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Cheon Yise, Idol

Translated by LyraDhani

Edited by LyraDhani


‘In 10 minutes… Toast sounds better.’


I quickly opened the overhead cupboard and took out a bag of bread.

It was a little moist, but not inedible.


‘Let’s quickly put this in the oven.’


I set it to 2 minutes by turning the timer attached to the oven handle.

It would be crispy and delicious if I baked it longer, but I couldn’t afford to waste any more time.

While heating up the bread, I opened the refrigerator and took out three types of cream cheese and jam.

Since he was a son of a rich family with a picky taste, there were a lot of overseas products with popular food brands.


‘I don’t think he brought them with his own hands… Anyway, thank you for the food.’


The bread, which turned slightly brown on the surface, was first thickened with cream cheese.

The cream cheese melted gently when it touched the heated surface of the oven.

Add a lot of blueberry jam on top of it, and it was done.

Confirming that the time count at the bottom of the status window was decreasing, the status window protested as I cut off the edges of the toast.


[ Please use the additional time for its intended purpose.]




Posil barked silently as if to attract my attention.


‘Whose side are you on’


He’s probably on the side of the system anyway.

Instead of talking, I snorted, picked another piece of bread, and put cream cheese on the new bread.


“You didn’t say I can’t use it for food.


[If you don’t use the rest of the time for its original purpose, you may face penalties later]



Even then, it would have been enough to bite on prior agreements and notices.



Don’t you know that dogs don’t bother people at mealtime”


No answer this time.

I checked that I had about five minutes left, and slowly picked up my cell phone again.


[One missed call]

[From: Mom]


What does it feel like to call your mother ‘Mom’, instead of ‘Mother’ I wouldn’t know because I lost my biological mother when I was young and grew up with my stepmother.


‘Hyunsung, is there really no guardian who can come to see you If Mom and Dad are having a hard time, at least your grandmother or grandfather…’


From elementary school to high school dropout.

For all those years, my family consisted of an irresponsible father, a blatantly abusive stepmother, and an immature half-brother.

It had been too long since I lost the existence of someone who pampered me and I could call ‘Mom’ sweetly.


‘The call button is… Let’s see…’


I took a quick deep breath.

Then, I chewed the last bite of the toast and swallowed it.


As my stomach became stronger, I began to feel relaxed little by little.

As expected, people have to fill their stomachs first.


‘What if she doesn’t answer this time’


I stammered and pressed the call button with a momentary sense of uneasiness.


Ttureureureu- ttureureureu-.


Has the signal been connected three times A middle-aged woman’s low voice readily answered the phone.


– Oh my, Yise! What’s going on My son actually calls me first


You called me first, though I just pressed the outgoing button on the missed call.

In other words, it was Ahn Junghee who called first.


“I have a missed call.

I’m sorry I missed your call, Mothe-Mom.


I almost said Mother before I knew it.

The word Mom made me speechless.


Ahn Jung-hee was unexpectedly touched when I narrowly made a mistake.


– My son, you should call back when Mom calls you.

I know you’re busy, but it would be nice if you keep in contact with me like today.


No wonder, rather than a scolding… The mother, who was unable to contact her son once, seemed to complain lightly.

Come to think of it, the title of the tutorial is ‘Melting perfectly’.


‘Is it okay to do something Cheon Yise wouldn’t do’



There’s no harm in checking carefully.

This status window, it read my thought, right


‘If I don’t completely recreate Cheon Yise’s life, is there no problem in proceeding with the quest’


Then, the status window, with the time count showing the remaining four minutes, popped up and answered.


[That’s right.

However, the system is not responsible for unexpected situations caused by your actions]


That’s what I thought.

I nodded lightly.


“I’m sorry I should have called you more often.

I’ll pay more attention from now on.


– Oh, I’m so happy to hear that, son.

Our Yise says all these wonderful things, it’s like you’re a new person!


With a quick glance, it was obvious how much Cheon Yise would have behaved like a scumbag to his mother who was wrapped around his little fingers.

Suicide was the result of such a heartfelt love.

Unconditional affection didn’t seem to be a good direction for discipline.


“I’ve been so indifferent all this time.

What brings you to call me “


Anyway, when the topic was changed naturally, Mrs.

Ahn Junghee happily brought up the main topic.


– It was a rare occurrence.

Was it yesterday Your group manager contacted me through the butler to ask if you were at home.

Didn’t you get a call from the manager


At that time, it would have been right before Cheon Yise committed suicide without receiving any contact.

His parents weren’t immediately informed about the suicide.


The company would go crazy if the chairman of the Cheonsu group heard about such a big incident.

He was trying to fix it before he died.


“Oh, yes.

Thank you for calling.

Maybe it’s a communication problem, my phone hasn’t been working well lately.”


Because I refused to accept calls and received attention, I gave out the usual excuse without biting my lips.


– Oh, change your phone whenever you feel uncomfortable.

I’ll have to ring it on time to hear my son’s voice more often.


