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Chapter 6

“You guys! All of you! I’m going to report you! You bad people!”

“Can you speak when you are dead”

“If you kill me, you will be a murderer! You’ll be arrested!”


I should have been arrested already, but I am still in the mansion, aren’t I And, I think I will be fine here even after you die, what do you think”

“Heuk! Miss Irene! I am scared of these people!”

In the end, Louise, who lost the argument, wept again and ran into her arms.

Irene wanted to tell her that she was not kind either, but rather intimidating.

Fortunately, however, she still had gained precious patience after surviving her six regressions.

‘Well, I brought her into this mess, so I will have to fix this.’

Sighing, Irene Irenea wrapped her arms around Louise’s back and calmly declared.

“Young Masters, if Louise dies—”

A voice as cold as the three men a while ago uttered from her mouth.

“I will set this mansion on fire and I kill myself.”

Patience was not the only thing she had gained from returning to the Lavrenti’s six times—Blackmail and even threats to some extent.

Irene was a great extra.


After seeing the six endings in 〈 Love or Die 〉 Irene became capable of doing things she did not particularly like.

As she struggled to survive for a long time in the Lavrenti family, a mafia family, she became proficient in handling a gun and knife automatically, as well as learning to play chess with her eyes.

Her strength was also automatically developed while working as a maid, as her body was originally flexible.

Thanks to this, Irene had enough skills to disguise herself as a man and hide among the soldiers.

Not only that, she was able to organize the paperwork that Ahibalt had piled up like a mountain, and became a master of origami for Otis, who loves origami.

Now, she also became proficient in animal training for animals in Rodion’s care.

If there was such a thing as the ultimate maid, it would be Irene.

She was quick-witted, quick-handed, reticent, and knew how to distinguish between when she should step up and when she should not.

Her score would be 10,000 out of 100.

And, in Irene’s eyes, now was the right time to go.

“Young Masters keep saying that you will kill people who cry like this.

Did I not say it clearly It must be Louise.”

Hidden in her cold eyes was, “I am really disappointed, Young Masters,” which she did not say out loud.

Of course, Irene was a person who would not blink an eye whether Louise died or not, but here she had to act that she was more important than anything else.

That way, she can retire safely.

“…Just kidding.”

Eventually, Otis raised his hands first.

He was smiling brightly as if asking her to believe his sincerity, but Louise knows that he was 200% sincere until a while ago.

“I would not want to kill in front of Rea.

Of course, I am joking.”

Right after, Rodion grinned and put the dagger back into his arms.

Though Irene knew that he had shot Louise a glare once before saying that.


Of course, it is a joke.

If a murder case happens in a mansion, it will be rather troublesome.”

Finally, Ahibalt concluded.

Fortunately, he took a step back from this matter as well.

Unlike his younger brothers who went berserk to kill Louise themselves, Ahibalt always dealt with it or only gave permission.

So, in a way, Irene was most comfortable with Ahibalt because he was wearing a gentlemanly attitude, at least in camouflage.

“Miss Louise.

I apologize for the mischief of my younger brothers.

But, I do not think we can hire you.”

“Why, why!”

“Because I do not like silver hair.”

‘…What kind of logic is that’ Irene frowned, but Louise thought seriously before opening her mouth again.

“I will go dye my hair.”

“Actually, I do not even like blue eyes.”

“I will close my eyes.


“In the first place, our mansion did not need an additional maid.

I have never recruited anyone.”

Saying so, Ahibalt relaxed his chin before turning to the Butler.

“Butler, why are we hiring someone who has not been recruited”

“I heard a letter of recommendation from Lichpen.

Since it was the Mistress’s order, I took priority over the orders of the Young Masters.” The butler gave a quick reply.

‘Was Lichpen the home of the women of Lavrenti’

As Irene listened to the two of them, she realized once again that she was involved in the progress of the game in the seventh round.

