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Hearing Beckys outburst, Maddy immediately turned sullen.

“Whos the bitch here Who came over to insult us like a mad dog while we were happily shopping on our own

“Come on.

Tell me if theres anything wrong with what I just said.”

Maddy sneered.

Becky was so infuriated that she stomped her feet.

Although Maddy didnt spell it out loud, the look in her eyes and the words she said were clearly implying Maddys disdain for the chubby man Becky was with, who was inferior to Jordan in terms of looks.

She grabbed the arm of the man beside her and said coquettishly, “Honey, this shameless bitch is obviously mocking you and saying youre inferior to her man! You have to teach them a good lesson.

Well see if she still dares to be so arrogant!”

The man looked extremely gloomy too.

Of course, he knew what he looked like, but the way Maddy looked at him just now angered him.

Now that his girlfriend addressed the elephant in the room, he flew into a rage.

“Bitch, how dare you mock me!” He glowered at Maddy.

Maddy harrumphed with derision.

“When did I mock you What did I say to mock you Stop being unreasonable!”

“You!” The chubby man was enraged, and he clenched his fists tightly with a menacing look on his face.

He really had nothing to say now.

Maddy truly didnt say anything to mock him just now, but there was something wrong with the way she looked at him.

However, what could he say Could he say that Maddy mocked him with the look in her eyes

Becky hurriedly said, “Maddy! How dare you speak to my boyfriend like that! Do you know who he is When you find out, youll be scared to death!”

“Wow, Im so scared!” Maddy pretended to be flustered and frightened.

The next moment, she said with a straight face, “Tell me who he is, and see if Ill be scared!”

Maddy thought that she had to be joking.

She was accompanied by the captain of the Falcon Regiment of Calico, who was known as the invisible God of War.

How could the identity of Beckys boyfriend scare her

“Hmph, let me tell you.

My boyfriend is Mark Branson, and he belongs to one of the eight top families of DC!” Becky introduced loudly with her chin raised proudly.

Mark also raised his head arrogantly.


All they got in response was silence.

Becky originally thought she would see shock, surprise, jealousy, and fear on Maddys face.

But after waiting for a while, she only saw a calm Maddy, who even had her eyebrows slightly raised in provocation, seemingly saying, “Thats it”

Becky was dumbfounded for a moment.

She even thought that Maddy didnt hear her clearly or that her introduction of her boyfriend wasnt shocking her enough.

“Didnt you hear me My boyfriend is from the Bransons, one of the top eight families of DC! His father is very prestigious in his family too, and he has already been designated as the successor.

My future father-in-law will be the head of the Bransons, and my husband will also become the next successor!

“Maddy, youre scared now, arent you Your family is just a second-class family in DC.

Its nothing compared to the Bransons! By insulting and mocking my boyfriend, youre insulting the Bransons! If you anger my boyfriend, your family will be in trouble!”

Becky was now throwing her weight around by leveraging on the power of Marks father.

She even anticipated the time when Mark would inherit the position of helmsman.

“Hah, regardless of who it is, save it for yourself.

Im not interested at all,” Maddy said in exasperation.

“To be honest, Im not interested in arguing with a dimwit like you.

Even if you think your boyfriends family is that powerful, dont show off in front of me.

Get out of the way!”



Becky was about to lose her temper, but her boyfriend, Mark, had already hit the roof.

He had always thought his background and identity were very impressive.

As a member of the Bransons, he could already dominate DC.

But he didnt expect Maddy to disregard him repeatedly.

Not only was she not shocked at all, but she even said that she wasnt interested.

Her attitude of ignoring him was simply humiliation to the arrogant Mark!

Seeing this, Becky took the opportunity to say, “Honey, look.

She doesnt even take your family seriously.

You must teach them a good lesson and make them know the rules!”

“Are you done What do you want” Jordan couldnt stand it anymore and stood in front of Maddy.

Becky was obviously looking for trouble and trying to sow discord.

But Mark failed to realize it and even targeted Maddy.

Jordan was Maddys fiancé.

How could he possibly stand by and watch these two people bully her

Moreover, Mark was just someone from one of the eight top families of DC.

They might seem extremely powerful in the eyes of ordinary people, but Jordan and Lucas had long stopped caring about such families.

Seeing that Jordan had the guts to rebuke him, Mark was furious.

Perhaps because he was too ugly, he was extremely envious when he saw tall and handsome men like Jordan and Lucas.

“Punk, what right do you have to speak in front of me Both of you, immediately kneel down and apologize to me! Otherwise, you two must die here today!” Mark threatened.

Jordan sneered and grinned evilly.

“Ill give you a chance too.

If you and the woman beside you kneel down and admit your mistakes to us now, I can still consider sparing your lives.

Otherwise, Ill turn you into a cripple!”

“Damn it.

Youve got a death wish!” Mark raised his fists to punch Jordan.

He was using a common Taekwondo stance.

It seemed that he had learned Taekwondo before.

If Mark used his fancy moves to bully those with no martial arts background, it might work.

But to a top expert like Jordan, it was just like a three-year-old child showing off his muscles in front of a weightlifting champion.

It was simply ridiculous.

Jordan stood still, not moving at all.

But Mark and Becky thought that he was too scared to move, so they had smug looks on their faces.


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