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The Enlightened State Teacher (38)


Shi Sheng was awakened by the bustling of the city as the carriage entered the city.

She stretched up and got out from Yin Wei's arms.

She lifted the curtain to have a look outside.

There were so many people.

Shi Sheng was not in a hurry to search for Feng Qing Qing.

She and Yin Wei lingered in the city for half day.

Finally, she took him to a place that looked like an auctioneer.

The auctioneer was very large, and there were many items in the hall.

Shi Sheng glanced over the items one by one.

She turned and hugged Yin Wei's arm, "My lord, can I spend some money on it"

Yin Wei's mouth smiled, "It depends on what you have for exchange."

Shi Sheng glared at him, "What about the agreement that your belonging is my belonging"

"When did I say it" Yin Wei looked confused.

He didn't remember he had said this before.

Shi Sheng with a stern look, "Now."

Yin Wei's mouth twitched, "Listen to me, and I will provide money for you to spend."

"Why" Shi Sheng refused.

I am the domineer president, so why should I listen to him

The husband should spoil his wife.

"This is because..." Yin Wei slightly leaned over her ears while exhaling dubiously, "I am your husband.

Shouldn't you listen to me"

Shi Sheng pushed Yin Wei away.

Yin Wei showed an expression as if he was hurt, "My wife..."

Shi Sheng: "..." Oh gosh, this retard only knows to poke her soft point. 

I do not care about your money.

Most importantly, I must never listen to him.

So, Yin Wei found that he had made trouble, and Shi Sheng went to talk to the manager for a while.

The manager quickly invited them to go to the second floor.

When they came out from the auction house, Yin Wei was stunned.

Shi Sheng looked at him with a smile, "Listen to me, and I can give you whatever you want."

"I want you." Yin Wei said with seriousness.

Her figure reflected in his eyeball, it was so clear that the detailed expression on her face could be seen in his eyes.

The crowd around him seemed to be automatically ignored by him.

There was only Shi Sheng in his world.

Shi Sheng smiled.

Her eyes were gentle, and the light waves rippled like a pool of water, "Let’s go, I will take you to the restaurant."

Yin Wei: "..." Why did the topic change to the restaurant

Wait, what is dining out


Shi Sheng had come to find Feng Qing Qing.

After lingering around with Yin Wei, she knew she must look for Feng Qing Qing.

She bumped into Feng Qing Qing even before she went to find her.


What a small world.

She was dressed in men's clothing, as usual.

Many girls winked at her when she was on the street.

Wan Quan, who hadn't seen him for a long time, was with Feng Qing Qing, and He Lian Yu was not around her.

Wan Quan's expression looked complicated.

He still remembered what he said when he was at Feng's mansion.

At this point, the words were a slap on his face.

"Feng Zhi Yin." Feng Qing Qing frowned when she saw her, "Why are you here"

"Why can't I be here" I came to find you, miss female lead!

Feng Qing Qing squeezed a few words from her mouth, "Why do you keep following me"

She would bump into her no matter where she went.

Every time I see her, bad things will always happen.

"Please be reasonable, is this city yours Why do you not allow me to come here" The world is so big, wherever I go is non of your business.

Feng Qing Qing glanced at Yin Wei next to Shi Sheng.

She dreaded, "What do you want to do this time"

"I won't ** you, so what are you worried about"

Yin Wei pinched Shi Sheng's palm. How can she say this to outsiders If she wants, she can just say this to him at home.


Shi Sheng pinched back and gave Yin Wei a fierce glare.

I'm doing serious business, what are you doing Are you retarded!

Both of them trifled with each other in front of Feng Qing Qing.

Feng Qing Qing was about to explode with fury, "Feng Zhi Yin, I want to fight you."

Shi Sheng turned her head, "Battle Are you capable" It sounded a bit disdainful, but it also seemed like a calm confirmation.

"Of course, I am!" She must kill Shi Sheng.

Although her current strength was not the strongest on the continent.

She was definitely the strongest within her age range.

In addition to this, she had many elixirs pellets, so she didn't believe that she could not beat her up.

[...] The heroine's fighting the host the moment they bump into each other.

I'm speechless.

The heroin is going to fight with me.

Oh my god, I’m so excited.

The heroine initiates the challenge first.

I am just making a legitimate defense.

"Let’s go." Shi Sheng waved her hand excitedly.

Feng Qing Qing: "..." Where to go

When Shi Sheng saw Feng Qing Qing did not move, Shi Sheng urged unhappily, "Isn't you who want to fight with me Let's go! What are you waiting for"

Let's beat the heroin up and return home to sleep with Feng Ci!

Feng Qing Qing's mouth twitched. Why are you so excited about the fight

After taking a deep breath, Feng Qing Qing said, "We’ll fight 3 days later."

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "It's only a fight, and you still want to make an appointment for this.

It's not a dating event.

Let's fight today!"

"Three days later." Feng Qing Qing insisted.

"That's it, I don't want to fight anymore." This is boring.

You even have to make an appointment for a fight.

Do you think just because you're the heroine, you can do whatever you want Even the president also doesn't need to make so many arrangements.

Feng Qing Qing: "..."

How should I respond to this

Shi Sheng dragged Yin Wei to leave.

Feng Qing Qing gritted her teeth and shouted from behind, "Fine, today then."

"Nope, I don’t want to fight anymore." Shi Sheng waved her hand, "I'm going for lunch."


Feng Qing Qing almost got injured with anger.

Why did she need to follow her instructions

Shi Sheng took Yin Wei for lunch.

They were followed by Feng Qing Qing and Wan Quan.

Yin Wei took a glance at where they were sitting.

"What are you looking at" Shi Sheng blocked Yin Wei's vision, "Look at me, just look at me."

Yin Wei smiled slightly, "Okay, I'll look at you."

The waiter soon brought up the food.

Shi Sheng put Yin Wei's favorite food over his side, "Why can’t you stop being picky on the food"

Yin Wei’s face looked innocent, "Why do I need to stop it It just like I'm only good to you, isn't I am a loyal person"


"If we're in an apocalypse, you starve to death for sure!" This behavior was problematic.

"What is an apocalypse" Yin Wei looked more innocent.

"It's the end of the world, the continent is destroyed, and humans  disappear."

Yin Wei suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Shi Sheng's hand, "I will always be with you, even if the continent was destroyed and human beings disappear."

Shi Sheng: "..." Didn't You say you won't tease me anymore  

After the meal, Feng Qing Qing stopped them from going out.

"Feng Zhi Yin, can we fight now"

Shi Sheng laughed arrogantly, "Aren't you eager to die I’m not kidding.

I have killed a bunch of heroines before.

I will fulfill your death wish if you want to die so badly."

[...] Isn't this a boast Your boast is too much!

Feng Qing Qing didn't understand what does she mean by “heroines”, but it didn't prevent her from knowing that she was being looked down on by Shi Sheng.

She gritted her teeth, and her resentment burnt in her chest, "Right now!"

She was going to kill Feng Zhi Yin to avenge herself!

"Miss Seven." Wan Quan wanted to stop Feng Qing Qing, but Feng Qing Qing ignored him.

"Feng Zhi Yin, do you dare to fight"

"Of course I do." Shi Sheng's eyebrows are full of confidence.

She was about to beat up another heroine.


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