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Chapter 51.2


Translated by Ada

Edited by Ada



The two of them passed by the palace and felt a chill.

“Qingyi, why do I feel a bit chilly” Shao Yao’s face was frightened.


“Is there It’s probably because the weather has become cooler recently.” Shen Qingyi spoke.


“No, there is really something wrong with this palace.

Let’s go.” No sooner had the words left her lips when an eerie laugh came from nowhere.


“What to do Qingyi, it must be the ghost of Imperial Consort Hui who is making a noise.” Shao Yao was scared to death and got weak in the legs.


“It’s okay, calm down.

Don’t scare yourself.” Shen Qingyi patted her hand to comfort her.


The eerie laughter was getting louder and louder.

At this time, the two saw a white shadow floating towards them not far away.


Shen Qingyi was just about to say something when Shao Yao screamed: Ahhhhh!


The sound was so deafening that Su Yunluo felt her eardrums tingling.


Seeing that Su Yunluo was frightened, Jiang Hanfei’s face immediately darkened, and the assistant director at the side also spoke angrily, “Stop, stop, stop! Xu Peipei, it’s not your turn yet.

Why are you so quick to scream And ah, the bucket in your hand, did I tell you to put it down”


“Sorry, director.

I did not mean to, and I was just too nervous,” Xu Peipei said with an innocent face.


“You should apologize not only to me but also to Lu Ying Hou,” the assistant director spoke.


“I’m sorry, Lu Ying Hou,” Xu Peipei smoothly spoke, but her expression was not so happy.

The good thing about Lu was that she was known as a good-tempered person in the circle and didn’t bother with her, “It’s okay.

Take your time.”


But even the best temperament, in the face of Xu Pei Pei’s forgetfulness and scene-stealing, all could not help but get angry.


“Stop, stop, stop! Xu Peipei, what the hell are you doing Who told you to take the initiative to add a scene Did the script tell you to faint It’s the fourth time you’ve fainted.

Do you still want to shoot” The assistant director was furious, Lu’s face didn’t look too good, and Jiang Hanfei was on the verge of an outburst.


Xu Peipei was so scolded, her face was also a bit embarrassed, and she spoke dryly, “Director, I know I’m wrong.

I won’t make this mistake again.”


The assistant director took a deep breath and opened his mouth, “Act 8 for the fifth time, action!”


Lu Ying Hou adjusted her state and re-entered the scene.

However, this time, Xu Peipei’s state was even worse.

Not only did she forget the words, but when she should have been screaming in fear, there was no half-frightened look on her face… she just screamed dryly.


Jiang Hanfei couldn’t stand it anymore and burst out, “Enough! Xu Peipei, you immediately go home, pack your things and get out of my show.”


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