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Chapter 1621: Future Catastrophe

After listening to Lu Yins question, Fei Hua sneered, “You actually still believe in such things”

Lu Yin was too lazy to give any attention to the woman, and instead looked over at Liu Ye, who said, “Divination is essentially guessing.

We havent dealt much with such things.”

“This is Little Millennium Flowzone.

The only sect here is the Starsibyl Sect, and the Starsibyl Sect focuses exclusively on divination,” Lu Yin explained.

The moment they entered Little Millennium Flowzone, Liu Ye and Fei Hua had both felt that something was wrong, but neither could determine exactly what that was.

The feeling of being watched simply would not go away, and yet they could not find the source.

It was as though the entire flowzone was a pair of eyes.

Starsibyl then arrived and greeted Lu Yin.

“Brother Lu, I didnt expect you to visit us.” Starsibyl smiled when she saw Lu Yin.

Lu Yin showed a small smile in return.

“Why You didnt predict this”

Starsibyl revealed a beautiful smile.

“Ive never been able to predict Brother Lus whereabouts, so its not surprising that I wasnt able to divinate that you would visit my Starsibyl Sect.”

She then turned to look at Liu Ye and Fei Hua and showed a very respectful manner as she slowly bowed.

“Starsibyl greets the two seniors who have worked hard to get here.”

“Its just a journey; wheres the hard work” Fei Hua said casually.

Starsibyl smiled.

“This is a path that most people cannot step upon for their entire lives.”

After speaking these profound words, Starsibyl escorted Lu Yin, Liu Ye, and Fei Hua to the Starsibyl Sect.

Liu Ye and Fei Hua fell back, allowing Lu Yin and Starsibyl to speak privately.

“Are you aware of my identity”

Starsibyl felt puzzled.

“What is Brother Lu referring to”

Lu Yin grew solemn.

“The Perennial Worlds Lu family.”

Starsibyls expression showed no change at all.

“Brother Lu, remember how during your last visit here I told you how fate can have conflicts There are those who visit us who we worry a divination will cause them to miss their fate, and this is also why we do not perform divinations on ourselves.

No matter what we learn, we must stay silent about it, so there is no reason for Brother Lu to worry about anything.”

“You avoided answering my actual question: do you guys know my identity” Lu Yin repeated.

Starsibyl and Lu Yin stared at each other, one with bright eyes that were so beautiful.

“Divination is able to allow one to see cause and effect.

This matter is not miraculous enough to see through a persons entire being.”

Lu Yin nodded.

“What matter has brought Brother Lu here this time” Starsibyl asked.

“I would like to ask for a divination.

Please tell me what it will cost.”

“That depends on what Brother Lu would like divinated.

Last time I asked Brother Lu to visit us here, my master said that we should try to have a good relationship, and I would also like to have a good relationship with Brother Lu,” Starsibyl said with a smile.

Lu Yin replied, “Last time you helped me uncover Overseer Nan Yuan.

Youve already helped me quite a bit.”

“Im still willing to offer even more assistance to Brother Lu.

After all, you are someone worthy of the Starsibyl Sects support,” Starsibyl said.

Lu Yin had no desire to to owe the Starsibyl Sect anything.

He had already heard that the more people and things that were related to a specific divination, the more troublesome it became.

“Youll have to start giving me a price, as otherwise I wont be able to tell you anything.”

Starsibyl felt cornered.

“It looks like Brother Lu still wants to keep my Starsibyl Sect at a bit of a distance.

In that case, I will need Brother Lu to make me a promise.”

As she spoke, she suddenly grew more serious.

“What promise” Lu Yin felt curious.

Starsibyls eyes narrowed.

“Some day in the future, humanity will face our greatest disaster in our entire history.

I ask for Brother Lu to try his best to keep a remnant of the light of my Starsibyl Sect preserved if you are able.

If nothing else, let the name of the Starsibyl Sect be passed down.”

Lu Yin arched a brow.

“Mankind will face a catastrophe in the future”

A complicated light filled Starsibyls eyes.

“Im not sure.

