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Chapter 5

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However, since Irene had seen her six times already, it was not difficult to guess what that pure mind was thinking.

‘If possible, we could go out together.’

In fact, it was difficult for her to leave Louise, who was so naive and kind-hearted, alone in this vicious Lavrenti.

But, Louise had a reason why she could not leave the mansion.

That is a huge debt.

Louise’s only family, her father, hanged himself when his business went bankrupt and sat in debt, leaving her alone with a huge pile of debt.

So, to pay it back, she could not give up this high-paying job.

‘And I cannot help her, because I could not pay it back either…’

I really want to stop getting involved in this game.

Irene was about to turn her eyes away with a sad expression on her face, but Louise’s big eyes were filled with tears.

She knew without even asking—those were tears of joy.

“…Don’t cry, Louise.”

“Yes! I will not cry!”

Louise quickly wiped away her tears and smiled brightly as she spoke vigorously.

That smile alone seemed to shine.

Obviously, the female protagonist is something different.

‘Well, it has nothing to do with me now.’

All Irene wanted was to get her out of this bondage life, even for a moment.

A life where she can do whatever she wants without being afraid of the progress of the game.

It begins… with leaving this mansion.

She patted Louise, who was half-faltering, on her shoulder, before turning her head to three men from the Lavrenti family who were the main culprit of the issue.

Now that there is a real blockade, they will not say that they want to hold her on any longer.

Irene asked, feeling much more relaxed.

“Is my reason for resigning sufficient now”

All three men looked incredibly shocked.

“…It’s love”

Among them, Otis was the worst.

His face, which was like fluttering petals, was cold and hardened.

It looked as if he had been hit in the back of his head.

‘I have seen that expression before.’

It was perhaps the Die Ending

After Otis, who distrusted love, fell in love with Louise, he became a complete love indulgent.

Because he would confess his love to her over and over again, saying that the world would be perfect with just Louise alone.

Thanks to this, Irene, who was washing dishes next to her, used to feel embarrassed.

However, obviously, the Ending of ‘Die’ cannot end well.

The debt that killed Louise’s father, is actually a pile of debt from money borrowed from Knox’s corporate bonds.

And, it was Otis who managed it.

Working for Lavrenti, she will soon realize that the Lavrenti family is deeply connected to Knox, but Louise realizes this fact much later with her characteristic innocence.

Along with the fact that Otis is entangled in the cause of her father’s death.

Louise, who was tormented by the fact, finally shouts to Otis, “I don’t love you!”, and Otis’s perfect world is shattered just like that.

He threw away his trust in love and believed in Louise, which turned out to be completely broken.

As great as his love and faith were, the shock overwhelmed him when the trust had been broken like that.

It was an ambitious night, and Irene, who was sneaking into the kitchen to eat a late-night snack without embroidering, witnessed this as well.

It goes without saying that Irene returned shortly after that.

“Love, Irene I know you are a wise lady.

Though what do you mean, love”

Otis, who had a painful expression on his face, gazed at Louise with a face that seemed like he was ready to draw his sword at any moment.

Indeed, it was not just Otis…

“I honestly can’t believe it.

With the first person who came today, you said it is love—”

“…I also agree with older brother.

What is good about that girl”

Ahibalt was glaring at Louise as if to kill her, and Rodion with a similar vicious manner, resembling a hound with his teeth exposed.

Staring at Louise, Otis spoke again in a rather deplorable voice.

“…It can’t be helped.

Love is an illusion created by the brain, so it requires something like prescription drugs.”

‘…Why does the Second Master make me anxious every time’

“So, once you remove it in front of your eyes, you will be free from the illusion in no time.”

Saying so, he approached her, glanced up and down briefly, before turning around and spoke to Ahibalt.

“Fire this person, brother.”


These were not Irene’s words.

Louise, who had just been brimming with tears of emotion a while ago, was startled by the word dismissal and opened her eyes wide.

