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Charlotte immediately made an expression because of Irene’s attitude.

She wants her to apologize to a maid

‘That silver-haired maid ignored me first! Besides, can’t people be misunderstood a little How dare she ask me to apologize to her with just that minuscule matter!’

However, there was also a sound of relief in her heart.

In fact, Charlotte had been frantic since she beat Louise, though she could not bear to say that with her high self-esteem.

She feared that Rodion would hate her because she hit Rodion’s favorite maid out of anger.

So, when the silver-haired maid returned, she was going to silence her by giving her money and valuables.

‘I am glad that this maid was not that close to Rodion.’

At that, no matter how much Charlotte thinks about it, she does not need to bow her head down, right After all, she is the one who will be the hostess of this house!

Arrogant thing.

‘I will cut them all down when I enter this house!’

Determined, Charlotte slammed the table threateningly.

“Do you know what you’re saying to me right now”

“Of course.

I’m asking for an apology for damaging the dignity of Lavrenti.”

“Huh Damaging the dignity…”

“Of course.

The servants of Lavrenti exist for the sake of Lavrenti’s dignity.

However, you misunderstood the servant and even slapped her like that.

If you don’t act quickly, the masters will be very angry.”

‘In particular, Master Rodion does not like when guests use their hands on his people like that.’

As Irene added sensibly, Charlotte clenched her fists over the table.

“Well, still, he wouldn’t be so mad at me because my aunt is the hostess of this house!”

“Oh, you’re talking about Henrietta Lavrenti.

Come to think of it, did you know that the maid you hit earlier came from Lichpen”


“She was a maid that Madam Henrietta loved very much, and she is a very capable maid who was sent to Lavrenti for the masters.

She was sent directly from Henrietta as she even wrote a letter of recommendation herself.”

As Irene’s words continued, Charlotte’s complexion grew pale.

“Maybe, that’s why even after she came here, she and Madam Henrietta often send and receive letters.

I saw her writing a letter yesterday as well.

If this even reached Madam Henrietta’s ears…”


“Ah, no!”

Eventually, Charlotte jumped up.

It was because what would happen if this reached Henrietta’s ears was clearly pictured before her eyes.

Since she told Charlotte to investigate inside the mansion as much as possible, but make sure that she did not act conspicuously

Of course, she never thought she would stand out just because she disciplined a maid.

‘I cannot believe she was Henrietta’s favorite maid!’

​​She would have to go back to Eunice where she herself was rusting if Henrietta threw her away for this incident.

The sweet life she enjoyed briefly in Lichpen was just her dream! It could not be like that.

With that thought, she immediately grabbed Irene’s arm with her trembling hand.


You can’t do that.

I’ll apologize if you want me to.

Bring the girl.

Henrietta, this must never get into her ears!”

“Calm down, Lady.

I don’t want things to get too big either.”

No, to be precise, she does not want an apology for being pushed back like this.

Irene’s eyes were cold and still as she stared at Charlotte, who lost her composure in an instant.


‘There is no need to push Louise with this kind of apology.’

If it were Louise, she would quickly nod her head and smile brightly at the apology made by Henrietta and Rodion because she was afraid.

Irene did not want to see that.

‘It must have been why she deliberately hid that from me.’

Although Louise has a flower garden in her head, she is neither foolish nor irresponsible.

She must have wanted to cry when she was hit by Charlotte.

Until the first time in Lavrenti, it was Louise who was crying because she was afraid of murder threats.

If she were in a situation where she was misunderstood and hit on the face, she would not have been able to help but cry out of embarrassment.

However, Louise did not cry.

Irene recalled Louise, who was laughing in front of her, saying that she was really good at organizing the corsages.

She probably could not help but laugh.

Because the moment her face lost strength, it felt like tears were about to burst.

It was not like she did not know that feeling.

That was why Irene did not want to drag Louise, who worked so hard, in front of such a pretentious apology.


