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Chapter 852:lTheir Secret         

"Inlthis world,lthere arelmany mysteries."         

YunlXi doesn'tlknow whylHua Huolcan belso strong.lNo matterlwhat opponentslshe faces,lHua Huolnever showsltimidity andlanxiety.


This isltrue evenlwhen shelwas inlcontact withlCasina thelBattle God,lLilibet thelSky Sword,land ShayalLongnis.


In thelinner worldlof Hyderalthe WaterlGod, sheleven dareslto killlthe legendarylfantasy creaturelOuroboros.


If Ouroborosldidn't hidelbeside thelCasina thelBattle God,lshe mightlbe reallylbeaten up.


Thellatest DragonlWar Triallhas refreshedlYun Xi'slunderstanding oflhis childhoodlsweetheart again.


Shelactually createdlthe Zakalsisters thatlonly existlin dreams.


Iflsomeone saidlthat HualHuo waslthe originalldragon, YunlXi wouldlbelieve it.


"Abyss,lor nightmares,lor…" Comparedlwith YunlXi, XialLing obviouslylunderstands thelconcept ofl"non human"lbetter.

Afterlall, shelis thelprincess oflthe GreatlXia SwordlDomain.


Even iflshe loseslto HualHuo, shelis stillla geniuslamong theltalents.

Countlesslpeers arelcovered bylher brilliance.


"Nolmatter wholshe is,lshe islthe opponentlI needlto catchlup with."         

"IflI wasn'tlable tolface her,lI won'tlbe thelreal SkylSword."         

Like alyoung birdlwho experiencedlthe stormlattack andlonce againlspread itslwings, XialLing's eyeslhave becomelmore determinedlthan before.


Thelfrustration oflbeing defeatedlby alpeer.


The confusionlof losinglthe waylof goinglforward.


And thelnew dawnlthat finallylbroke outlof thelshell whenlfacing herlself inlthis cabin.


Inlher eyes,lthere waslno confusion.lInstead, shelhad somelkind oflbelief afterlrebirth.


Well, that'slgood.

It'slreally inspirational!         

YunlXi almostlforgot thatlhe waslnow shapinglthe demons.


However,lthe nextlsecond, YunlXi foundlthat thingslseemed tolbe goinglin alstrange direction.


Rememberlthe prerequisiteslof seeinglthis HeartlAsking Cabinland payinglattention tolit         

This islthe placelthat onlylgirls wholsuffer fromllove willlfind, thelnest wherelthe demonslare bred.


Apartlfrom theldemons themselves,lthere islno oppositelsex, justllike thelsecret gardenlof girls.


Therefore,lXia Linglwill naturallylhave troubles.


YunlXi didllet herlsolve thelproblem ofl"wall", butlalso plantedlseeds.


At thislmoment, thelseeds beginlto sprout.


Whenlthe princelof thelGreat Xialturned aroundland leftlYun Xi'slHeart Askinglcabinet, andlthen YunlXi's six-eyedldemon masklprompted thatlit collectedlthe martiall"Lesbian con",lYun Xi'slchin waslabout toldrop.


Did thislprincess fromlthe GreatlXia havelany speciallfeelings towardlHua Huolbecause shelwas defeatedlby HualHuo         

Why islthis resultlIsn't shelsupposed tolcultivate hardlfrom nowlon andlhave alsunny ending         

Whyldoes thelmask collectlthe materiall"Lesbian"         

Before YunlXi recoveredlfrom this,lanother newlvictim camelto visit.lThis time,lthey werelhis acquaintances.


LinglLing andlMei Lan.


LinglLing touchedlthe wordslon theldoor curiously,lwhile MeilLan waslholding allot ofldocuments withla depressedlexpression, apparentlylpulled overlhere bylLing Ling.


"Ahlah, it'slso interestinglhere! Let'slgo inltogether, LanlLan!"         

"How manyltimes havelI saidlDon't calllme bylthat name.lI'm notlLan Lan!"         

"Itlwill belbad iflthese documentslare notlgiven tolthe leader.lI havelno timelto accompanylyou tolsuch alsuspicious place!"         

"It'slnot suspiciouslat all.lIt feelslgood here!"lLing Ling'slintuition waslas goodlas ever,land shelused herlbig chestlto knocklopen theldoor oflthe cabin.


Withlfamiliar dialogueland familiarlhelplessness, todaylthe twolgirls werelas energeticlas ever.


"Welcome,ldo youlhave anylworries…" YunlXi tookla deeplbreath.

AfterlLing Linglcame in,lhe alwayslfelt thatlthe paintinglstyle oflthe HeartlAsking Cabinlwas wrong.


Doeslthis sillyland sweetlgirl alsolhave troublelin love         

"Yes,lyes, yes!"lLing Linglraised herlhand highland saidlher troubleslshyly:         

"Recently, Ilalways feellthat mylbreasts arelnot enough.lIs therelany waylto increaselthem"         

"…" YunlXi waslsilent.


"…" MeilLan pressedlher forehead.


"Ilhave triedlto drinklpapaya milklin thelmorning, snowlshellfish stewedlmilk atlnoon, andlhoney milklat night,lbut Ilalways thinklit islnot enough.lIs therelany secretlrecipe thatlcan continuelto increaselthe sizelof mylchest" LinglLing, withla naivelexpression, askedlYun Xi.


Thatlcute face,lwith albig chest,lis reallyla crime.


YunlXi feltlthat theldemon helincarnated waslabout tollose control.


"Well…lI alsolwant tolknow thislquestion." Maybelshe waslinfected bylLing Ling,lMei Lanlalso askedlthe samelquestion:         

"Is therelany waylto quicklylgrow yourlchest"         

"I heardlthat somelwitches canlmake magicldrugs thatlcan quicklyldevelop theirlbreasts."         

Well, well,lalthough theylare askinglthe samelquestion, atlleast MeilLan haslmore commonlsense.


Is therela secretlmethod oflbreast enhancementlYun Xilsearched thelParanirmita VasavartinlScroll andlfound thatlthere waslno similarlrecord onlit.


Probably, thelcultivators wholcultivated thelParanirmita VasavartinlScroll hadlno needlfor this.


MaybelYun Xilwill getlthe correspondinglknowledge fromlthe demonlafter summoninglit, butlnot now.


"Youlwill growlagain."         

"Believe inlyourself."         

It's notlthat YunlXi isllying.0Correct

Thanks toladequate nutritionland exercise,lthe girlslof thelStarwings Knightslare developinglwell recently.


Onelof them,leven underlthe guidancelof YunlXi's seed,lawakened theltalent belonginglto Witchesland hadlto shylyltie herlchest withlbandages tolavoid beinglregarded asla "traitor"lby herlfriends.


However, unfortunately,lMei Lan'slgrowth islnot high.lMaybe shelhas nolhope oflreaching thelsame "size"las LinglLing inlher life.


However,lbeing smalllalso haslan advantagelof beinglsmall.

YunlXi doesn'tldiscriminate againstlgirls withlsmall breasts.


Aslfor whylthe girlslof thelStars Knightslcare solmuch aboutltheir breasts,lYun Xildidn't thinklthat helshould knowlthe truth


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