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Chapter 1006 Mama Sphinx For The Rescue.

Sit. Elder Dragon said.

Felix lifted his head and walked towards a single chair that was placed on a red carpet straight in front of the Elder Dragon.

After Felix took his seat, he remained quiet, waiting for Elder Dragon to explain his reason for summoning him.

Elder Dragon got straight to the point as he asked with an indifferent look, What have you heard from the ancestor

Almost everything. Felix answered calmly, not bothering to hide the truth.

He knew that it would be hard to completely lie to Elder Dragon...If so, might as well come out clean from the start.

I see. Elder Dragon knitted his eyebrows in displeasure, not liking the notion of an outsider knowing about most of their secrets.

Especially, when some secrets targeted him and his reputation.

Elder, you don\'t have to worry about your secrets going out. Felix clarified, Ancestor has told those secrets to my masters, not me.


Elder Dragon was put slightly at ease at the sound of that.

He understood that Felix wouldn\'t be able to expose their secrets when his masters were watching him.

Not enough.

Still, he wasn\'t completely at peace...It was to be expected.

If Felix ever exposed that the Elder Dragon\'s strength was result from abusing his authority to consume a hundred thousand royal gemstones, chaos would cloud the entire galaxy.

Not to mention other secrets about the ancient war and the fact that the ancestor dragon had actually committed suicide.

In the Elder Dragon\'s eyes, Felix simply carried a gun full of ammo that could end their race.

I believe that you know about my masters. Felix frowned in displeasure, I am requesting you not trust me but trust them.

Felix understood Elder Dragon would never trust a human like him.

After all, he had just scammed quarter of his race from their natural treasures and even put them in debt for the next decades.

Felix had no issue with that.

But, he believed that the moment he involved his masters, Elder Dragon should put down his worries immediately.

If not, it was the same as assuming that Felix\'s masters were dishonest and not to be trusted.

In such matters, I only have trust in Queen Ai. Elder Dragon replied with an unfazed look, Sign this, and you can leave.

A holographic contract was forwarded to Felix...He read it for a few minutes until he was well versed with every term and the underlying impact of it.

From his disgruntled expression, he didn\'t like the terms one bit.

\'Whew, if you signed this, you might die if your tongue slipped just once.\' Asna commentated.

Asna wasn\'t downplaying the contract even slightly.

It was so strict and dangerous, Felix doubted that he could survive signing it.

It forbid him to mention any of the secrets to absolutely anyone...If he dared to even let out a single word about them, he would get killed straightaway by the Queen without hesitation.

I am not signing this. Felix forwarded back the contract.

You don\'t have another option. Elder Dragon stressed coldly while returning the contract to Felix.

There are always other options. Felix sent back the contract again, not bothering to even glance it.

Felix knew that the hardest thing to control were words...He refused to put himself in position where his life depended on watching his tongue 24/7.

Sure, it was easier to control himself at the moment since his memory was still fresh, but the contract forced him to not discuss anything he heard from ancestor Imyr for eternity!

Child, the only reason you are still standing before me is because of your masters. Elder Dragon narrowed his eyes dangerously.

What does that mean Felix replied with an unfazed expression.

I will keep your mouth shut one way or another...You better choose the easy method. Elder Dragon started emitting an authoritative pressure on Felix, forcing his muscles to stiffen immediately.

This was enough to let Felix understand that he wasn\'t walking out of here unless he signed the contract.

Elder Dragon cared less about matters related to his race...Felix could beat up his younger generation, he could scam his race and put them into a bit of financial crisis, and he could even harvest the entire dimensional pocket out royal gemstones.

However, when Felix\'s matters affected him personally and put him at unease, there was no way he would remain as indifferent as always.

If the only option to keep his reputation and authority intact was to remove Felix from the equation, he wouldn\'t hesitate to go for it.

Just as Felix wanted to reply, Lady Sphinx closed her book gently and placed it on her lap...Then, she ordered from Felix, \'Activate your bracelet synchronization.\'

Upon hearing so, Felix smirked coldly in front of Elder Dragon and did as he was told.

Immediately after, Lady Sphinx emerged on top of Felix as a gigantic realistic holographic image, forcing Elder Dragon to switch his focus to her.

Lady Sphinx neither did she greet nor did she soften her tone.

She eyed Elder Dragon expressionlessly and ordered, Release your spiritual pressure while I am still asking nicely.

Lady Sphinx, what\'s the meaning of this Elder Dragon finally fixed his relaxed posture.

No matter how proud and arrogant he was, he would never treat a primogenitor in the same manner as Felix.

Release your spiritual pressure. Lady Sphinx stressed again, but this time she was staring daggers at Elder Dragon.

Knowing that she wasn\'t messing around, Elder Dragon withdraw his spiritual pressure, allowing Felix to move and talk again.

Still, Felix merely crossed his arms together and remained quiet...When Mama Sphinx gets involved, there was no need to do anything.

This is your first and last time you attempt to bully my student. Lady Sphinx warned.

Bullying I am just looking out for my interest. Elder Dragon knitted his eyebrows in displeasure, I have given him a easy option to sign a contract and I will act that he doesn\'t know anything.