“I’ll do my best to make sure that the maid doesn’t tell Henrietta about today’s affairs.

The Lady apologized.”

“Re, really”


You’re Madam Henrietta’s niece, not anyone else, and you’re also a person who is marrying Master Ahibalt.”

At Irene’s gentle tone, Charlotte’s complexion instantly improved.

“But, I think I’ll need some physical evidence to tell the maid that you had apologized.”

“Physical evidence…”

“Like a gesture of sincerity.”


When Irene showed her blatant implications, Charlotte, who understood her meaning, hurriedly took a ring from her hand.

“Take this.

This, too!”


“This, too…”

Even brooches and bracelets

“Can’t I give you anything if you just keep your mouth shut That brooch is yours.

I’ll trust you’ll do as well as you received.”

​​’I was going to give it to you, anyway…’

Irene could hear such a murmur followed after.

Regardless, that was a good thing.

‘I have to give it all to Louise.’

Irene continued to shove money and valuables into her pocket.

“Leave it to me.

Oh, but the Lady should be careful with Young Master Rodion.”


When the name, ‘Rodion’ was mentioned, Charlotte’s expression changed quite a bit.

Somehow, even though her face seemed to contain nervousness, it was as if she was also looking forward to something as well.

“In case you don’t know, if Young Master Rodion had heard of this, he would certainly not stand still.”

In case I didn’t make myself clear, I will keep my mouth shut, though I think it would be better if you get away before the two of you run into each other.

Charlotte was at odds with Irene’s subtle explanation.

‘Will he hate me just because I hit a servant’

…But, what if he really hates it

‘Should I really leave it to this maid and go back’


The moment when her desire to see Rodion and the fear in her heart were in a fierce battle…

Ting, ding, ding—

The bell hanging on the door of the greenhouse made a cheerful sound.

What appeared with the light steps was a reddish, brown-haired young man with long hair that covered his neck, unlike usual.

Moreover, he had a rather dour expression on his face for some reason.

It would not be strange if he would kill one or two people right away with that expression.

The expression on Charlotte’s face went back and forth between heaven and hell in an instant.

The only expressionless person greeted the newly arrived guest.

“Welcome, Youngest Master.”

It was the sound that signaled the end of the situation.


* * *


In conclusion, Charlotte ran away with her tail between her legs.

It was because of her heart that was trembling as soon as she saw Rodion leaning in front of her.


My heart is beating too fast…’

As Rodion drew closer, Charlotte’s chest pounded strangely.

She did not know if this was the fear of Rodion or love, though one thing was certain… The fact that she would not be able to maintain her composure in front of Rodion.

If he even threatened her with that ferocious gaze, it felt as though she had lost the whole world.

‘I do not want to be hated.’

She was not confident she could talk to him, at least as she was in such a mess like this when right now, it was unclear whether he hated her for Veronica’s deeds.

In the end, Charlotte left in a hurry.

She could not even look back lest she ever hear hurtful words from Rodion.

Inside the rattling carriage, Charlotte buried her face in her hands.

‘…Is this love’

Even though she still could not say for sure, for her, only one thing was firmly embedded.


‘I have to be the hostess of Lavrenti.’

Just that one determination.



* * *


“Well, it’s the first time I’ve seen someone run away as soon as I arrived.”

“Do you know her, Youngest Master”

“No It’s my first time seeing her.”

Meanwhile, those who remained in the greenhouse were tilting their heads in the same direction.

Rodion recalled the woman who had just disappeared a moment ago while covering her face with her fan and waving her greetings, before tilting her head in the opposite direction.

The vicious momentum a while ago was nowhere to be found on Rodion’s face, with what remained only the expression of a playful and innocent child.


“I quickly came because Rea called the hound, but I can’t believe she ran away as soon as I arrived.”

“Maybe, something urgent came up”

“It felt like there was something else that was stifling her.

She also seems like someone who has a bad personality.

She didn’t hit you, did she”


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