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Chapter 5: A Relationship That Has Definitely Changed

My morning started early.

“Fu~… it’s decided.”

I checked my hair in the mirror of the bathroom sink.

There was not a trace of bed hair.

A person’s impression could change with just one haircut.

Even though I was not a good looking guy, I think I looked good …… even if I just dyed my hair a little and gave it a cut.

A habit I had developed since I fell in love with Chinatsu-chan.

Keeping up appearances was the first step to cleanliness.

“Onii, how long are you going to occupy the bathroom I’m going to use it, so get out of my way.”

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

I was chased away by my sister.

The elder brother was a weak existence.

This was not the only thing I did in the morning.

Light preparation for today’s class.

Light muscle training.

Checking the news while having breakfast.

Although it was just a light workout, if I continue to do it every day, the effects would become apparent.

Through these efforts, my grades have improved, I had a body that could just barely be called thin and macho, and I could keep up with any topic of conversation to some extent.

Love changes people.

If I had not fallen in love with Chinatsu-chan, I might have lived a gloomy high school life as a gloomy, simple boy.

“Good morning, Osako.”

“Ah …… G-Good morning, Sano-kun.”

Like Osako, for example.

Arriving at school.

I encountered Osako at the entrance to the school.

We greeted each other in the same friendly manner.

My relationship with Osako was not bad, but not good either.

We didn’t have any trouble talking, but we weren’t in the same group, so it wasn’t like we were always together.

To put it bluntly, Osako was a loner.

Most of the time, Chinatsu-chan was the only one who talked to Osako, and only occasionally I talked to him.

On the other hand, at least I’ve never seen him come and talk to me.

“Well, see you in the classroom.”

“U-Uh yeah … see you in the classroom …”

I waved goodbye to Osako.

Just because we were classmates didn’t mean we had to go to class side by side in a friendly manner.

Besides, I don’t think I’m going to be able to hide my anger at Osako today.

To begin with, Osako had been blaming Chinatsu-chan for his being a “loner” for some time now.

According to him, “I can’t talk casually with the boys in class because Chinatsu talks to me.”

Rather, Chinatsu-chan was talking to him because she was concerned about Osako being alone in the classroom.

If he wanted to complain, he should have reassured her.

And yet, yesterday, He hurted her without knowing how much she cared.

Even my heart, which was wider than the ocean, had its limits.

“What’s wrong, Masa Your face has been scary since this morning, y’know”

“Can you say that by looking at this refreshing smile”

“That’s funny.”

Isn’t it awful to laugh at someone’s smile

I entered the classroom and blended in with the appropriate group.

I still didn’t see Chinatsu-chan.

Come to think of it, Chinatsu-chan always went to school with Osako, right Earlier, I was all alone with Osako, and as expected, after yesterday’s events, I didn’t think They would be able to repair the relationship immediately.

It was her.

She probably delayed her arrival at school so she wouldn’t have to see Osako.

…….It’s always her who cares the most

“What’s wrong, Masa You look funny again.”

“Let me show you what a real funny face looks like.”


I don’t think it’s appropriate for a girl to erupt “Bwahaha!” Although it seemed that she was holding her stomach

While I was conversing, Osako entered the classroom.

I didn’t care about that.

Just in time, Chinatsu-chan finally entered the classroom.

“Ah ……”

She looked like she wanted to say something, but she kept her mouth shut with a sad look on her face.


Just as Chinatsu-chan was about to take her seat, her eyes met mine as I stared at her.

Chinatsu-chan’s face turned bright red as if she was using an instantaneous water heater.

Then she turned her face away from me with all her might.


What is that She’s confused and conscious of me Eh, it’s honestly cute.

Our relationship had definitely changed.

It may be a bad change for Chinatsu-chan, but for me, it was a once in a thousand chance.

Not that it meant she liked me, but she was definitely aware of me as a member of opposite s*x.

Of course I would be happy about that.

“Ah, Masa made a funny face again.”

“Hehehe ……”

“Buho! T-that’s scary…Bufu~”

Oh man, I can’t stop grinning.

I gave the girl sitting next to me a strange look, and made my reputation go down.

But I couldn’t hide my joy so much that it didn’t matter.


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