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For some reason, Charlotte’s face appeared anxious.

With an ax eyes open, she was chewing her lips with a red face.

Had it been someone else, they would have thought Charlotte was angry, though Irene knew from her many years of experience…

It’s clear.

‘She’s at a loss for what to do.’

Why Because she couldn’t meet the male lead…

However, to say it was just that… Charlotte wasn’t an idiot.

She should have known that she would be kicked out after she had come to the mansion as an uninvited guest without being able to see his face once.

So, what was it that made her so uneasy

Charlotte, who was chewing her lips for a moment, finally opened her mouth.

“Wh, what about that maid”


“That silver-haired maid.”


Irene paused for a moment.

There was a variable, so she was trying to chase her out in a hurry.

However, she doesn’t know how to deal with the situation where the variable now calls the heroine directly…

But, her worries did not last long.

“If you’re talking about the maid who first took the young lady to the tea room, she has other business to do.”

“I have something to tell him.

Call her back.”

What Is it because she’s the heroine…

Though when Charlotte first appeared, she wasn’t even aware of Louise’s existence.

‘…What is going on’

Irene came here to check the variables, but her judgment had never been as reliable as it was now.

Surprisingly, it’s not that pleasant again.

Irene asked, feeling a little tired.

“If it’s not rude, could you explain the reason to me first”

“I don’t think there’s any reason for me to explain it to a maid, right”

Charlotte opened her eyes sharply as she waved her hand with an impression.

“Oh, no.


If you can’t call that maid, call the butler.

I’ll have to tell your superior directly.

I can’t believe the servant of Lavrenti is like this.

This is a considerable disappointment.”

“The butler is currently not in the mansion due to circumstances.”

“Then, the chief maid”

“I am the maid, lady.

My name is Irene.”

“Isn’t the maid’s attire the same as a regular maid”

“Since there are no servants who couldn’t recognize my face, the Master has eliminated the way of wearing a dress, as it was deemed unnecessary.”

It was actually a lie.

Obviously, she’s not a head maid or anything, she’s just a maid! Nonetheless, Irene replied flatly without any remorse.

‘That’s none of my business.’

The first thing was to figure out why.

It was also true that the butler took a leave of absence due to his wife’s chronic illness, and it was also true that she was in a position no less than the chief of the maids.

Irene knew that if she asked who the chief maid in this mansion was, everyone would call her.

Of course, she made up the story about her clothes that she later added.

Still, it wasn’t that important, anyway.

“Now, I think I’m well qualified to ask the lady a question, may I ask you again Why are you looking for our maid”

Charlotte’s face turned red at Irene’s question.

Contrary to how impatient she had been a while ago, her embarrassment was more evident on her face.

She finally spoke.

Because she was fidgeting only with her lips, which had been chewed, it turned pitifully red.

“It’s nothing.

The maid’s conduct here is so speculative, that’s why I wanted to call her.”

“I don’t know what the lady is saying”

“Are all the kids here deaf”

Finally, Charlotte exclaimed sharply.

“I’m kindly telling you not to cause any scandal! Th, that maid sleeps with Rodion Lavrenti!”

And, the words that came out of her mouth were far from Irene’s expectations.


* * *


Charlotte Eunice, with her lovely smile and just as lovely cherry-coloured hair, has been suffering from a very serious fever in the past few days.

A fever like heartache and body aches started from the day she returned to Lichpen as she supported Veronica from the chaotic back alley.

She didn’t want to eat anything, and when she laid down to sleep, she couldn’t sleep.

Her heart kept beating loudly, and whenever she shut her eyes, she could see that shimmering smile every time.

“Doctor, do I have a fatal disease”

“This is often called a lovesick.”

The doctor’s diagnosis was clear.

Of course, Charlotte denied it.

“No way He’s someone I’ve only met once.”

“I’m certain.

If you keep thinking of one person and your heart beats and fever rises because of that, then there is only one disease name.”

“That, that… If so, how should I treat it”

“This is a disease of the mind, so you need to have control of your mind well.

If you’re having a hard time, go see that person.”

The doctor said that was the only way to cure it, before prescribing a simple antipyretic analgesic and left.

…Little did he know that the words he had left sounded like a clear-cut force to Charlotte.

‘The only way to get better is to go see him again.’

Charlotte was left in despair.

What kind of fate is this…

She herself was in a marriage with Ahibalt Lavrenti, though she was in love with his half-brother, Rodion Lavrenti!

When she remembered the mayhem in which her life was perishing at that time, Charlotte was still in tears.

Everything was still vivid.

Even her heart, which had been pounding in fear, began to race with an ecstatic attraction in an instant.

‘I can’t do this.’

She had to do whatever it takes to become the wife of Ahibalt Lavrenti.

On such terms from the beginning, that was why she came to Lichpen…

The Eunice family, famous for being a nouveau riche, had many children.

This was because Eunice’s head was a gambler.

A family with many abandoned children and many registered children.

The reason Eunice had so many children was to treat them like cards for the wedding market.

They could spend any amount of money, because what was important were connections and status.

Therefore, Eunice’s head was planning to get it through marriage.

Charlotte was also a card made for an arranged marriage…

If she couldn’t find a suitable marriage partner, all she had left was her status as an old earl’s second wife.


Eunice’s mansion was a kind of auction house.

They put their children on the wedding market and sell them easily to anyone who gave the money.

Charlotte never wanted to be like that.

She was born in Eunice, and from the moment she knew her fate was going to be, she had always dreamed of one thing.

A wealthy and high-status lady, whose only thing she had to worry about in life was to decide what to wear to the tea party tomorrow.

A life that no one could ignore and cannot be servile with anything.

However, there was no chance that a good marriage would come into her brooding family like Eunice, and there seemed to be no way for Charlotte to find the life she wanted…

Until one day, the madam, who was perfectly adorned even at her fingertips, stepped into the disgusting mansion of Eunice.


* * *


White shoes embellished with gold descended from a black carriage engraved with an eagle.

It was then followed by a dress and white gloves embroidered with gold, tailored to the same kind.

She was wearing a veil that glistened whenever she turned her head by sprinkling colorful hair decorations and crystal power with feathers— Such luxury goods were never even seen in the Eunice family, who said money was tremendous.

Because of this, Charlotte, who was then crossing the garden to the tea room, paused in astonishment on the spot.

Why is this rich and noble-looking lady in Eunice’s mansion

The doubt was quickly resolved.

Because the lady found Charlotte, who had stopped, and approached her with her graceful steps.


Maybe, the head isn’t here I came here because I have some matters to discuss with him.

— …My father left.

Is it a matter of marriage

— Oh, my.

You have a good eye.

That’s right.

My son is already at the age for marriage.

The noble lady then added if she doesn’t find his fiancée in a hurry, she will become a bad mom who neglected her son as she trembled.

A soft voice mixed with nasal sounds, a gentle tone, and a composure that never disappears…

It was difficult to see the face beyond the veil, though she could feel it with just a brief conversation.

‘It is this person.

The utopia that I dreamed of…’


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