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To put it bluntly, Irene realized that things were going worse than she had expected from the moment she realized that she had been struck by the scent of paralysis.

Originally, this episode was not that raucous and dangerous.

‘Because it is just a device to draw the attention to the heroine, after all.’


In the game, all that Veronica does in this episode is pick on Louise a little and hand Ahivalt the letter from Henrietta.

This meant that the main content was not to use the scent of numbing to torment the extras like Irenea.

Of course, since the content of the game is always in flux, it is understandable that the progress has changed to some extent.

In terms of results alone, the episode served its purpose well.

​​Veronica gave Henrietta’s letter and twisted the judgment of the male protagonists.

However, there were many aspects that were uncomfortable in many ways just to let go of.

Is it normal for the episode to change so much like this

A strong sense of discomfort swept Irene’s spine.

‘Veronica prepared the numbing incense…’

She was ready.

This meant that she did not accidentally target Irenea.

Ever since she came to this mansion, she has been aiming for it.

But, why…

‘I guess they must have heard that the male leads overreacted after I resigned’

It also means that there is a spy who tells the story of the inside of the mansion.

And, that was the point that was difficult to explain as ‘episodes are fluid outside of the purpose of achieving the goals.’

Because, there was only one spy of Lavrenti in the game story.

It was just Louise.

‘Though, of course, Louise does not know that.’

For example, it is like a self-conscious snitch.

She had no intention of becoming a spy.

Louise simply wrote letters to her amiable old owner, exchanging her regards.

In order to exchange regards, she naturally includes a recent situation, and there was only one thing that the maid of Lavrenti will write about…

…Circumstances inside the mansion.

‘But, I checked the letter Louise wrote.’

Louise was defenseless, so it was not difficult to peek at the letter over her shoulder.

There was as much useless content as the sandwich she had for dinner was delicious.

So, it would be right to assume that she had another spy other than Louise.

At that, Irene first decided to throw her body to sort things out with a complacent mind.

‘I thought it would be perilous to smell a little more.

At this point, she fell on her knees with the thought that if she did it wrong, she might start her life for the eighth time.


“Antidote! Find the antidote!”

“What are you doing there! Ventilate the house right now!”

The mansion was in turmoil.

Even if the light in her foot goes out right now, she would not be able to make a fuss like that.

Otis hurriedly ran to find the antidote, and no one, from one of the maids to the butler, had their feet resting comfortably on the ground.

Oh no.

there was one…




As soon as Veronica left, he ran to Irenea with a pale face and knelt down on his knees.

Aside from the fact that those pants are more expensive than Irene’s half a year’s salary, she could only blink, wondering if it was such a surprise that she fell down.

Although that seemed to be a worse sign for Ahibalt.

He urgently touched Irene’s skinny cheeks.

Irene hurriedly opened her mouth, fearing that she would be treated like a dead alive at this rate.

“Fi… Fwist Mawster.” (First Master)

‘Oh, my.

My tongue was a lot stiffer than I thought.’

“Can you see me Can you speak Breathe Are you uncomfortable”

“Oh, um… to—”

Even though she wanted to say more than that, her stiff tongue made it rather difficult for her to speak.

Nonetheless, Irene was steadfast and moved her tongue firmly.

Because she had to take advantage of the commotion to tell him about the spy before they noticed it.

“Moreover, she is stuttering and her tongue is getting stiff…”

“Miss Irene! Do not die!”

And, she was surrounded.

Louise and Rodion, who almost jumped down from the second floor, ran side by side and surrounded her side.

Louise was on the verge of bursting in tears again this time.

“You cannot go like this! I still have a lot to do with Miss Irene!”

‘That is right.

How many jobs do you have today Without me, you would have to do it all by yourself.’

“Rea, do you know who I am Can you move your fingertips Are you very dizzy”

‘If you are asking about dizziness, you are definitely right…’

…No, more than that.

Shouldn’t Rodion be lying down right now

“Yo… youngwst… mwaster… weren’t you… sick” (Youngest Master, weren’t you sick)

“Gee, is that important now I am fine, anyway, so it is okay.

Well, more than that, I’m worried about you! I will kill that old raccoon.

How dare she use paralyzing incense on you…”

“Oh, Youngest Master, what if Miss Irene dies with a scream What if she becomes as stiff as a plaster statue and turns into a stone like this!”

‘Is it just me..

Or is that question unnecessarily specific’

Nevertheless, Louise’s worries are not in vain.

Irene realized that this tingling sensation from the distal ends of her body was coming closer and closer to her heart.

The fact that this tingling sensation will eventually strangle her.

Beyond the blurred vision, there was a whimpering, and Rodion’s voice, with a hint of embarrassment, was heard.

“Do not cry, it will be noisy.

Do not cry… I will never let you die.

Do not worry.”

“There is a way to cut off limbs before the paralysis spreads further.

Miss Louise, why don’t you step back and calm down”

And, Ahibalt’s voice always seems calm.

Even in the cloudy consciousness, Irene could feel Ahibalt suppressing his emotions while pretending to be calm.

‘It seems like it took a long time for me to finally get used to this game…’

“…Brother! Oldest brother! I found it! An Antidote! How about Irene!”

Hearing the voices and footsteps of Otis running from far away, Irene closed her eyes in her blurred consciousness.

‘…Oh, I have to tell you about the spy.’

That was her last thought.


* * *


Beyond blurred consciousness.

Irene recalled memories of his past.

No, it would be fair to say that she had a dream.

Maybe it was because of the game, but Irene does not dream really well.

She often closed her eyes and unconsciously recalled her childhood memories.

After falling while trying to pull out a sack of flour and fell down, she decided to approach the boys in the mansion.

‘ I want to know who saved me.’

After realizing that she was in the game for the first time, it was quite a surprising change considering that she was determined not to get involved with the male protagonists as much as possible.

To be honest, she did not like what she was doing right now either.

‘There is nothing good about being deeply entangled with the game.’

Considering that this is a place where trash lies, even a mafia den, and people die on a regular basis, there is no need to explain why.

Irene did not want to be a supporting actor, who unfortunately died because she was deeply entangled with the main characters.

After all, this was a world where all senses, including pain, are real.

So, although she knew enough that what she was doing was crazy, her steps to find the male protagonists were not easily reversed.

Irene’s first candidate was Otis.

The reason is simple.

Because Otis was a boy no one cared for.

‘Ahibalt was busy with the education of his successor from a young age, and Rodion was busy circling around his mother.’

Therefore, the person who has the conditions to save the young maid who falls from the warehouse while wandering around the mansion would be Otis.


And so, she approached Otis cautiously, with a deliberate plan.

She found that Otis often picks off time to head to the mansion’s greenhouse, so she packs a bunch of snacks and follows him to the greenhouse.

‘Children of this age cannot stand for snacks!’

​​The snacks were bait, considering that Otis’ personality was not very docile in the story.


Getting the bait was easy.

Irene can tell the baker in the mansion, who was very forgetful about how many desserts they need to make today.

Today, especially, the lemon madeleines were baked well, so she went to the greenhouse with a basket full of madeleine bullets.

It was the first time she had actually seen such a young male protagonist, so there was a little bit of excitement.

It was also quite enjoyable for her to think about how to say her words to the fierce Otis.

In the greenhouse where she had set her foot in, Irene met a blond boy.


Otis, a little boy who looks great in shorts.


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