When it comes to divination and predicting the future and peering into events that have not yet occurred, there are things that neither I nor my master can see.

However, there seems to be a certainty that at some point in the future, all traces of humanity are ripped away, which does not seem to be a good thing in the least.

At the very least, I cannot see any trace of myself in that future.”

Lu Yin was able to understand nothing of what Starsibyl said.

“That day wont come, but if it does, I promise to do my best.”

“Then I want to thank Brother Lu now.

What is it that Brother Lu would like to learn about this time” Starsibyl asked.

Lu Yin grew solemn.

“Some time ago, Big Sis had a disagreement with Leons Armada, and she took a group of people with her and created her mercenaries and moved to the Innerverse.

At that time, Jin He accused people with my Lu surname of illegally possessing the primeval surname, and the chased down Big Siss mercenary crew, eventually killing 72 people.

The Leo family also ended up getting involved, and I would like to ask you to uncover the truth of the matter.”

Starsibyl was caught off guard.

“Hasnt everything already been made clear After Big Siss mercenary crew returned to Leons Armada, they declared war on the Ignition Crew, and neither side has stopped fighting even now.

The Ignition Crew has suffered heavy losses, and they are recruiting and hiring people from the Cosmic Sea and the Neoverse.”

Lu Yins expression suddenly grew incredibly downcast.

“While from the surface everything looks to have been settled and understood, I recently learned that the Leo family attacked Big Siss mercenaries because of orders from Chaosgod Mountain, and also that Chaosgod Mountain has some sort of connection with the Ignition Crew.

There must be something deeper behind this matter, and I want to find out what it is.”

Starsibyl nodded.

“I understand.

Brother Lu, please wait a bit.”

It was clear that this divination would be much more difficult than the first one that Lu Yin had asked for, and he ended up having to wait much longer.

Even though Lu Yin had taken the initiative to approach the Starsibyl Sect to ask for a divination, he still did not fully believe in things like divination.

However, his previous experience with the sect had left him feeling some degree of doubt, and so his uncertainty had brought him back to seek answers.

If he was honest, he would prefer to have divination be real, as it would be a valuable means of gathering valuable intelligence, which he felt was more important than seeing the future or the past.

Starsibyl had once claimed that divination allowed one to ride on the river of time, but Lu Yin did not believe that for a moment.

If they were capable of influencing the river of time, the Starsibyl Sect would never have remained in the Innerverse.

“Brother Lu, divination is unable to uncover many details regarding this matter, but I was able to learn the surname of another involved in that incident that you never mention,” Starsibyl informed Lu Yin when she finally returned.

Lu Yins eyes flickered.

“Which surname”

Starsibyl grew somber.


Lu Yin was startled.


Starsibyl nodded.

“When conducting the divination, the Xia surname appeared in my mind from the very beginning and I was unable to remove it, and I was also unable to push further with the divination attempt.

All I can be sure of is the involvement of the Xia surname.”

Lu Yin started thinking, and Starsibyl left in order to give him time to consider the new information.

After a while, Lu Yin called Highsage Leon to ask if Leons Armada had any connection with the Xia family.

“The Xia family Howd you end up getting caught up with them How are they connected to my armada and how do you know its the Xia family”

“Im at the Starsibyl Sect.”

“Dumbass! Only idiots believe those kinds of people.

If youve got time to waste on that kind of thing, it would be better for you to come drink with me.”

“Captain, Eversky Island stands behind Leons Armada, so tell me, could this matter pull Highsage Grandmaster and Xia Ji into things” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

He was trying to process things from the most basic premise and then build his way up.

The Leo family, Chaosgod Mountain, the Ignition Crew, and the Xia family.

However, the only ones to face them were Big Siss mercenary crew, Leons Armada, and Eversky Island.

If there really was a connection to the Xia family, all that Lu Yin could think of was Xia Ji.

Why else would they be willing to go up against Eversky Island

Highsage Leon fell silent.

He was someone from Eversky Island who had created Leons Armada.

However, Leons Armada really did not have anything to do with Eversky Island, and Highsage Grandmaster did not acknowledge a pirate crew as being subordinate to his Eversky Island.

