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C-Class Main Dancer 


There were two ways. 


I forgot how to dance like a lie after the accident.


Or that my movements have become stiff because of a herniated disc.


The former was an awkward and strange excuse for anyone to see, and the latter is a health issue, so I’m sure it’s understandable right now—.


‘What Then wouldn’t it be hard to prepare for the comeback right now’ 


Thinking about Sunwoo and Yejun, who were surprised, I couldn’t readily make excuses for my body. 


‘Moderately…Wouldn’t it be nice to mix the two’


I put the console down on the table and said, pretending to be okay.


“I said I wasn’t feeling very well today.

I’ve lost my touch after rehabilitation, so I’m thinking of taking separate lessons and practicing.”


Then, as expected, Yejun responded with a shocked expression.


“But it’s not to the extent your condition dropped, right! Missing all the beats, not understanding the movements at all, what’s with that reaction speed Manager Hyung is faster than that!”


I know you’re surprised.

But you talk too harshly, you punk.


I answered, feeling that each word had turned into a dagger and flew coldly into the air.


“I’ll put my feeling back on until I start practicing again in earnest.

You don’t need to worry.”


I felt a sense of crisis at the thought that I had to raise the dance level first by polishing the system. 


Of course, I expected them to be surprised.

It wasn’t quite as formidable an opponent as one that could be avoided. 


Yejun twitched his raised eyebrows, unaware that the sky was high.


“Isn’t it because your waist hasn’t healed yet”


Then he shouted at Sunwoo.


“Hey, Na Sunwoo! Hold on to Hyung’s arm.”




I backed away from the sudden development.

What are you trying to hold on to


I tried to run straight to my room, but it was faster for Sunwoo to block in front of me.


To be exact— his massive physique naturally became a barrier and blocked me.


“Good job!”


Yejun stroked Sunwoo’s black hair and suddenly rushed toward my waist.


“What are you doing!”


It was the first time I had made such a loud noise since living in the dorm.


“Are you really good enough to be active”


While Suwoo held my arms, Yejun hit me in the back with his hand.


Reflexively, the body bent to the other side.


Crazy bastard, where is the person who doesn’t move forward like this


I barely got up, resolving inwardly that this was a child and that I shouldn’t try to fight like a child.


“All right! I’ll be back in shape in two weeks and will be examined, so don’t do anything weird!”


Then, Yejun stared at me with a suspicious expression.


“There’s no way Yise Hyung could end up like this just because of his physical condition! Are you really okay” 


Sunwoo rolled his eyes after eventually letting go of my arm because I struggled.


“I told you to focus on your diet and do well.”


I flicked Sunwoo’s forehead.


“Ouch! Because our center is Yise Hyung…The choreography this time will also be centered around Yise Hyung’s dance break… I can’t help but be worried, right….” 



I was definitely going to stop that.


If it were going to hit the jackpot by doing the same thing as before, it would have happened long ago.


As part of Climax’s identity, it had to be cleaned up so that only its good points were left.


Although I still have to learn a lot about the idol industry.


It was simple to think of the center as the main promotion line.


‘Of course I’m an expert at this.’


Anyway, if a product that will be sold is not excluded from the promotion, it goes well even if it is removed as a sub-line.


Therefore, Oh Yejun is excluded from the center for now.

Ryu Kyunghwa is an exemplary type, but he has no exceptional talent. 


Even if it is hung on the main page, it is difficult to expect the best effect without a shot that will catch customers’ attention at once.


If it’s the visual of confidence, is it Na Sunwoo or— Son Seongwon, a vocalist who can’t be beaten with his skills, even if he’s tough with his personality—.


‘First of all, I’ll have to decide by seeing how far Na Sunwoo can pull out, that’s it.’


It was not something to decide right away.

It’s a matter that needs to be discussed with the company’s planning department—.


Because it’s not too late to think and decide after finding out how far Cheon Yise can go.


“That’s something you don’t have to worry about anymore.

When did I ever worry you about something like this” 


I comforted Sunwoo, whose face was flushed as if he would cry if I touched him right away.

And I said a word to Yejun. 


“You too.

Don’t make a big deal.

We’ll see if I’m okay or not.” 


I calmly cleaned up the mess and headed for the kitchen.


 “W, where are you going”


Sunwoo hurriedly followed me.


“To prepare lunch and dinner in advance.

Today is the start of PT, so don’t go through the other way.”


Sunwoo decided to take PT separately from me starting today.

I searched carefully and chose a place where there was no snack shop in the building.


Because it’s meaningless to work out and go home after eating a lot of fried food at a hot dog restaurant on the first floor.


I also decided to share the PT curriculum.

The instructor is also famous as a male instructor, so I could trust him.


“Yes! I won’t take any other route and just work out hard!”


Sunwoo barely nodded his head after getting over his shock at seeing something that looked more like a struggle than my dance.


“Are you going to do more of that”


I looked back at Yejun in the living room and asked.

Yejun shook his head.



Even Hyung says he won’t do it, I’m tired, so I’ll stop here.”


It was the next month when the company said they would attach staff to prepare for a full-fledged comeback.


It was still a grace period.


“Do you have a separate schedule for today”


Son Seongwon said he would come in after dinner, and Ryu Kyunghwa—-.


‘Can I have dinner properly in that state’ 


I can just boil the stew and fill it up.

It’s not that I’m sick.

It’s just muscle pain all over my body.



I’m going to eat and come back.

You don’t have to worry about mine.” 


Yejun went back into the room and set up the game console while he looked disappointed as if the steam had leaked.


“Where are you going” 


Without realizing it, the question popped up first as if I were a guardian.

