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Ling Xueer was at the end of her lifespan.

She knelt in the heavy rain, “I am willing to live and die with Yuan City.

If the city is here, I will be here.

If the city is destroyed, I will die.”

Ling Xueer looked at the burning flames and staggered into the flames.

However, when the flames met Ling Xueers blood, they were extinguished.

After Ling Xueer discovered that the Ming Li Fire could be extinguished by her own blood, she cut her wrist and condensed her blood into red snow before it landed on Yuan City, until the last drop of her blood flowed out.

The Heavenly Emperor was moved by Ling Xueer and used the ten-thousand-year-old ice jade to stabilize Ling Xueers soul.

He appointed her as the Snow Fairy and controlled the snow that fell from the sky.

However, because Ling Xueer lost her blood and lifespan, her body no longer had any vitality.

Her black hair became white like snow and her personality was like ice.


In the game, the plot of Ling Xueer lying in the red snow made many people who had just entered the game cry.

No matter how many female characters appeared, Ling Xueer was forever the white moonlight in the hearts of players.

Shi Xi also liked Ling Xueer, but she could not act out Ling Xueers elegant and noble character!

After putting on makeup, Shi Xi saw the clothes this time.

“Its very beautiful!” Shi Xis eyes lit up.

Ling Xueer had always been dressed in white clothes and had white hair.

The two new clothes that had appeared before were also white traditional dresses, but there were many patterns on them.

But this time, the publicity team had made a bright purple dress, and the accessories were very beautiful.

The director laughed out loud and said, “The content of the shoot this time is Xueers carefree days in Yuan City.”

Ling Xueer was originally the carefree daughter of a rich family, but she was forced to grow up because she wanted to conquer the world.

Shi Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thats good.”

The director said, “Miss Shi, if youre ready, well start filming.”

The director was originally afraid that the actress he had hired would not be able to act well.

Hence, when he was writing the script, he did not set up any complicated plots.

After all, this scene was to be filmed on the green screen.

The background would be added later on.


The news that Shi Xi was going to shoot a promotional video forWorld of Martial Arts Dream leaked out from god knows where.

When the players knew that Shi Xi was going to play the role of Ling Xueer, they all stood up.

[Let Shi Xi play the role of Ling Xueer Even a mastermind without three years of mental illness wouldnt be able to come up with such a ridiculous plan!]

[Let Shi Xi promote Does Shi Xi have as many fans asWorld of Martial Arts Dream What a joke! Who is promoting who]

[If you dare to let Shi Xi promote, I will quit the game!]

[I demand a refund!!!]

The players in the game industry tried their best to resist.

In their eyes, Shi Xi was just a scammer who bought fans.

She was not worthy of the character Ling Xueer.

When Shi Xis fans heard the news, they were also very hesitant.

As long as they were players, they knew that they could not offend the game fans.

After all, in the game world, players were the fathers.

If they scolded the game and scolded the official plan, the games official plan could only obediently accept the scolding and optimize the game.

But in the entertainment industry, fans didnt dare to do that!

They held the title of xxx fans.

If they cursed, people would say that the quality of xxx fans was really bad.

As Quan Gaoyis former fan, Ji Yin didnt know the game world like the back of her hand.

But she could be considered to know a thing or two about it.

After looking at the cause and effect online, Ji Yin quickly gave the order, [Report the other partys scolding words directly.

Dont scold each other.

Focus on cleaning the square and sending out Shi Xis pictures more often.]

[Just pretend that there is no such publicity forWorld of Martial Arts Dream!]

[Dont scold each other! Dont scold the game officials either! These few days, focus on posting beautiful pictures and reporting the antis!]

Ji Yin took the lead in playing dead.

[My Xi Xi has been recording [Star Idol].

We dont even know about the unannounced resources.]


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