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Even though he knew that, Ahibalt could not pass that scene every time.

…No, maybe it was because he knew it.

​Perhaps, it was an extension of the fact that his gaze kept staying on the hair, resembling the setting sun swaying over the girl’s neck.

Maybe, that was why she had no idea what kind of eyes he was staring at her back, then and now…

That was why she could have eyes full of such vague trust and kindness.

She must have offered her resignation with the naive belief that he would let her go.

Irene would not even think about it…


The fact that even for the brief moment she made eye contact with his brother, how jealous he was.

Sometimes, when the two of them were all alone in this mansion full of people, what kind of feeling he felt…

‘If she finds out, surely… I would not be able to receive this kind of trust.’

It was clear that even his well-liked appearance would not be much of use then.

Perhaps, she would feel betrayed…

She believed in the other person so much.

However, the truth was that the other person only had sly thoughts.

‘I am curious about her face when trust is broken, but…’

…At least, not now.


It had been less than a fortnight since he nearly lost her.

It would not be too late if Irene really turned her back on him.

Thinking so, Ahibalt stared at Irene for a moment, then narrowed the distance with a characteristic gentlemanly smile.

Like a spider running a string…

It was funny to say this, although he was an unsurprisingly pacifist.

He hated conflicts.

Since it would be trouble and annoying, he liked to manipulate things underwater.

And, without realizing it, the prey would always be in his hands…

For such a docile ending, he needed to always be aware of every move of his prey.

‘Is there anything you are hiding Or, are you thinking of something else’

So, today, he smiled falsely in front of the one he loved and asked the usual question.

“Do you trust me, Irene”

“I trust you, First Master.”

She gave a quick answer.

Perhaps, he was a reliable person for her.

But, if Irene really trusted him completely, she had nothing to hide from him, and he would not have to put on a false smile so much.

Ahibalt narrowed his eyes as he turned his back towards Irene, who was approaching the easel, and asked.

“Then, why didn’t you tell me there is a spy in the mansion”

At the question, she glanced at him slowly.

Seeing those confused eyes he had seen for the first time, Ahibalt remembered.

The fact that trust could be a great bondage above all else.

Irene Casimere.

The maid of Lavrenti, who cannot be replaced by anything, will never leave them.


Whether it was voluntarily or involuntarily.


* * *


At the time when Irene collapsed due to the paralysis scent, she thought that Ahibalt would not understand her words.

In fact, he understood her words from the beginning, and was also willing to ask about what she was saying in detail.

—Twats jaas lwike you. (The is just like you.)

— Miss Irene…! Do not die!

The problem was that there were people intervening before he could react.

Still, Ahibalt did not think too hastily.

No, it would be fitting to say he could not afford to consider that.

Shortly after Irene passed out, Ahibalt experienced his first immersion.

The habit and vigilance from his body just do not reveal his true feelings above the surface of the water.

In fact, all three brothers felt the same at that moment.

‘If we make a mistake, we may lose Irene.’

That simple word awakened the awareness of the three people.

So, they had a brief meeting when Rodion, who put Irene to sleep and destroyed Area Seven, returned.

“It seems like there is a spy in the mansion.”


“It seemed that it was not just a day or two.

This is surprising.”

“What about Elios”

“It was locked, too.

At my brother’s chest as well, see”

Rodion singled out more cheerfully than usual, pointing to Otis’ brooch.

Because of the danger, Elios usually had a double seal on it.

One was with Rodion, where he could unlock and lock it himself.

Though the other could be controlled by the will of others, and one belonged to Otis.

It was a safety device in case Rodion ran loose.

In other words, it was to prevent Rodion from taking out Elios recklessly.

“My naive aunt thought that brooch was still with the executive It was fun, thanks to you.”

“Well done.

How is aunt”

“I saved her life as older brother said.

Still, I do not know why we should do that.”

Saying so, Rodion shrugged and crumpled his body to and fro on the single-seater sofa, and sat snugly.

Ahibalt brought a cushion to put on his seat as he went to the other side, and sat down to answer.

“Because I have no intention of turning the executive team upside down like that.

It is true that Lichpen’s influence is strong on the executives.”

“Then, there is nothing we can do to touch Area Seven in the first place, is there”

“No, this is provocation so that we can move there.

By the way, do you know from whom I heard that there is a spy”




“What now”

The person who spoke this time was Otis, who was quietly listening to their conversation on the other side.

“Ha, so then…”

Otis made a realized expression on his face, and for some reason, he seemed to be feeling worse than before.

Unlike a while ago, he was sitting like a person who was rained on, although now, he looked like a man struck by lightning instead…

“I feel really bad.

It was not enough that Irene was a target.

We were so sloppy that we only knew about the spies only through her mouth.”

“A spy is not a day or two thing, though.

Nonetheless, the latter is definitely agreeable.

It is my negligence.”

“Certainly, it was a difficult situation to understand if you were not a spy.”

Rodion, who was crouching on the sofa and hugging a cushion, shook his head and said, “Obviously, other servants said that aunt came to see Louise Orpen, but we have been tricked.”

“It was Irene who got attacked.”

“…Come to think of it, when I went to Lichpen, my mother mentioned Irene.”

Although, to be precise, she used the designation ‘that chambermaid.’ Still, in this mansion, if she referred to a chambermaid, Irene was the only one.

At that realization, strength entered Otis’s hand, which was holding the armrest.

“Was that what she asked …It must be some kind of trick, then.”

“But, is not something strange Irene has never received so much attention before”

At Rodion’s words, Ahibalt thought about something for a moment and opened his mouth.

“It had to be then… A few days ago, when she submitted her resignation letter.”

“Though at that time, there was only the new maid and the butler, aside from us.”

“Then, we can say that one of the two stole the information.”

“They could have also heard it outside the door.”

“The possibility cannot be completely ruled out, but it is slim.

Are not all the circumstances now pointing to Louise Orpen”

“Don’t you think that all the circumstances pointing to Louise Orpen could be a trick”

“I agree with older brother, too.

Louise Orpen was too stupid to be a spy.

Besides, she was terrified of aunt.

I would not use such a spy.”

“What if that was a trick”

“Then, it means that her acting is great.

Let’s hire her!”

As Rodion spoke cheerfully, Otis laughed and added sarcastically.


So, we will get a great actor and lose Irene That is an amazing idea.”

“Do not be emotional, Otis.

It is not that you do not know what Rodion was saying.”

Most importantly, it was not a time for quarreling amongst themselves.


“No matter who the spy is, we have to find them.

So, for the time being, let Rodion watch over Louise Orpen.”

“Huh… Why me”

“Because you defended her.”

“You did, too!”

“I am just suggesting a possibility.”


As Ahibalt drew a line with a smile, Rodion quickly sulked.

Nevertheless, he did not complain.

It was because no matter how much Rodion has lost his usual personality…

No matter how sensitive Otis is…

And, no matter how unreasonable Ahibalt was…

There was one thing they felt in common.

…Whatever it would be, they needed an excuse to keep Irene in the mansion.


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