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She was strongly convinced she had to follow this person.

With that thought, Charlotte grabbed the lady’s hand without thinking back and forth.

— If so, then… Madam, what do you think about me My name is Charlotte Eunice, the daughter of this house.

— …Hmmm.

Being enthusiastic is good, though the place I live in is pretty dangerous Think carefully.

You’d be better off getting married to a moderately comfortable family.

— It’s all right.

The madam will tell me how to survive.

I don’t want to live moderately.

I want to be like the madam!

As soon as Charlotte’s desperate words were over, the person opposite her burst into laughter.

The sound of her high, sharp laughter oddly pierced Charlotte’s heart.

However, it didn’t hurt.

Rather, it felt like she was clearing her blockage.

Eventually, the lady, who laughed for a long time, reached out her hand with a thin expression.

— Okay.

You said your name is Charlotte My name is Henrietta Lavrenti.

Feel free to call me by my name.

And so, Charlotte took Henrietta Lavrenti and came to Lichpen.

With only one goal, an ambition to succeed Henrietta.

There was only one thing Henrietta had commanded her…

— You must keep watch of Lavrenti, Charlotte.

…To marry Ahibalt, becoming the hostess of Lavrenti and her watchdog.

Therefore, Charlotte was given the role.

— Act like you’re in love, Charlotte.

You must love your husband.

Henrietta said as she brushed Charlotte’s hair to decorate her.

Kind and coercive.

— Act like a girl who knows nothing but romance.

Ahibalt, although he is harsh, he is very affectionate.

He couldn’t be so cold-hearted in front of someone who said they loved him.

Love provided a cause for many coercions.

It would be bizarre for an average person to try to find someone’s information, though no one rarely doubts what a person in love wants to know about them.

— Remember, Charlotte.

Don’t love someone with all your heart.

Don’t make me regret bringing you here.

Henrietta had already figured out how to infiltrate her Charlotte into the Lavrenti.

She planned to transform Charlotte into a very impulsive, stupid girl who only pursues her love.

That was how it started.

She first gets them to draw a portrait of Ahibalt, then Charlotte would act as though she had fallen in love with the portrait.

As if madly in love with him, she would be so curious as to who would become her husband and would go to Lavrenti at her own will.

That would be when Charlotte began to hang around Ahibalt with a face as though she knew nothing, and as a hostess who loves her husband so much, she gradually melted into Lavrenti.

In that sense, Ahibalt’s portrait was important.

Exchanging portraits during a marriage conversation was an act taken when the person had no contact with each other.

Therefore, getting the drawn portrait was kind of a show to indicate that Charlotte wasn’t Lichpen’s insider in the first place.

— Even though it’s a bit cliché, that’s how it works.

Outward appearance is more important than you think.

Hence, Charlotte could never go to Lavrenti until the portrait was done.

So, it was even more so to meddle at the Lavrenti mansion under the guise of coincidence.

How can she not be frustrated

‘I shouldn’t go to the Lavrenti mansion, though the only way I can get better is to go to the Lavrenti mansion…’

But, if she goes, what else could she do She had to go and pretend to be obsessed with Ahibalt.

‘The love of my life…’

It didn’t make any sense.

How pathetic is she, someone who always lived only looking at money and status all her life, to become sick because of love!

Nevertheless, she still wanted to see Rodion again.

Just by looking at him once more, it seemed that she would be able to convince herself whether this fever was really love or not.

However, she was afraid to bring those words out of her mouth, so she was struggling.

Fortunately, Charlotte was given a chance.


* * *


The day Knox’s executive went to Lichpen to comfort Veronica, who had been despised by the three Lavrenti brothers.

“How should I stand still even when I am being humiliated like this!”

Veronica leaped in disgrace.

It was because the Knox executive had advised her to weigh in.

“Do I change your attitude right away just because I was hurt by those little boys I’m Veronica Lavrenti! There’s no one as influential as me in Knox!”

Even when she completely harpooned one of the rooms, Veronica’s anger did not go away.

Henrietta, who had been watching her silently, waved her hand with a gentle smile.

“Calm down, Veronica.

Wouldn’t there be a reason for the executives to act like that”

“It’s obvious.

Isn’t it because they stole District Seven, which is most profitable They tremble in fear of losing their way to make a living!”

“I don’t want to die standing in the wrong line, of course.

It’s not that I wasn’t aware of this kind of relationship, where you calculate the gains and losses.”

“No, no! If you don’t have that much courage, you can’t get caught up in a situation like this in the first place! Why am I doing this for them!”


A lighter thrown by Veronica rolled over the floor.

It was because she couldn’t light the fire when she tried to light the cigarette.


She then glared at the pitiful lighter for a couple more minutes before hoarsely catching her breath.

“You know how intense the backlash was when Ahibalt took over as head of Knox three years ago, Henrietta.

Who put the matter to an end”

“Of course.

It was all thanks to you, wasn’t it”

“Yes, me.

It was me! While the young blue-eyed kid took the throne, I slammed those who said they would touch him, and made those who protested shut their mouths! I did that for you!”

Veronica burst into anger, saying, how could he do that to her

Of course, if she did it just to protect Lavrenti, her unfair heart would be understandable, but in reality, she wasn’t.

The reason that she looked down on Ahibalt and tried to influence Lavrenti was because it would be easier to take control of lavrLavrentienti afterward if there wasn’t such an evil-minded person.

In fact, all of the protests against Ahibalt becoming the head of the family were the work of the executives who tried to make Veronica become the head of the household, hoping to get some profit in return.

At that time, because of the influence of the previous head, more than 80% supported Veronica as the next head of Knox.

In that sense, Henrietta would often say that it was a very clever decision for Ahibalt not to retain the position of the head for three years in consideration of Veronica.

— It’s good to be able to show a humble appearance in consideration of the existing powers and grown-ups on the outside.

And inside, Veronica was left with room to clean up the cumbersome buds instead, so you’re killing two birds with one stone.

Had Ahibalt blatantly defeated Veronica outright, he would have lost his reputation and the resistance would have intensified.

— He even calculated that and accepted Veronica.

Of course, I knew from the beginning.

Henrietta laughed softly.

Ahibalt said that she was extorting a high maintenance fee from him, on the condition that he had no intention of telling Veronica about this.

Nevertheless, it seemed that she had no intention of telling Veronica about it.

But, it was necessary to calm her a little.

So, Henrietta stood up and walked over to Veronica, who was panting in anger.

“Come on, Veronica.

First of all, calm down.

You know that this doesn’t solve anything, right”


“Yes, yes.

Though it is true that we are at a disadvantage now.

More than anything else, we’re in the process of marriage.

At least, you can’t move hastily until the portrait is finished.”

“…Ha, what about the portrait You’re trying to run away with your tail between your legs because we lost District Seven, and even your son came to pressure you.”

“Of course, losing District Seven is a big blow, but that’s harsh.

I’m just trying to figure out the future.”

“Later Later, yes, that’s a good thing.

As time goes by, the power I was holding will become more and more attached to Ahibalt.

When that time comes, aren’t you doing this to get accepted by that good son”

She hit the nail on the head.

The fact that Henrietta did not fully support her was something that Veronica was also familiar with.

At that moment, Veronica, who smiled sharply, placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah, I had a good idea, Henrietta.

Why don’t you send Charlotte to Lavrenti”

At that moment, Henrietta’s face, which had always been relaxed, hardened coldly.


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