Because, this conversation is the most crucial reason that Louise, who originally came to live as an ordinary maid, gets attention from the three men in Lavrenti.

‘The game progresses no matter what happens in the middle.’

Irene was amazed.

Normally, Lavrenti did not often recruit full-time employees.

They always lived with a minimum number of people, and when it was needed, they would add more people from Knox, not just any ordinary people.

In other words, it means that Louise, an ordinary person, is a person who cannot actually be here.

Nevertheless, it was thanks to a letter of recommendation that she was able to enter Lavrenti.

It was also a recommendation from the mistress of Lavrenti.

“I did not expect my mother to send someone…”

Otis murmured coldly.

The bright smile he had been wearing during the way, even though it was fake, has been completely lifted.

“I thought she was having a good time with her lover there, but to do such a bothersome thing—whose mother is she.”

Rodion, who had been silently listening to Otis’ slander, opened his mouth as well.

“Didn’t my mother say anything, Butler”

“There was no other message, Third Master.”

At the Butler’s words, Rodion’s spirits also subsided.

‘The smell of bean powder.’

[ T/N: It literally means, ‘bean powder family.’ A total messed up family or a broken family—as bean powder is hard to crumple up powder into a ball, it refers to a family that can’t be one in harmony.


She frowned.

Even if it is dangerous, to say the least, these men are all people with scars.

The keyword ‘distrust’ is deeply related to their wounds.

And, Louise is the angel who heals those wounds.

“She came from Lichpen, so I can’t kick her out.”

Ahibalt, who was silent, finally spoke.

He furrowed his brow as if he was very frustrated that he could not drive out Louise, but he was still sensible.

It would be disrespectful for him to immediately kick out the maid, who, not just anyone else, but the mistress of Lavrenti, who had sent the letters of recommendation.

Even if they were separated, the management of the employees is entirely the authority of the mistress.

So, if there is a noticeable tantrum, such as an act of abusing power, Lichpen would not standstill.

Louise’s wet eyes were now twinkling again as the dismissal, which was announced, was cancelled.

“So, can I work here now”

“That seems to be the case.”

‘Wow, that is great.’ Irene glanced at Louise and smiled slightly, then turned toward Ahibalt before asking.

“Then, can I leave now”


‘…No Why not’

“Miss Louise and Irene’s matter are separate.”


“You are not the same person, are you”

At Ahibalt’s answer, Irene was speechless for a moment.


They are not the same person, though isn’t there enough number of employees to fill the spot

Eventually, Irene, after much consideration, courageously asked.

“Young Masters.

Why have you been trying to keep me in this mansion since a while ago”

Of course, she understands that the Young Masters may regret her leaving because she is a maid with 10,000 points out of 100.

However, the words they were saying earlier were a bit strange to say considering that they would come out of an employment relationship.

Dating or marriage…

“You seem to be more focused on living with me than on hiring me.

Why are you trying to hold on to me like this”

To be honest, she could not understand.

Irene would rather them say that they felt sorry for her because of her outstanding skills.

She wondered why they want to live with her so badly

Her questions were easily answered.

“I like the tea Irene makes.

I really enjoy it.”

With a gentle smile on his face, Otis opened her mouth first.

The person who usually looks like fluttered petals floating in the air, can’t look that cold when not smiling.

It was so cold, it was even oppressive.

“That is why I told you.

I want you to have tea time with me once a day.

Then, I will do anything for you.”

‘Maybe he has a crazy ghost that cannot drink tea attached to him…’

“…Am I that good at making it”

“I do not know how to describe to taste that much, I just know that it is good.”

‘What is he talking about now’

As Irene’s face was floated with question marks all over, Rodion stepped in from the side.

“I can’t get up without Rea.

You know that.”

‘Well, that is true.’

Rodion particularly sleeps a lot in the morning.

In addition, he has a hard time getting up from his sleep.

If you lined up a line of maids who had trouble waking him up every morning, it would wind around the ramparts, but of course, this was not the case for the capable Irene.


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