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Chapter 5.2

Meeting Each Other (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


After the two classes, Song Nanqiao felt a little pain in her neck, so she lay on the table.


“Why sleep! Get up.”


Someone kicked song Nanqiao’s desk and kicked her textbook down.

Song Nanqiao squinted to see who the man was.


Oh It was that fart kid whose nickname was “Dong”.


“You need something” Song Nanqiao stood up, the original owner is not tall, so visually shorter than the Dong in front of her.


But the aura is not weak in the slightest and even overwhelmed him, now Song Nanqiao’s entire body emits the aura of an adult.


Words and speech, are completely different from before.


“Today’s account, I haven’t settled it with you yet.

What do you mean by that in class You give me a middle finger” Dong directly grabbed song Nanqiao by the collar.


The action of grabbing the collar completely angered Song Nanqiao, this kind of kid, it seems that she has to replace his parents to teach him a lesson.


Song Nanqiao picked up her ceramic cup filled with hot water and threw it at the boy’s head.

Her hand was very fast.

Song Nanqiao seized the opportunity, hooked her heel with his foot, and pushed her hand hard towards his lungs.


In an instant, the boy fell over towards the back and his head hit the ground.


“The footwork is unstable but still come to fight, enroll in a sparring class to learn a few years properly.” Song Nanqiao picked up a cup of cold water and poured it over the boy’s face.


If it wasn’t for the original owner’s lack of fitness, she could have pushed this student down and beat him.


The other boys saw this and quickly picked up the “Dong” who had fallen to the ground, their grudge with Song Nanqiao was not that big, so they did not continue to fight.


They just glared at Song Nanqiao.


“Song Nanqiao, someone is looking for you.” A girl sitting in the first row reluctantly said, just now a handsome man came to their class and said he was looking for Song Nanqiao.


With a large wave of people behind him, it felt like something was going to happen.


“One wave is not over, another wave is rising.

You should pay attention.

It may not be a good thing.” The system kindly reminded that most of the people who come to find Song Nanqiao are looking for trouble.


“Got it.”


Song Nanqiao straightened her back, and when she reached the door she saw a boy, staring at her with a fierce look.


“What’s up”


“You’re the stupid x who confessed to Wen Wenyao yesterday”


The tone was extremely unfriendly, and the little brother behind her also had an expression of wanting to beat Song Nanqiao.


“It’s me, you have something”


Song Nanqiao also didn’t deny it, simply admitted it directly, a big fight, she didn’t believe that inside the school anyone will beat her.



“Just you You are blaspheming Wen Wenyao, do you know that”


The boy’s expression began to become hideous, he had been chasing Wen Wenyao for a long time, but Wen Wenyao had also rejected him countless times.


What he couldn’t get, no one else could get either.


“So what do you want A fight” Song Nanqiao is simply speechless, she is now very annoyed, she no longer wants to use up her time and energy because of this kind of thing, don’t bother him if he wants to fight.


“I’m not going to be like you guys in class F, why use such poor tactics How about comparing test scores”


The boy seemed confident, smugly saying.


“A comparison.”


Song Nanqiao’s mouth corner revealed a smile, this kid can be used as a stepping stone.


“Mid-term exam results, whoever is lower will get out of this school and lick others’ shoes on the way out.”


“Okay no problem, please remember your words today.” Song Nanqiao replied.


“Okay, it’s a deal, remember my name: Qin Ruixi.”


Qin Ruixi is next to Song Nanqiao’s ear, and every word that comes out of his mouth contains malice.


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