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Chapter 5: Drugged by the Succubi

30 years.

A full 30 years!

The succubi of Dreamland had never been so enthusiastic when they received customers!

The Dreamland that was established for 30 years and earned tons of wealth and was renowned throughout the entire continent...

Finally, today!

In the true sense of the word!

Was open for business!

Their customer today was no longer a fat, politically worthless pig.

Instead, it was a true core member of the Empire's power class!

The succubi were so touched that they were about to cry.

Happiness came too suddenly!

The next Emperor, Rayne Haines, had come knocking on his own!

The opportunity to topple the Haines Empire and spread the glory of the Dragon of Lust was right before them!



The Dragon Succubus was excited and worked hard to mobilize everyone before the battle.

"This is the first time we've done anything serious in 30 years!"

"There might only be a single opportunity as such in the history of Dreamland.

The opportunity to change our fates is right before us.

Now, it depends on whether we're determined to seize this rare opportunity!"

She declared sternly, "Swear in the name of the Dragon of Lust, Lady Olivia!"

The succubi clenched their fists with a solemn expression.

"Squeeze him dry without a single drop left!"

Dragon Succubus: "Alright, let's go!"

Thereafter, the Dragon Succubus carefully selected 10 succubi with the strongest performance and dressed them up before sending them to Prince Rayne's private room.

Even then, everyone from Dreamland felt that they were not enthusiastic enough.

As the leader, the Dragon Succubus put on her own perfume and changed into a thin dress before entering the private room.

In the private room.

Rayne was surrounded by a group of succubi disguised as young girls, hugging them left and right in a carefree manner.

As a member of the royal family, Rayne had the bloodline of a goddess as well.

Naturally, he was fiendishly handsome, whetting the appetites of the succubi.

Coupled with his status as the prince of the Empire, the succubi were even more motivated to attack him.

They used all sorts of tricks to pander to the prince, trying to pique his interest.

However, Prince Rayne did not seem interested in the teasing of the succubi.

He merely chatted casually with the succubi about his experiences, ranging from national affairs to how many b*tches there were in the Imperial Guards.

Prince Rayne was good at telling stories.

The succubi listened with relish.

However, they glared at his belt with resentment.

When was this prince going to get to the main point

When they saw that Prince Rayne was not flustered, the succubi felt that their professionalism was being questioned.

At this critical juncture, it was all up to the Boss to step in personally!

The Dragon Succubus who had been observing the situation from the outer perimeter squeezed into Rayne's embrace.

After exchanging flirtatious pleasantries with the prince, the Dragon Succubus's motives were finally revealed!

"Your Highness, please try this specialty of Dreamland,"

The Dragon Succubus carried a silver wine glass for Rayne with a charming smile.

This so-called specialty wine was actually a superior-grade wine with additional ingredients.

As for the additional ingredients...

fufu, what other drugs could succubi deploy

A quick look at tinyurl.com/37k7u89t will leave you more fulfilled.

Once the prince of the Empire took the drug, it would be much simpler for him to corrupt and induce him into degeneracy so that they could perform their duties.

At that time, it would be much easier to convert him to the great Dragon of Lust!

The Dragon Succubus looked at Rayne expectantly.

Rayne did not disappoint.

He raised his glass and took a sip.

Rayne savored it and praised, "Yes, good drugs!"

The Dragon Succubus was delighted and echoed, "Isn't that right This is our...


"Y-Your Highness"

"What did you just say" The Dragon Succubus was dumbfounded.

Suddenly, the atmosphere went silent.

A succubus at the side wiped the cold sweat on her forehead and said with an awkward smile, "Prince Rayne should be referring to… good wine, right"


Rayne shook his head.

"Although the wine is not bad, it's only a second-rate product.

However, the Silver Blood Dew that's a specialty of the Nether Realm mixed with the wine and the scale powder of the Dragon of Lust… are all incredible stuff."

Rayne was flattered.

"You guys are sure willing to go to great expenses just to drug me."

A thunderbolt exploded in the minds of the succubi.


They were up against an expert!

Just as the succubi were shocked speechless, Rayne did something even more terrifying.

He raised his silver wine glass and gulped down the wine in it!

The succubi were shocked.

The prince drank it all despite knowing that it was drugged!

As for Rayne, he looked calm after drinking the drugged wine without any abnormality.

"Although the drugs are good, I'm the Prince of Haines and the scale powder will be nullified by the bloodline of the goddess in my body.

As for the Silver Blood Dew, it won't work unless it reacts with the body fluids of succubi.

Sigh, what a waste of these good drugs."

Rayne wiped his mouth regrettably.

As for the succubi, they were on the brink of tears.

They were ashamed!

It was way too humiliating…

So, the Silver Blood Dew would only take effect after reacting with the body fluids of succubi

Even they did not know about this!

Rayne, on the other hand, retracted his smile slowly.

"Alright, I've drunk the wine offered by you ladies.

Why don't we do something proper now"

"Something proper"

The succubi revealed shy expressions.

"Your Highness, are you referring to how you're finally going to pamper us"


Rayne said sternly, "I want to crack down on prostitution."


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