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Chapter 866: A joyful occasion

Before noon, 11.30 am.

Outside of Beijing Party Committee Family Quarters.

A Land Rover drove into the compound.

The Leaders of the Beijing Party Committee lived here, and not many of their family members drive expensive cars.

Many people stared at the Land Rover, which is almost four million RMB.

Inside the car.

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan were chatting.

“You met Secretary Chen earlier”


She suggested setting an arranged marriage.”

“Did you agree”

“Of course not.

I pretended not to hear it.”

“I met Secretary Chen at the hospital too.

She said she would talk to my Mum about it.

You must not agree to these requests.”

“I know.

Moreover, we dont even know the gender of our baby.”

“Haha… Thats right.

But I got a feeling its a boy.

I am sure.”

“Save it.

You are going crazy for a son.

Daughters are nice too.”

Villa No.


The car stopped outside, and they came out to press the doorbell.

The door opened.

Han Jing had come out to open the door for them.

Dong Xuebing smiled and greeted her.


“Come in, Xiao Bing.” Han Jing stepped aside to let him enter.

Xie Huilan looked inside.

“Wheres Dad Is he working”

“He is not working today.” Han Jing smiled.

“He is reading in his study.

I will call him out.

Old Xie! Your daughter and son-in-law are here!”

Xie Guobang walked out of his study after a while.

“Welcome back.”

“Dad.” Dong Xuebing greeted Xie Guobang politely.

Xie Guobang nodded and pointed to the sofa.

“Have a seat.

Your Mum had prepared tea.”

Xie Huilan sat on the sofa and crossed her legs.

“I am so thirsty.”

Dong Xuebing quickly reached out for the tea cup before Xie Huilan and checked the temperature, before passing it to her.

“The temperature is just nice.”

Xie Huilan smiled and nodded.

“This is good tea.

Try it.”

“Yes.” Dong Xuebing took a sip after serving Xie Huilan.

Han Jian frowned and reprimanded her daughter.

“Why are you so lazy Cant you pick up the cup yourself Why did you make Xiao Bing serve you like this”

Dong Xuebing quickly explained.

“Huilan has to be protected now.

I got to protect her.”

Han Jing was stunned for a second.

“What do you mean Why did you all visit the hospital Who is sick”

Xie Guobang looked at them.

“You all went to the hospital What happened”

Dong Xuebing nudged Xie Huilan.

“Tell them.”

Xie Huilan giggled and opened her handbag.

She took out a few test results and passed them to Han Jing and Xie Guobang.

“I found out two days ago and had not told you all.

I was worried the local hospitals tests might not be accurate, and I went for a checkup in Beijing earlier.”

Han Jing and Xie Guobang looked at the test results.

After a few seconds, they gasped.

“Huilan, you are pregnant!”

Xie Huilan smiled and rubbed her tummy.


Are you all looking forward to carrying your grandson”

Xie Guobang slammed the table and smiled.


Han Jing was overjoyed and moved beside her daughter to hold her hands.

“This is great.

Why didnt you tell us earlier”

Xie Huilan laughed.

“I just found out about it too.

I did not expect to get pregnant so early.”

Han Jing laughed.

“What do you mean early You are in your thirties, and it would be harder to get pregnant when you get older.

I was talking to your Dad a few days ago.

We hope both of you will have a child earlier.

Xiao Bing might be only twenty-five now, but you cannot wait.” She turned to Xie Guobang.

“Didnt I say we dont need to worry for them I am going to be a grandmother.”

Xie Guobang nodded.

“Is it a boy”

Han Jing asked excitedly.

“Huilan, you said grandson earlier.

How do you know You are only one month pregnant.”

Dong Xuebing laughed wearily.

“Dont listen to Huilan.

The doctors still cant tell the gender, but she wants a son.

Thats why she kept saying it.”

Han Jing laughed.

“Boy or girl are the same.”

“Call Senior Xie and tell him about it.” Xie Guobang said.

“Yes….” Han Jing could not stop smiling.

“I will call Dad to tell him now.”

Xie Huilan laughed.

“Mum, its New Years Day tomorrow, and we got to go to Senior Xies house.

Lets tell him tomorrow.”

Han Jing gave Xie Huilan a stare.

“How can we keep such an important matter from your grandfather Go and have lunch with Xiao Bing.

I will ask the helpers to bring out the dishes.” Her reaction was similar to Luan Xiaoping, and Dong Xuebing was amused.

They seemed to be more excited than Xie Huilan.

