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Chapter 181 – Prophecy time!!

The headwind hurts my eyes, and I can see clouds below passing by us.

“All right Princess Lily, we are flying.

No one can hear us.

Can you tell me now”

I say to Princess Lily, who is looking down and cheering.

I’m still looking straight ahead.

It’s not like I’m afraid of heights, not at all.

I’m just being careful, because it’s not good to not pay attention to what’s in front.


Princess Lily stops looking down, and rests her head on my right arm again.

She then raises her index finger, and says that with a smile.

“Up The clouds”


That cloud.

Apparently there is a dragon tomb above that cloud.

There is a dragon zombie protecting that territory called a cloud tomb.

That is where you will find the next 『points』.”

I look up to where she’s pointing, and see a cumulonimbus cloud.

It is particularly big, but it still just looks like a cloud to me.

“I just see a cloud.”

“It’s right above where we are now.

The fact that we can see it there is the best proof we could ask for.

If we let this escape now, it will be hard to find again.”

“…Just how much do you know, Princess Lily”

“You are friends with Miss Taula, so you should know about Araysla’s prophecies.”

Princess Lily says with a light smile.

“You mean the oracles Was this foreseen”

“So Miss Taula can even perform oracles.

She is not just an excellent templar knight, she is also an outstanding servant of god.

Prophecies are like an older version of oracles.

The great hierarch from three generations ago was said to be a great prophet.”

I start thinking about the information being given to me.

I guess points could be somewhere other than a box.

Thinking about the time when I formed a contract with Seilook, it wouldn’t be that weird if this dragon zombie or something was holding points.

The issue is the authenticity of this prophecy.

Then again, I’m not sure if hearing the details of the prophecy will really help me make a decision.

The part that sticks out to me is that she’s basically telling me to hurry because there’s no time.

It’s like my judgment is being taken away from me.

But then again, what would Princess Lily gain by lying about this

It wouldn’t be a big deal if we went to this place she calls a cloud tomb and there was nothing there anyway.

So in the end, I have to go there and check.

“So, what will you do, Master Rust The cloud will float away if you don’t decide quickly.”

“Very well.

We will go there and check.

But Princess Lily, promise me you will avoid anything dangerous until we land.

Follow my instructions, and please don’t do anything dangerous.”

“Oh! Only my future husband can give me orders like that.”

She says with an amused tone.

I don’t answer, and tell Seilook through our bond to soar up towards the cumulonimbus cloud.



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