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Irene’s eyes widened.

“The Young Master’s scandal”

“Why are you surprised If you need to entice a spy, you can create an issue that would turn his attention away.

That’s why I’m here to help.”

Saying so, Otis leaned his upper body forward and wedged it onto mine.

“Wouldn’t it be more efficient to create a small event and twist it rather than if you were chasing after a spy’s tail”

“That’s… that’s right.”

After all, as long as Otis was informed, a slight change was inevitable.

In that case, she thought it would be better to do something and catch the spy for sure.

Perhaps, noticing the conflicting Irenea, Otis shrugged and added.

“I specialize in exterminating mice.

It’s difficult to find a better trap than this.”

“But… even if we lay the bait, you can’t set the trap too loudly in the mansion.”

Chasing after the spy had to be done to prevent them from greatly affecting the story of the game.

That was why Irene had no choice but to be more passive about chasing the spy.

“Is there any way to quietly catch him”

“Why not If you can’t catch it in the mansion, you can drag it out.”

But, once again, Otis shrugged off her concerns.

“I haven’t informed the mansion yet, but I’m going to the Lowens region in three days.

I have to attend the birthday party of Marquis Millight’s, and my mother told me to say hello to the Marquis’ granddaughter.

I’ll be staying in Lowens for a few days.”

“I’ve never heard of this.”

Contrary to her words, Irene nodded her head without a look of surprise.

In fact, this was something she already knew.

‘The Lark’s Banquet episode…’

Because that was what that episode’s content was all about.

「 Lark’s Banquet 」 was an episode that could be said to be the beginning of the romance with Otis.

Otis and one of the chambermaids would be away from the mansion for about a week to attend the Marquis of Millight’s birthday party.

At this time, the chambermaid was, of course, Louise.

Because Irene had a stable position, it was difficult for her to leave the mansion, so Louise, a new employee, followed him.

In this episode, she learned about his past.

‘And, she would hear why they were so wary of others.’

On the surface, there was no reason for Lichpen and Lavrenti to have a bad relationship because they are family.

However, if you look closely, they were actually worse than family, and this episode was one of the ways Louise came to know it.

This was a process for Otis to understand Louise and Louise to understand Otis.

“I’d like to take advantage of that opportunity.

As you can see, one chambermaid is supposed to follow me there.”

“Are you going to create some rumors then”

“That’s right.

If we exaggerate it like we’re leaving even for a honeymoon, we’ll definitely have to bite the bait.

They’ll get mixed up among the servants who would be leaving together with me and will try to follow.”

“That’s a good idea.”

Taking advantage of Louise and Otis leaving was a good idea.

If that was the case, it would be possible to set a trap without significantly deviating from the development of the original story.

Indeed, Otis’ help made things a lot easier.

Irene nodded her head with genuine joy.


Then, when Louise wakes up, I’ll tell her to prepare to leave.

I’ll have to sort of cover up the rumors—”

“What about Louise Orpen all of a sudden”

“Yes… What do you mean, why It’s because she’s to leave with the Young Master, isn’t she”

…Who else could be the protagonist of this scandal other than the female protagonist, Louise

“I think you’re misunderstanding something, the scandal I was talking about belongs to you and me.”


When Irene sprang to her feet and shouted unwittingly, Otis placed his index finger on her lips and spoke.


If you don’t want to wake everyone up, you’d better keep your voice down.”

In the mansion where everyone was sleeping, it was easy for conversations to leak out in the silence.

Remembering the late hour, she nodded her head hastily.

“In the first place, isn’t this a secret between Irene and I Is there any reason to involve Louise Orpen”

“That’s true, though…”

Even though she said so, Irene still looked displeased.

No matter how much she thought about it, it felt like she was pouring oil to put out the fire.

Was she making a bigger variable to find the smaller variable…

‘Of course, since Louise is on Rodion’s route, it would not be a big deal if an episode with Otis was missing.’

In addition, although she had already been in the position where Louise should have been — the bed — in the previous episodes.

At that time, it was just a small episode that fell in the middle of the story at that time.

It was not the main episode about romance with the male protagonist like this…!

‘Even if it was to find the spy, can I go inside the main episode’

…Was it possible to create such a significant variable

As Irene was feeling conflicted, Otis took her hand gently and sat her next to him before continuing his words.

“And, you know how annoying it is for me to get deeply involved with other people.”

“That’s… yes.”

She was very aware of Otis’ irritation with interpersonal relationships, of course.

He had refused to have deep relationships with anyone but a few.

‘Young Master, Madam Henrietta asked why you didn’t accept Lady Yvonne’s invitation.’

‘Do I have any reason to accept the invitation I didn’t want to be associated with her because I’m too lazy.’

‘Wasn’t she trying to be friends with the Young Master’

‘I didn’t like the premise itself.

Even if you allow them to be by your side, they would be ready to drag you down to the very bottom.

If you keep the right line, you’ll be better off.’

For Otis, people had always stayed at the same depth—a depth that could only be immersed to the feet or the ankles.

The moment the other person wanted more, he relentlessly stepped out of the relationship without mercy.

She and Otis were able to get along so close because Irene had never thought of herself more than a servant and a tool.

‘’Louis was the only one who was able to cross that line…’

However, not yet, if Otis himself said that in this situation.

“Irene, I have no intention of getting involved with anyone other than you.”

She was unable to push him away.

“So, it has to be you, the person I’m going to be rumored with in any way.

“…If the Young Master says so, I understand.”

Eventually, Irene nodded her head.

It was because she admitted that she could not hold on to the principles she knew up until this point as the situation had come this far.​​ Being involved in a scandal with a central character like Otis might be like digging her own grave.

‘Now that this is the case, we have to go to the counter-offense operation.’

Fire is caught by fire, and variables would be blocked by variables.

Still, Irene was a little worried that the scandal would draw her attention.

‘Although that part can later be covered up by other rumors like Otis lost interest in me by the time I left the mansion.’

Anyway, when that time comes, everyone will be interested in Louise.

‘So, as long as I do not touch the main Rodion’s episode…’

Thinking that, she recalled for a moment about the Rodion episode that would follow.

「 The Murder of Colors 」

In that episode, as Charlotte began to appear, a conflict arose in earnest.

This would be when Charlotte tries to give Rodion the medicine she received from Edith.

‘Originally, Charlotte would appear after 「 A Blood Stained Portrait 」, so there was still a long way to go in the game…’

This time, the appearance of Charlotte was a lot earlier than it was supposed to be.

So, maybe in this situation, the main episode with Otis, the sub-male protagonist, might be rather unnecessary.


‘I do not want Charlotte to show up while Louise is gone in the main episodes.’

Perhaps, this was the right development now that many things have changed… A light scandal between herself and Otis spreads through the mansion.

“I don’t think we can just leave together to create the rumor.”

“Of course not.

Don’t you think we should be together more often”

“I think that alone won’t be enough.

There’s no one in this mansion who doesn’t know that I have been taking care of the Young Master since childhood.”

It would take a little more certainty for the rumors to spread.

As Irene was troubled, Otis opened his mouth.

“Then, how about sleeping in my room”


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