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Veronica barely regained her composure, as if nothing was wrong with the current commotion.

She was indeed Knox’s Consigliére.


“Come to think of it, you stopped me when I tried to take Irene to Lichpen back in the past.

Didn’t you”

“I did.”

Ha! A refreshing sneer pierced between them.

Veronica looked as if she had caught something very interesting.

“Oh, do not try to deceive this aunt.

Do you have a heart for that maid”

Saying so, her gaze was very tenacious.

Like a serpent aiming for a vital point, she stared at Ahibalt as if she would pierce him with her fangs at any moment.


Ahibalt, who had leisurely accepted the openly searching gaze, twisted his lips slightly.

“Where would you lead a family without even caring for your subordinates”


“Is that really just the heart of caring for subordinates”

Veronica smiled as she tapped her foot at the footman’s trembling shin, who was still holding the teapot.

“You do not even tell this child to step back.

Hey, what are you doing How did you become the First Master’s servant”

Uttering those words to the servant, she smirked even more.

Although the footman twisted his brow in fear, she only looked at him with joy.

Of course, it did not last very long.

She moved her gaze towards Ahibalt, then pulled out one of her cigarettes and lighter out nonchalantly.

“All right, though this is not the reason I came here.

I originally had come to see someone else to see today, but it makes the story so much more interesting.”

Telling the employee to light the fire, Veronica, who handed the lighter to the servant who was shivering next to her, satisfactorily relaxed her waist only after the red fire caught onto the cigarette.

Instead of her words, Veronica’s serpentine gaze, as she took a deep breath in her cigarette, swept over Irene and Ahibalt, one after the other.

Ahibalt stayed close to Irenea, who was against him, without fail.

In a way, he was vigilant and it seemed that he was trying to protect Irene.

However, that could not be the only reason.

It was not easy to look up and see the face of the person next to you from the perspective of an employee, who cannot raise his or her head when he or she is so close to you.

As evidence of that, he did not hide his most abominable eyes.

Instead, Ahibalt showed them rather openly.

It was the first time she had ever seen Ahibalt, who was so good at hiding his emotions, show his expression so unfiltered like this.

Is that just because of that one maid…

With that thought, Veronica fixed her sharp gaze on Ahibalt, recalling the exciting news she had recently received.

That is, Otis directly visited the real estate agents and threatened them not to sell the property to the Knox people.

It was as though they were trying to stop someone from trying to get out of their shadows…

In addition, there was also interesting news brought by the employee she planted here, so when she visited it, it was such a sight.

‘If Henrietta had known about this, she would have quite a stomachache.’

Hmm… What should she do

The nasal sound mixed with the smoke.

After all, the place they were fussing about was the living room, and when they turned their backs, the entrance would be right there.

‘Let’s tease him a little bit’

It was a bit silly to break his expectations like this…

At that, Veronica, who was pondering something while rolling her eyes, slowly without being noticed, smiled brightly before bitting the tip of her cigarette.

“Irene, I am sorry for being mischievous today.”

Keeping her smile, she waved her fingers in her leather gloves as she approached and stroked Irene’s hair.

Her eyes became ugly as if to strangle her, she intentionally spilled cigarette smoke into Irene’s face.

Thanks to this, Irene is now breaking a new record for holding her breath.

‘Oh, is this CBR training’

In all of her lives, she has never seen someone like this before…

She did not really want to see that red lipstick that arrogantly stood in front of her eyes.

The cigarette smoke, which permeates every time she pretends to spit out a word, pretending to be kind, was so terrible that words could not even describe it.

Meanwhile, Irene was forcing herself, clearing her head.

As she was doing that, the more the sense of incongruity from a while ago became clearer.

‘Something is strange, but I do not know why…’

Without this awful cigarette smoke, she would have been able to think quietly, though, in this situation, she had no way to stop Veronica.

She does not know when Veronica would be openly hostile.

Ahibalt, also had no reason to interfere right now, so he just said words like ‘Aunt’ or ‘Please stop it.’

Irene was driven to the brink of an extreme alternative between smoking a dreadful cigarette and losing consciousness.

As her heart leaned toward the latter, thinking about which of the two options would be better…

“I thought the house smelled disgusting.

