tip of her chin and swallowing it, she then replied.

“I’ll go to Young Master Rodion.”



゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



Usually, it was only their Die ending that the male protagonists died.

It was because the ending of Die was to lose love and life together in return for pouring out the wrong love for Louise.

Nevertheless, Rodion often lost his life in addition to that.

In a way, this was normal.

He was in the position where he was the most active among the three male protagonists.

Because of that, injury and loss of life were the most common thing.

But, ironically, it was only in Lavrenti that Rodion died.

The whole story was consistent.

With Lichpen’s plot, Rodion learns the secrets about his body, and Edith abandons him.

Rodion, who could not be completely attached to or loved anywhere, spent a few days in grief.

Then, in the end, Elios’ violence engulfed his reason and ran wild.

Irene still remembered that time.

“Stand back.

Rodion hasn’t fully fallen asleep yet.”

Ahibalt’s Love ending route.

Rodion, who was twisted, collapsed like a beast with a broken spine in a bloody mess…

It was her first sight of Rodion’s death.


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