“Am I getting fired now…”

“Yes, Miss Louise.”

“But… I came here for the first time today…”

“Being here for the first time, leaving will be easy.

Hurry up and get out of here.”

All the words he spoke with a gentle smile are vitriolic.

Actually, the most venomous of the three brothers was Otis.

Irene is familiar with his silky sandpaper-like way of speaking, unlike Louise, who was not unconcerned with the world.

Sad tears welled up in her big eyes.

She looked pathetic enough to want anyone to hug her, but there was no one in this room who would give Louise the warm touch.

The three men of Lavrenti were supposed to do so originally.

With her indifferent personality, Irene was rather bad at saying such cheesy things.

Instead, she glanced at Otis.

‘If you dare make a female protagonist cry in a place other than the bed, you are disqualified as the male protagonist.’

Although Louise tried to suppress her crying somehow, it did not go well, and she burst into tears.

“I cannot get fired!”

‘I know.

She should not get fired, and I should just be able to quit.

Why are things so twisted like this…’

“I have a lot of debt to pay off! How can I get a job Heuk, huek…”

“Did you say your name was Louise Orpen”

Suddenly, Rodion called her name coolly.

“Shut your mouth, it’s noisy.

Well, I know how you can get out of debt if you are fired.”

“Huh… uh, what is that”

“You can just die.”

Rodion smiled lightly and took a dagger out from his arms.

Then, he tapped the short blade to the side of his neck.

“There is a carotid artery on the side of the neck here.

So, if you cut it in one shot, the blood will pour out like a fountain.

And, in less than a minute, you will stop breathing.

It’s a very magnificent view—your throat is dangling and blood is splattering…”

“Stop! Stop talking!”

At Rodion’s cruel explanation, Louise covered her ears and shut her eyes tightly, turning her body away.

The tears in her eyes only continued to leak out.

‘Really, why are they all making her cry’

In the end, Irene, who could not stand it anymore, stretched out her arms to wrap around her.

Louise, who had been weeping sadly, barely opened her eyes at the stiff but friendly hand that wrapped around her shoulder.

“M-Miss Irene, heuk, heuk…”

“Yes, Louise.”

“I, I, sniff, can’t get fired, I can’t…”

“I know.”

It is a hard-to-find, high-paying job, so it is understandable that she does not want to get fired.

As Irene nodded her head, she began to cry even more sorrowfully.

Rodion, who had been listening to her cries, grudgingly poked his ears in annoyance.

“Brother, can I kill her She is too noisy.”

Ahibalt silently gazed at Rodion and Louise, who was in Irene’s arms.

In the process, Irene, who was shooting a glare at Rodion on behalf of Louise, made eye contact with him for a moment.

She frowned slightly.

‘Are you really going to kill her’ She wanted to ask with an honest heart.

‘Doesn’t this lady look so pitiful Doesn’t he want to give her a hug right away’

Obviously, since Louise is the female protagonist, she caught onto her because Irene thought that no matter how much the male protagonists equate human life, they would still spare her life.

‘Now, the only thing I can trust is the First Master…’

She stared at Ahibalt with her sorrowful eyes.

‘Are you really going to kill her’

However, he averted his gaze and answered calmly.

“It is not difficult to cover up a life without any connections.”

Ahibalt, even you

‘Does he not have any plans to go out with her’

In the arms of the dumbfounded Irene, Louise began to cry even louder.

By now, Irene’s arms were fully covered with tears.

Meanwhile, the men were arguing with each other about who was going to kill Louise.

“Rodion, it looks like you are having a bad day.

I will just do it.”

“What are you talking about I will feel better after stabbing someone.”

“Then, you can cut the meat with a jam knife in the future.”

Louise, who had been crying profusely as she listened to the conversation between the two men quarreling, suddenly raised her head.

Her face, which had turned red from crying, was already ruined with tears, though that did not hinder her radiant beauty.

She shouted with a teary face.


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