Despite that, if anything happened to Highsage Leon, how could Highsage Grandmaster sit by and do nothing If the Xia family really did have some sort of involvement in the matter, the only force that could stand up to them would be Eversky Island.

“Just wait.” Highsage Leon immediately called his master.

It did not take long for Highsage Leon to call Lu Yin back.

“Master says theres no bad blood between him and Xia Ji.”

Lu Yins head started to ache, as he felt there was some connection that he could not uncover.

The Xia familys involvement made no sense as they had no reason or motivation.

How had these different forces been brought together Why did Chaosgod Mountain want to deal with Leons Armada

Lu Yin went to find Starsibyl again, but Starsibyl shook her head.

“Everything that can be determined through divination has already been revealed.

Divination cannot be performed from nothing, as there must be clues to work off of.

Without such things, theres no way to limit what one is looking at and finding any sort of information becomes like searching for a needle in a haystack.”

Lu Yin against started mulling over the matter.

There was no reason for Xia Ji to want to move against Highsage Grandmaster, let alone become an enemy of Eversky Island.

Could Starsibyl have made a mistake

He glanced at Starsibyl with a bit of doubt.

“Um… could you get in touch with your master”

Starsibyl showed a small smile.

“Does Brother Lu not trust me”

Lu Yin coughed.

“Not at all.

Its just that I was in too much of a hurry to try to speak with Master Zhu, and I also wanted to see you again.”

Starsibyl explained, “Brother Lu, my divination turned out the same results as my master would achieve.

It seems that Brother Lu has no leads regarding this matter.

I would like to help you find something new through divination, but this ability is not omnipotent.

Honestly, its already a very good result to just be able to learn of the Xia surname.”

Lu Yin blew out a long breath.

If Starsibyl Sect was correct, then the Xia family really was involved in this matter, but Xia Ji had no grudges or enmity with Highsage Grandmaster.

In that case, what about the other members of the Xia family Lu Yin instantly let out a laugh.

There was no one else in the Xia family who was able to challenge Eversky Island, not even their patriarch.

Suddenly, Lu Yin thought of a certain possibility: was it possible that Xia Ji had cultivated the Nine Clones Secret Technique

During the competition for the Astral Tower, Xia Jiuyou had revealed his mastery of the Nine Clones technique, which had shocked the entire universe.

Also, it had been revealed that Starsibyl had also comprehended the technique and cultivated it.

While it had been discovered that the Nine Clones Secret Technique was not merely a myth, no one aside from the two of them had ever trained in the technique.

No one else from the Xia family knew the technique, either.

All along, everyone in the Fifth Mainland had believed that the Nine Clones Secret Technique had been created by Progenitor Chen, but truly, how could Progenitor Chen have created a secret technique when he had still been young

Xia Ji might not have any grudge or enmity with Eversky Island, but was it possible that the Semi-Progenitor had a clone who was behind everything There was no one else from the Xia family who qualified to make any moves against Eversky Island.

After considering this possibility, Lu Yin immediately went back to Starsibyl.

“I have a question that Im not sure I should ask you.” Lu Yin hesitated.

Starsibyl smiled.

“Brother Lu, please speak.

Ill answer you if I can.”

“Where did you learn the Nine Clones Secret Technique”

Starsibyl was momentarily taken aback, as she had not expected this question from Lu Yin.

Such matters were closely guarded secrets, and were considered private matters second only to a womans personal matters.

Lu Yin instantly apologized, “I know I shouldnt have asked.

You can just forget this if you dont want to say.”

Starsibyls voice grew soft, “Its not that I dont want to answer, but Im afraid that Brother Lu wont believe me when I tell you.”

Lu Yin grew increasingly curious.

“Divination allows one to observe the long river of time.

When Xia Jiuyou visited the Starsibyl Sect, I happened to be doing some divination.

Possibly because of his presence, or because of some other coincidence, I was able to observe the Nine Clones Secret Technique when looking into the river of time.”

Lu Yins eyes went wide; was such a thing actually possible

“How about Xia Jiuyou” Lu Yin asked.

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