“Yes, I’ll change it soon.”


Even if it’s not because of this excuse… I want to transfer to Android right away because it feels uncomfortable writing on it.

I don’t know how kids nowadays use this.


– Okay.

My son sounds like in good health today, so that’s enough.

Call me whenever you need anything.


For a moment, Cheonsu Hotel, where Vice Chairman Ahn Junghee was sitting in the CEO’s seat, passed by my head.

It’s not out of the blue that I think of the vacation hotel.

I have a special grudge against Sky Aqua, a three-star Michelin restaurant that opened there.

I tried to make a reservation there before I died… Every time, I just got a message that the reservation was full.

It’s not the right time to bring it up, but one day! I’ll use my parents for a chance to eat there.

With that resolution, the time count was already less than two minutes away.


“Yes, I’ll call you more often from now on.

Take care.”


– Yes, son~.

It’s late, so hurry up and sleep, let’s talk again next time!


The phone was cut off at the end.

I looked down at the unfamiliar call-ended screen and swept my chest.

And spoke triumphantly to the status window.


“Look, I finished it in time, right “


Then, there was nothing more to say, but the System trembled strangely.


[For smooth progress and cooperation, please refrain from unauthorized activities that are not discussed with the System]


“I settled it in time anyway.


Instead of responding, the System scrolled down and mechanically raised a point notification.


[Unexpected event > Points to celebrate parents’ call 20]


[Additionally, in commemoration of your active activities as Cheon Yise, we will give you some points to cheer you on.

Cheering point 20]


In the midst of this, I felt so grateful for the support I almost cried.


[Tutorial 1.

Melting perfectly into Cheon Yise – Event > Face-to-face with members]


[Resume count until the start of the event.]


[6… 5… 4…]

[3… 2…]


This time, I no longer resisted and waited calmly for the count to pass.




[Tutorial 1 – The second event> You can only start meeting members during the day]

[Time adjustment begins for smooth progress]


At the same time, a great amount of drowsiness suddenly poured in, and my body naturally lay down on the bed.

Then my eyes were forced to close.


“Oh, this… “


[Time left until the end of the time adjustment 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5, 4, 3, 2]




As soon as the count was over, my eyes opened.

I got up in bewilderment.

The clock, which was supposed to point at 10 p.m., now pointed to 9 a.m.

Then, next to the bed, the phone on the table turned on.


 “Buuung, buuung… “


My body reacted first to the loud vibrating call and bounced out.


“Yes, I’ve received the call.”



– Oh, Yise.

The kids are asking me if you are okay because I met you yesterday.


It was a little surprising, but I replied as if nothing had happened.


“Of course, you saw it yesterday.

I am fine.”


– Okay, that’s a relief.

Come and show your face to the kids for a second.

Everyone was really worried.


Looking at the signs of life… It seemed like this guy had been stuck in the apartment all by himself.

Then, it will be better to report this guy’s survival for the first time in a long time and check what kind of jerks they are.


“If I have time today, I’ll go to the dorm.”


– Yes.

There are no group activities these days, so there will be some people who can’t meet you when they go home or do individual activities, so make sure to set the time in our group chat.


“Yes, I wish I can meet the Hyungs too.”


The moment I was about to wrap up the call with a simple farewell.

Oh, right.

I don’t know the address of the dorm.

I asked the manager urgently.


“Hyung! I’m sorry, but I haven’t been there for a long time, I am confused with the address.

Can you tell me “


We’re in a hurry, so there won’t be a time for rejection.

For a long time, the young manager’s voice came out without hesitation.

Once again, I admired my tongue and waited for the manager’s answer.


– Hey, how can you forget the address of the dorm even if you’re not interested You didn’t bump your head into anything, did you I’ll text you, so go follow the navigation.


There has to be a private car that Cheon Yise dragged around alone…


Considering the wealth of the Cheonsu Group, it would be strange not to have it.

But now I don’t even know my car number.

I have to take a taxi to the dorm.


“Yes, please text me.

Take care.”


I looked for a long time at the text that arrived soon after I finished the phone call.

It felt awkward to use the latest iPhone with a new flickering message screen.

I’ve been using the low-end Android only for messenger and phone calls for five years…

I need to get used to this now.

First, I looked for the Back button to go to the main screen on the phone.

But no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t see the Back key.


‘What’s wrong with this machine’


I was flustered for a long time, and after pressing the button recklessly, I was able to return to the main screen.


At the same time, I noticed the notifications that had been pushed back.


“Why are there so many unchecked notifications”


Messenger, advertisements, phone calls, all kinds of notifications.

The problem was that I had no way of handling the notification through my phone right away.

I pushed the notification to the side as I used to on my old Android smartphone, but it only showed a strange button and did not disappear.


‘I… I will have to check this out later.’


I decided to turn off the phone screen and started getting ready to go out.


“…How do I turn off the screen “


To live as Cheon Yise, I have to overcome this phone’s operation method first.


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