I did this out of my respect for you.

In other words, Elder Dragon wouldn\'t have even bothered to waste his time with Felix like this.

The moment he exited the dimensional pocket, he would have erased him from existence whether he spoke with ancestor Imyr or not.

If you were respectful, you would have let things be when he told you that we won\'t let him spill anything. Lady Sphinx said.

With all due respect, are you going to kill him if his tongue slipped Elder Dragon sneered, I doubt you will even punish him.

Elder Dragon was in his own right to be slightly paranoid.

He understood that only Queen Ai would be completely unbiased and punish Felix if he dared to expose anything.

Such a fear of a certain death would keep Felix remain quiet.

On other hand, Felix wouldn\'t be too afraid if he knew that his masters were the ones watching over him, making him be a little lax.

Firstly, I honestly don\'t give a crap about you or your race\'s secrets. Lady Sphinx eyed him coldly, Imyr told me personally about everything that happened.

If you keep wasting my time with this nonsense, you won\'t need to worry anymore about my student\'s silence.

Elder Dragon\'s expression couldn\'t help but turn a bit ugly after hearing such a blatant threat.

Lady Sphinx literally told him that she would personally expose everything right now and here if he didn\'t drop this subject.

\'Master really knows how to put a front.\' Felix chuckled.

He understood that Lady Sphinx would never expose such Intel in the open even if she was irritated by Elder Dragon.

She wasn\'t doing so for his sake but simply because she didn\'t receive permission from ancestor Imyr.

Her character was that strong.

But, Elder Dragon was too distrustful when it came to his reputation, making him believe that she was capable of going that far.

Looks like I have to bring elder Cherufe into this. Elder Dragon said.

Knowing that he was out of his league by addressing Lady Sphinx personally made Elder Dragon resort to his last option...Seeking justice from his race sponsor, The Magma Primogenitor.

Cherufe was allowed to recruit any desiring dragon to represent him in the champions games...But in return, he had to side with the dragon race if they were involved with other primogenitors.

No need, I will contact him myself. Lady Sphinx said calmly, Let\'s see if he will take your side after knowing that you have attempted to kill my student in my presence.

In my presence as well.

Mine too.


Abruptly, Thor, Jörmungandr, and Fenrir all used the ghost feature to manifest above Felix with stern expressions.

With Lady Sphinx added to the mix, all four of them resembled gods, toppling over Elder Dragon and making him unable to breathe properly.

Only now did he realize that even Cherufe wouldn\'t dare to push his weight around when four primogenitors were involved!

If Cherufe was ever contacted, Elder Dragon would most defintely get rebuked before everyone.

No need, you have made your point. Elder Dragon eyed Felix coldly and said, You are dismissed.

With pleasure. Felix turned around and walked towards the gate, not bothering to show any type of respect anymore to Elder Dragon.

The moment he threatened him with his spiritual pressure, he stopped seeing him as a respectful elder.

If it wasn\'t for your masters, you won\'t have such a guts to act like this. Elder Dragon sneered as he watched Felix reach the gate.

Upon hearing so, Felix stopped immediately and turned his head around.

You are right...Without my masters I wouldn\'t have acted like this.

But, without them, you wouldn\'t have acted like this as well. Felix scoffed.

Elder Dragon was unable to retort as he knew that Felix was speaking the truth.

Felix feared Elder Dragon but got bolder when his masters were around.

Elder Dragon acted bolder only when Felix\'s masters weren\'t around.

It might look like we are the same, but we are far from that. Felix smirked, I am able to reach your level and gain respect on my own, but you can\'t do the same against my masters.

After all, there isn\'t enough royal gemstones for you to absorb even if you massacred the entire royal family.

With one last nasty remark, Felix walked out of the throne chamber.

Such a disrespectful remark should have been enough to have Felix get torched instantly...But, Elder Dragon could only grit his teeth and hold his anger from flaring up, knowing that his ending wouldn\'t be pleasant if he dared touch Felix in front of four primogenitors.

\'No need to feel too agitated.\' Lady Sphinx spoke to him telepathically, \'When he reaches your level of strength, you are free to do as you please with him without worrying about us.\'

\'Reach my level of strength\' Elder Dragon sneered, \'You truly have unimaginable expectations for being one of the most rational individuals in the universe.\'

Elder Dragon was certain that Felix wasn\'t going to even reach an eight of his strength even if he had the help of four primogenitors.

He wasn\'t crowned as the number one strongest in the alliance ever since its foundation for no reason.

Millions of challengers much stronger than Felix battled him and were put in their place...In his eyes, Felix was merely another addition to his collection of losers.

\'We will see about that.\' Lady Sphinx smiled without elaborating much.

The reason she smiled was because of Felix\'s current thoughts.

\'Daring to look down on me Just wait, I will make sure to dethrone you in the most humiliating manner even recorded.\' Felix\'s eyes were shimmering with nothing but absolute spite as he made such a declaration.

He was glad that his masters had his back, but Felix\'s pride made it impossible for him to accept it as the norm.

In his eyes, this was the first and last time he would ever need their assistance when dealing with Elder Dragon...He vowed on it!

\'Let\'s get the hell out of this galaxy.\'

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