You never let me down, auntie!”

The door suddenly opened and Otis entered with a cold smile.

He was, for some reason, in a well-dressed three-piece suit with some dirt on it.

Otis, who smiled a little too much than usual, slipped his hand into his arms with a smirk.

“You know, auntie.

These days, I have been hanging out with people I do not usually associate with…”

What will come out when you put your hand in your arms in a place where the mafia are together, of course…

“When I see a person smoking a cigarette in the house, it makes me want to pull the trigger so bad…”

Only a gun.

Clark. Otis smiled tenderly as he unlocked the lock on the pistol he took out of his arms.

“Put out the cigarette, right now.”

Before he blows a hole in her neck.


* * *


Not long ago, after Irene was rushing, saying that she had to welcome a guest, Otis did not chase her.

‘How could Rodion be so badly hurt in Delton’

Privacy was privacy, and Knox was Knox.

If it leaks out that a gang the size of a fingernail collapsed Knox’s Cadre, there is no shame in that.

The black enamel shoes following Irene spun and crossed the lawn.

The face that had been grinning at Irene a while ago was now ice cold.

‘It is not just one or two things that bother me…’

Otis thought that he should have gone to the Delton sweep.

Of course, it would have been dissatisfying to be separated from Irene, though he would not have had to go through all the annoying things like this now.

In addition, he would have been able to relieve the stress by slicing down the Deltons.

Otis strode across the rose garden.

As he went, he did not forget to collect the roses he had grafted on.


The rose twisted between his index and middle fingers.

‘Shall we go to Delton after talking to brother for a moment’

How far is Delton’s area As he thought about that, he thought he might have to sharpen his knife a bit in that area…

A sinister look appeared in Otis’ gray eyes as he glanced over the districts in the city.

Keito, the capital of the Kingdom of Korne, where they live, was the most prosperous city, but also the ugliest.

The light of the royal family that governed Korne was radiantly bright, although the short rays of the sun could not shine into the alleys of the city.

Keito was the place where the wealthiest people and the poorest people, who came in search of work, lived together, and the far side of the moon was called ‘Rob.’

It was, of course, Knox holding Rob in its hand.

Like some sort of cipher, Rob did not divide the area by street names or building landmarks.


From 1 to 12, zones are defined.

If you grew up in Rob, the first thing you should memorize is the district name rather than the street name.

‘Was it the 11th and 12th districts …These days, it seems that they are becoming more powerful.’

Otis, looking at some of the streets he remembered in his head, stood tall in front of the stable.

“…What is that”

A wagon with the emblem of Lichpen, with one eagle minus one from Lavrenti’s two eagle symbol, stood tall.

For a moment, he stiffened his body, wondering if Henrietta had arrived, though realizing that the carriage, which had been painted red like that, was not to Henrietta’s taste, he relaxed slightly again.

Henrietta did not like being overly flashy.

Such a red-colored carriage was definitely Rodion’s mother or Veronica’s taste.

‘Is Rodion’s injury already flowing into the Lichpen…’

Many thoughts ran through Otis’s head, but Rodion’s fault was also mixed among them.

This was because Lichpen’s carriage was naturally associated with Rodion.

Even so, the terrible feeling has slowly completely taken over.

As he approached the carriage with a frown on his face, Otis noticed something interesting.

Huh. A low sneer came out.

One of the servants was hammering the wheels of a carriage, which had Lichpen’s seal stamped in red.


Of course, there was no way that the servant would voluntarily destroy the carriage.

So, it must have been someone’s order.

And, Otis knew that there was only one person who would make the servant do such a thing…

Ahibalt Lavrenti.

He pretended to be decent, that man who always took a step back…

‘If you look at it, you are worse than me, brother.’

Otis finished his thoughts and took a long glance through the messy living room, before smirking.

Twisting his graceful lips, he lowered his gun horizontally.

“I heard that cops take their first steps with empty bullets.

I got this from a little birdy who ran away yesterday.

What do you think, aunt”

[ T/N: ‘Bird’ is a codeword for cops.


Is it an empty bullet or live ammunition…

Throwing a light-hearted attitude, Otis laughed and moved his finger to the trigger.


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