Then Yejun smiled, despite the worry that he might be in a bad mood. 




What do you mean by a secret That’s disgusting.


I was dumbfounded, but I turned my head without showing it.


“Don’t come back too late.”


My success as an idol and—ultimately, they’re essential for revenge.


If something went wrong, it would be a big deal. 


“You don’t have to worry.

I don’t run into accidents anywhere.”


Even if you don’t get into an accident—I couldn’t help but be worried if I lay down like that all day like Kyunghwa. 


Especially that guy— because they say he is close with rappers.


If the most recognizable member was caught up in a problem that could be seen in public, it was a disaster.


“Wake up or sleep, be careful of people!” 


I patted Yejun on the shoulder and warned him.


“Yees, yees.

anyone who sees it will think you’re my parents.”




Even though I was not their parent, I was around the same age as them.

Although I may be a bit younger than them. 


Soon after, Yejun went, and Sunwoo went out as it was.

Only me and Kyunghwa were at home. 


‘It’s quiet because the noisiest guys go out.’


I checked that the door to Kyunghwa and Yejun’s room was firmly closed and entered my room.


“System, come out.” 


A transparent status window appeared as I spoke with my arms crossed and looked up into the air.




As if Posil had been waiting, he circled and greeted me. 


“Can the level of a characteristic be raised only with crystals”


Within two weeks, I had to raise my dance and performance levels to B-class or higher. 


When preparations for a full-fledged comeback began, I could no longer make excuses because I was in poor condition. 


[Tutorial 2 > Sub Quest – Do you want to start ‘Dance Level Improvement Special Training’]




The answer was “yes” without further thought.

With one simple gesture, the status window that had been flickering in front of my eyes disappeared.


Then again, I think something will suddenly pop out—.


I couldn’t shake my doubts, and while I was waiting with my arms crossed, the phone rang. 


“This is Cheon Yise, I received your call.” 


While bringing the phone close to my ear, I checked the caller’s name was [Manager Hyung].


– Oh, Yise-ya.

How are you doing with the kids Are there any inconveniences 


I said something that was kind of reassuring and then looked into what I was curious about.


“Yeah, I’m okay.

It’s fun to be with the kids.

I wish we could start the comeback song concept meeting soon, but it still takes more time, right” 


– Yeah, until this month, it’s Flos activity period, so it’s a situation where all the staff is attached.

First, I asked the planning team to come up with a schedule quickly.


I’m not sure how much of a position Cheon Yise is within the agency. 


There was no company that would prioritize the project to a group of people who didn’t care about it.


It was the same even if I was the head of the company.

Business is not child’s play.



Oh, and Hyung.” 


From now on, it was actually the real main point.


“Could you personally attach a dance trainer to me A calm and quiet person.”


What I needed now was someone who would teach me the basics, not a star trainer with a flashy resume.


And it’s best if it’s a quiet person who won’t go anywhere unnecessarily.


– Well, that’s not difficult.

When do you need it


 “The sooner the better.”


The deadline that was made by mistake was two weeks, and it had to be raised to a level better than average.


* * *


“Huh…! The front digit, it’s changed!”


Sunwoo, like Sunwoo, and I, like mine, passed through the tough two weeks in an instant. 


For the past two weeks, I’ve had to dance six hours a day listening to Climax’s past singles. 


Thanks to that, I became a dancing robot without a soul.


It’s not that I dance perfectly like a robot.

Maybe my body moved faster than I thought because I listened to it, watched it, and danced to it so much.


‘Uhm…I think this is a bit serious.

Is it true that your physical condition has really recovered’ 


On the first day of lessons, which I started without telling the members.

I still can’t forget the trainer’s shocked expression. 


‘The level of Yise-gun right now is…At this level, you can’t go on ‘My Idol Stage’.

You can’t even get an F grade.’


‘My Idol Stage’ was a survival audition program that hit the jackpot on a cable program.


‘Flows’, a group where the company’s manpower is in full swing right now, was also a group that debuted through that program.


Still, I took these two steps up and raised it to C.


I didn’t want to even think about the disaster that would have happened if I had stayed in E all along.


I was able to see that the trainer’s sigh and the fact that I worked hard at the given task saved me. 


‘Great! Now that I seem to have memorized all the moves, let’s learn little by little starting with show points.’ 


Even the trainer, who had only sighed at first, praised me little by little at the end of the two weeks.


I thought I could easily complete the sub-quest and raise the grade.


It seemed that I had to learn by moving my body myself, as if I was told not to expect luck.


‘The dance line has improved a lot.

Don’t forget to practice.

Compared to the video when Yise-kun was in full condition, it’s still a long way off.’ 


The dance grade increased to B and the performance grade increased to D at the same moment the subquest ended.


[Congratulations on clearing Sub Quest – ‘Special Training to Improve Your Dance Grade’.

Achievement Celebration Points 100]


It wasn’t a low point, but—it was too cheap for two weeks of hard work.


With the new crystal, I turned the performance grade without hesitation. 




[Name: Chun Yise (Lim Hyunsung) – 24 years old]



Visual: S

Vocal: D

Dance: B

Performance: C

Attractiveness: A

Speech: A


It still has a long way to go, but it has improved a lot since the beginning.


“Yise Hyung! I, front digit, now eight!” 


If this guy loses about 10kg more— I was able to reassure myself a little bit.


So, what’s left in the short term is—.


“2 weeks.

It was until yesterday, remember”


Yejun came out into the living room and was holding a game console in his arms.


[The wild Oh Yejun has applied for a dance battle! What will you do]


What do you mean what do I do It was time to prove the results of the two-week special training. 


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