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–It’s been difficult since then.

We were making so much noise in front of Chinatsu-chan’s house.

“What in the world is all the commotion about!”

It was no wonder her parents had noticed.

The appearance of Chinatsu-chan’s father and mother caused a different kind of tension.

“What What’s going on, Kentaro!”

In addition, Osako’s parents came out from the house next door.

Come to think of it, they were neighbors.

At this point, it was Chinatsu-chan who stepped forward.

She explained the situation in an oblique manner.

I was afraid that Osako might argue with her, but he silently affirmed Chinatsu-chan’s story.

Not only Chinatsu-chan’s parents but also Osako’s parents believed her story.

As expected of Chinatsu-chan.

The level of trust they had in her was totally different.

“I’m sorry that my child caused you so much trouble… Chii-chan and you, I’m sorry.

Please let me come back to apologize.

But for now, let me give Kentaro a sermon.”

Osako’s mother was a disciplined person.

Aside from the apology to Chinatsu-chan, She even apologized to me who wasn’t harmed, so I tried to stop her, but she didn’t back down saying she would come back to apologize again next time.

Osako disappeared into the house, dragged by his father.

The thought of his parents lecturing him about this may be hellishly painful for a boy of his age.

“So, are you … Chinatsu’s boyfriend”

“Ha, yes.

My name is Sano Masataka, Father!”


“Ah, no…”

Without any preparation, I was introduced to her parents in an impromptu manner.

I don’t remember exactly what I said, either, because of the abrupt greeting.

All I remembered was that Chinatsu-chan hugged me while I was being introduced to her parents.

Perhaps because of that, Chinatsu-chan’s parents looked at me with warm eyes as I became flustered.

At any rate, the matter was now settled.


After that, there was a change in Chinatsu-chan.

“Let’s stop hiding the fact that we are dating.”

Said Chinatsu-chan.

“Are you sure”



I’m sorry for being selfish with you until now.

From now on, I want to say … that Masa-kun is my boyfriend with….


After saying so, Chinatsu-chan’s face started boiling

She was cute, so of course I hugged and kissed her.

It tasted warm and sweet.


So it quickly spread throughout the class that Chinatsu-chan and I were dating.

“Say, Masa”


“Is it true that you and Sugito-san are dating”

“It’s true.”

I nodded vigorously at the question from the girl sitting next to me.

Chinatsu-chan is my girlfriend ….

What a pleasant feeling it was to be able to say that with pride.


I used to feel a little like “you b*****d” when my friends boasted about their girlfriends, but now that I was in the same position, I understood it all too well.

Even strangers who were just passing by were annoyed by my saying “Cute Chinatsu-chan is my girlfriend”

“Wow, you did it.”

“You’ve been cheering me on.

Thank you.”

“I mean, you were actually going out with her long before that, weren’t you”

The girl sitting next to me was smiling at me.

What’s this deja vu It’s similar to the feeling I had when a group of friends had previously discovered that I was dating Chinatsu-chan.

“You were both showing off.

It’s so obvious that it made me feel a little bit sweet and sour.”

“W-was it that obvious”

“Yes, it was.”


I thought I was keeping it under wraps.

It seemed that people close to me understood.

“So What do you like about Sugito-san”

“Eh, you’re going to ask me that I’m going to talk about it a lot, but will you listen to me”

“Wow, Masa is the noisy type of guy”

(T/N: Meaning he is the type to brag about his girlfriend)

“You can’t say that until I’ve at least said it.”

Let me at least say a hundred cute things about Chinatsu-chan.

I’d like to say twice as much to my satisfaction.


I straightened my posture as Chinatsu-chan called out to me.

“I made Masa-kun’s bento… was it fine”


It’s always been my dream to eat Chinatsu-chan’s homemade lunch box.”

“M-mou~… don’t tease me.”

“I’m not teasing.

I’m serious.”


Chinatsu-chan’s face turned red from embarrassment.

I couldn’t wait for lunch break.

When the chime for the next class rang, Chinatsu-chan bowed her head and walked quickly back to her seat.

“Aisai Bento.

What can I say, …..Seriously, Sugito-san is getting cuter.”

(T/N: Aisai bento (愛妻弁當かぁ):- Lunch box made with loving care by one’s wife)

“I know.

She’s always been cute.”

“No, it’s the way she’s acting.

She’s like a newlywed.”

Wife ….

I couldn’t help but imagine the newlywed life.

The teacher began to teach the class.

The girl sitting next to me continued in a whisper.

“That’s the type of person who will devote herself to you.

… in many ways.”

“Hmm What do you mean”

The girl sitting next to me had a deep smile on her face.

“Sugito-san, She is a woman who makes men happy.”


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