Xie Huilan and Dong Xuebing were having lunch, and Han Jing called Senior Xie excitedly.

“Hello, Dad.

I am Xiao Jing.

Have you taken your lunch Not yet I got something to tell you.


Huilan is pregnant.

She just found out….

Around one month pregnant.

She is having lunch now.

I will pass the phone to her.” Han Jing turned to Xie Huilan.

“Huilan, your grandfather wants to talk to you.”

Xie Huilan rolled her eyes.

“What did I say We should tell him tomorrow, but Mum refused to listen.

You can carry on eating.”

Dong Xuebing was afraid Xie Huilan might be hungry and picked up a piece of egg with his chopstick.

“Open your mouth and eat this first.”

Xie Huilan ate the piece of egg and went over to answer the phone.

“Hello, Senior Xie.


Han Jing scolded Xie Huilan jokingly.

“Dont be rude to your grandfather.”

Xie Guobang called his helper over and said.

“Bring that bottle of Maotai in my cabinet over.

I am going to have a drink with my son-in-law.”

Han Jing added.

“Pour me a glass too.”

Dong Xuebing was shocked.

“Mum, you should not drink.

Your body….”

“Its fine.” Han Jing laughed.

“I am in a good mood today and must have a drink too.”

Dong Xuebing refused.


you should take care of your health.”

Xie Guobang laughed.

“Let her drink if she wants.

One small glass is fine.

I will give her a small glass.”

Dong Xuebing did not insist.

Xie Huilan smiled as she spoke to Senior Xie, and Han Jing took out her handphone to make calls again.

“Hello, Guoliang I am your Sister-in-law.

Is it your off day today Oh, nothing….

I just want to inform you that Huilan is pregnant….

We just found out….

Thank you….

Are you all free this evening Come over to your eldest brothers place to have dinner.

I will cook dinner.”

“Hello, Xiao Hao Are your parents out Hahaha….


Tell them when they are coming home.

Huilan and Xiao Bing are back.

Come over to my place this evening for dinner.

Oh, your eldest Sister is around one month pregnant….


Stop shouting….

I am going deaf….

Just come over this evening.”

“Hello, Guoyue Are you coming back for New Years Day Yes Thats great.

Huilan is pregnant.


Around one month….

Lets talk when we meet tomorrow.”

It was busy at home, and Han Jing made numerous phone calls.


Around 2 pm.

Xie Hao was the first to rush into the villa.

He shouted as he ran in.

“Where is my Sis! Where is my Sis”

Dong Xuebing was amused.

“Why are you so excited She is in the bathroom.”

Xie Huilan walked out of the bathroom.

“I heard you from miles away.

Can you be softer Dont scare my son.”

Xie Hao ignored and ran over to Xie Huilan.

He looked at her tummy.

“Sis, can I touch it Can I Can I”

Xie Huilan laughed.

“Be gentle.”

“Yes… yes….” Xie Hao rubbed his palms and gently placed his hand on Xie Huilans tummy.


Its moving! It moved!”

Xie Huilan laughed.

“I was the one who moved.

I am only around one month pregnant.

How can my tummy move”

“Its still fun….” Xie Hao laughed.

“I am going to be an Uncle!” He looked at Xie Huilans tummy.

“My little nephew….

I will bring you out to have fun when you come out.

I will get you whatever you want.

Just stick with me….”

Xie Huilan laughed.

“Get lost.

Dont teach my son all the wrong things.

A while later, Xiao Jing, Xiao Ran, and the rest of the younger generation arrived.

Xie Ran laughed.

“Congratulations, Sis and Brother-in-law.” He passed a few bags of pregnancy health supplements to them.

“Thank you.” Dong Xuebing accepted it.

Xie Jing giggled and went closer to Xie Huilan.

She also wanted to touch her tummy.

“Sis, let me touch my little nephew.”

Xie Huilan was acting like a mother.

She sat on the sofa and caressed her tummy with a smile.

Xie Hao grumbled.

“Get away.

I am still touching him.”

Xie Jing retorted.

“How dare you talk to me like this You had been here for so long.

Its my turn now.”

Xie Hao laughed.

“I am singing to my nephew.

He will be as smart as me if he grows up listening to my singing.”

Xie Jing argued.

“Dont harm others with your singing.

You sound like a frog.”

Xie Hao got mad.

“You can insult me, but you cannot insult my voice!”

“Hahaha….” Everyone laughed.

It was fun when all the younger generations gathered.

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